AMAZING Creek Fishing for Smallmouth Bass!!!

I LOVE CREEK FISHING IN THE SUMMER!!! There is NOTHING better than wading in waist high water on a hot summer day throwing some lures out for some beautiful bronzies! Today, I went out to a…




  1. Mike Chamberlain

    Hey mike, try using a black or purple rooster tail. Ive caught litterally hundreds of smallies on those 2 colors. A couple other colors work too, but those work best IMO. 1/8th oz. And of course they love current.

  2. Tyler Telford

    Aw man. My favorite thing to do in those creeks is to hit the Eddy's and deep holes with some rooster tails and they bite like crazy. Right at 7:05, the hole to your left, if you went to the other side if the river and casted into there you would be hitting then hard

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