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Randy Yancey – Field & Pro Staff Recruiter

Largemouth Bass Nation, 820 E Montclair St, Springfield, Missouri 65807

Lure Fishing #131 – Fall River Fishing for Big Smallmouth Bass

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 12
Total fallfish in the video: 1

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 4:36 (& 7:21)
Best fallfish in the video: 12:00

I was river fishing in New York during early fall (late September, 2015). I was jigging and steady retrieving swimbait jigs and bucktail jigs for big smallmouth bass in small rivers. I ended up landing two big smallmouth bass (18.75″ and 18.1″, master angler length) on swimbait jigs, barely losing one bass that looked big on an x-rap, and landing many smaller smallmouth bass while jig fishing and x-rap fishing.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!




Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing Swimbait Rigging Tips

Heath Taylor from Smashtech Custom Baits stops by to give some great new rigging tips for weedless swimbaits in today’s episode. We recently added a couple new lakes to the Fish Lyfe app linked below, so go check it out and see if any of the new lakes pertain to you! Thanks so much for all you guys do to help us keep this thing going, you guys ROCK!!!

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7 Must-Know Deep Diving Crankbait Tips for Big Bass

Big and aggressive deep diving crankbaits trigger aggressive reaction strikes from the biggest bass in a system, but choosing the right crankbait for the job, and proper implementation, require time on the water -or- some shared knowledge from experienced fisherman. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Brandon Palaniuk, shares some insightful tips on choosing the right lure for the conditions, and how to work big crankbaits to trigger bass into biting. Take it from an analytical and innately “fishy” pro that credits big cranks to supplying Elite Series paychecks!

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Storm Arashi Deep:
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Muddy water Smallies Todds Fork Creek

Went to Todds Fork after Smallies today.Caught a few little one nothing big. Fish were biting light today . Any change in weight or pull on bait had to set the hook . Must have bumped my camera got bill of hat in half shots lol.


Night Fishing Dale Hollow Lake for Smallmouth Bass

Kentucky Afield host Chad Miles joins Greg Brisendine of Dusk to Dawn Guide Service for an exciting night under the stars reeling in smallmouth bass and other species. Dale Hollow is known for its big smallies!

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How To Catch River Bass | Bass Fishing

River bass tips & tactics – Learn how to catch big largemouth and smallmouth bass in rivers – what to use, how to use them and where to fish them, all combined to help you locate and catch more and bigger bass in river and current conditions.

Mentioned in this video:
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Yum Lures Tube Bait, Green Pumpkin –
Bomber Model A –
Dropshot weight: Finesse Lead Drop Shot Weights –
Gamakatsu 1/4oz Football jig –

Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from! They’re loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more fish the next time you go fishing.

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BEST LURE FOR FALL FISHING!!!=Huge Smallmouth Bass(Pb Smallmouth Bass 5.43lbs)

Fishing the Conodoguinet with the owner of Chubbys Lures going after Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass on the Creek in Pennsylvania. Two casts later after tying on the MTB Lures I caught my PB Smallmouth Bass enjoy!!!!! ============================================================================== #Fishing #Hunting #Sportsmen #Video #NewYoutubers #Outdoorsmen #Hunter #Huntress #BassFishing #FallTurnover #Bass #LargemouthBass #SmallmouthBass #Bronzeback #Lunker #WhopperPlopper #Topwater #Jigs #JigFishing #MuddyWaterFishing #StainedWater #FallFishing #BigBass #HowToCatchBigBass #PBSmallmouthBass #PBBass #Bucketmouth #FrankenBass #Leech #Symbiosis #Nature #SwimJig #JuneBug #CatchAndRelease #NewFishingChannels #NewOutdoorChannel #NewHuntingChannel #Army #Navy #AirForce #Marines #NationalGuard #Carlisle #Harrisburg #Newville #Roxbury #Pennsylvania #ConodoguinetCreek #CreekFishing #Trending


Bank Fishing For Smallmouth Bass – Spring Bank Fishing

It’s Spring! Time for some bank fishing for Smallmouth bass. Warm temps mean that the bass are moving shallow and this is the perfect time for spring bank fishing. I walked around the lake searching for pre-spawn bass and found a little cove full of smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and bluegill. I also finally got a chance to try out a new custom lure from Jennifer Kravassi over at Jeykll Baits Co. We got ran out by mother nature before I could snag a smallmouth on it but I’ll be using it again in the near future. Tight Lines Everyone!
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Thats a big smallmouth… (Big Swimbait Fishing)

When you have an itch, you have to scratch it! Today’s itch was throwing big swimbaits… and it was scratched…

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Smallmouth Fishing! Little Pigeon River

Catching some smallmouth on the Little Pigeon River. The video is a little jumpy, but I’m working on making them better.

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Power Fish Muddy Water, Finesse Clear Water

When heavy rain muddies sections of the river, knowing the right presentation makes a big difference. Follow Jeff, his son Cooper and a few buddies on a float trip that shows three distinct bands of water clarity, and how power fishing and finesse presentations excel in different water clarities.

Please watch: “NEW 2017 Shimano Chronarch 151HG MGL Review and On the Water Testing”



Smallmouth Bass Fishing On Lake St. Clair W/ Scott Martin

Scott Martin heads out on Lake St. Clair with FLW Tour Co-Angler Todd Steele to do some smallmouth bass fishing on lures from the MTB Pro box as possible in 1 hour. If you follow tournament bass fishing, then you know that the smallmouth fishing at St. Clair has been unbelievable lately. There is the potential to catch a monster 6lb. plus smallmouth… Stay tuned until the end of the video to see who wins the challenge and be sure to subscribe to Scott Martin’s YouTube channel.

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Fall Bass Fishing Illinois River with Swimjigs

Just off the Illinois River fishing for bass using the Enticer Swimjig and a topwater popper. Fall can be a magical time for bass fishing as the weather changes. The fish were feeding heavy on shad, so “matching the hatch” was key. Early morning blow ups were non stop!

Baits used:
Bass Pro Shops Enticer Swim Jig

Bass Pro Shops Speed Shad

Bass Pro Shops XPS Professional Series Topwater Popper

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WALMART 128 Piece BUDGET Bass Fishing Kit Challenge

In this bass fishing challenge video we go to Walmart and buy a 128 piece Walmart budget bass fishing kit! Budget bass fishing kit challenges are so much fun and I believe we can all relate to the Walmart fishing kits. Overall bass fishing with the 128 piece Walmart bass fishing kit was a success! We got to catch a ton of bass on this Walmart budget bass fishing kit. Let me know if you guys like these bass fishing videos / Walmart bass fishing kit challenges. Also leave your feedback on the budget bass fishing videos / Walmart fishing challenge videos! Now lets go catch some bass while bass fishing with the Walmart budget bass fishing kit!

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Drop Shot Baits for Largemouth vs. Smallmouth Bass

Professional bass angler Josh Bertrand credits the drop shot as his favorite and most often used technique for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. He sits down with Wired2Fish to share his preferred bait profiles for each bass species, relating the selections to habitat preferences and available forage. Both often dictate rigging methods such as Texas rigging vs. exposed hook nose hooking.

Follow this guidance to ensure you’re stocked appropriately to target each species, and also experiment. There are no hard rules in fishing, just rules of thumb based on observation and experience – breaking convention can often lead to excellent catches.