Fishing Cranks for Big River Smallmouth Bass

Any kind of bass fishing is fun but throwing deep diving cranks for smallmouth bass is awesome. Never thought I would have been throwing it that shallow but hey it was working so no need to…




  1. Hank Uhrig

    its the red and shallow. they are used to eating crawdads or whatever you want to call them. when you going to get a big one. you guys keep showing 3lb fish when a 6+ is big?

  2. Unarmed Watermelon

    Hey if you and john want some more river smallies come to PA and fish the Susquehanna river if you launch in Goldsboro and stay around that area you can catch a bunch of pigs last week my smallest was 13"

  3. William Rambo

    bruh, you and the googans need to go too the Shenandoah. It has the best smallmouthfishing I've ever seen. I went out in a Canoe with my dad last year and caught 56 smallies, all on a bluegill colored squarebill. Including my pb smallie, which is about 3.75 lbs.

  4. C K

    I went small mouth fishing or the first time today at the river that runs through my town. Had some luck and when I got home I went to YouTube to find more info on smallies. Clicked first video, and I'll be damned if you weren't fishing the same spot I was….. I mean, that bridge is telltale, so I'm 95% sure. That alone got me to sub my man! Fish on.

  5. Jay Bird

    Just something to think about Rob. the Gasconade river in Missouri has some of the best small bass fishing in that part of the country. The middle river, boasts brownies like you cannot believe. I grew up in this part of Missouri and my father took me here many times and it is still a viable fishierie… I know you have caught good fish in the Great Lakes, but for river fishing this is the best in America.

  6. Isaac Vance

    Fishing in rivers for small mouths is my favorite thing to do! Try a repalla dt 10 silver and black or a silver and black lipless crank bait next time. I usually fish in lake Champlain and surrounding rivers.

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