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Hey we had some more questions come inand this time it had to do withSmallmouth bass. So this video is basedon the four top lures, four top lures, foryou to go after Smallmouth bass with. Sohere’s Tom Warren, tournament fisherman,on the top four lures that you need forSmallmouth bass. Keep them handy andyou’ll do a lot better when going afterSmallmouth. Enjoy! For fishing tips andtricks, and for tips on how to make moneyin the outdoor niche using social media,subscribe to our Channel and hit thebell to be notified when new videos areposted on Tuesdays and Fridays. Hey guys Tom Warren here for WorldFishing Alliance today, a beautifulsummer night it’s hot, the lakes aregetting hot, the rivers are getting hot,that’s what we’re fishing on right nowwith a little river, and rivers are asuper fun place to catch Smallmouth bass. They spend their whole lives fightingthe current, so they’re full of muscle,they fight super hard, and you can catchthem on some really fun ways. We’re gonnatalk a little bit about that here today. First thing I want to do is reallyemphasize the simplicity of doing this. You don’t need a bass boat, in factfishing out of a canoe or a kayak, orjust a really small boat actually givesme an advantage because these rivers areoften very small shallow, full of stumpsand snags that you don’t reallynecessarily want a bass boat like thison. First thing I want to do is just kindof run through the baits and again,simplicity. I’ve got a drop shot here. Youknow a drop shot tube is very popularfor Smallmouth. I want to keep it off thebottom because bottoms are just tons ofsnags. Bait in the river the forage of itwe think is always moving, and you know, alittle drop shot like this with a lightweight to keep it not, you know, really onthe bottom is a great choice. A crankbait when you get her on rocks and woodit’s just tailor-made for a square billlike this and some with a little bit ofrattle in it can get their attention andagain a square bill with that squarebill, literally, you can deflect it offjust about anything and not to worryabout getting hung up. Throw it right inthe rock, the wood, whatever it is, andbring it back clean every time. I’ll savethat one for later but I’ll mention thisas well. If you’re looking for a super versatilebait go buy yourself some swing aheadjigs. You can see that that thatthe jig swings which is why it’s calleda swing head and you can put swimbaitsor any type of plastic that you want inthe back of it, so whether they’refeeding on, you know, minnows or crayfish,you can quickly match the hatch. Andfinally the best for last, the mostexplosive way to catch bass is a topwater. And, you know, I like to cover waterfast, and I like a zoom horny toad or asimilar bait. What’s so great about thisis you can skip it if you you know youpractice it and get good at you canreally skip it under trees and stufflike that and get some extra bites whereother people might not be able to cast. So we’re gonna put these baits to workout here tonight and we’ll see what wecan do on some River Smallmouth basshere in Minnesota. There’s one. On the top water. Just crushed itnext to that log. How about that right there a nice topwater action. First bite of the day weget her on top. It’s always an explosive strike, superfun. Right there that zoom Horny Toad, got a goodhook set with that braided fishing linejust a beautiful dark, two or three poundSmallmouth. You’ll find tons of thesefish on the river like this just aboutany day you go out there. I’ll have tocontinue to fish that topwater a littlebit see it you can’t exploit it a little bitmore, but just a little log right there. There’s one! On the top water again. Allthese River smallies, they fight so hard. They spend their whole life justfighting that current. All these fish are so much fun catching ontop water like this. Again the zoom hornytoad seems to have been the ticket forthey want today. It’s a small littleSmallmouth, but definitely another funfish to catch right there. It neverceases to amaze me how simple theseseasoned tournament anglers keep thingsWhether it’s the top water, the swinghead, the square bill, or the drop shot,these four lures are go tos forSmallmouth bass, so keep them handy andyou’ll do better when you’re going afterSmallmouth bass. And hey if you’reserious about fishing and most of ouraudience is, try our membership! You canget all these lures that we just talkedabout at cost up to 40% off. We don’t mark them up and we even payshipping. So check the link down belowand you can get all the informationabout the World Fishing Alliancemembership, the Buyers Club. Hey I hopeyou enjoyed this video. If there’ssomebody else that you know that mightbenefit from this information, pleaseshare it with them. And remember tosubscribe and hit the bell, and you’ll benotified for new videos whenever when wepost them on Tuesdays and Fridays. Hopeyou enjoyed it, thanks for watching, andwe’ll see you in the next video.

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