Advanced Spinnerbait Fishing

Advanced Spinnerbait Fishing Whether you're a beginner at bass fishing, or have been fishing spinnerbaits for a long time, you'll find some new tips to try th…



  1. Jorge Valdez

    The toughest fish I’ve caught has been with a spinner bait and the easiest
    also with a spinner bait. I have a question I only use spinner baits,double
    colorado silver dented and having the first blade wobble and with a white
    and a bit of red squirt on it. I find no info on how good this tactic is.
    Most of the fish I caught were on the bottom because I creek fished.Find
    out if this works and let us know,thanks

  2. Jeff Lucas

    I liked this video. I agree with your pointers about willowleaf spinners
    and schooling baitfish. We had a very cold winter and even though we are in
    spring here, the water is still quite chilly (between 50-55 degrees). I
    tried slow-fishing crankbaits, dead-sticking jerkbaits, and yo-yo
    retrieving Rat-L-Traps and got nothing. Then I saw some gizzard shad
    busting at the surface and figured that the bass might be below them and
    forcing them to the surface, so I tied on my blue and white willow leaf
    spinner and slow-rolled it along the bottom and hooked up with two nice
    husky largemouth in less than 10 minutes. I love this time of year. Harder
    to catch fish, but when you do…its usually better quality since they’ve
    still have their winter weight on.

  3. TheUnluckyFisherman

    Very good info on the bait itself but i gotta disagree with some of the
    pointers, for example the non-use of a trailer hook and using lumaflex
    skirts. I appreciate the info on the bait though it helped me tweak some of
    my baits.

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