12 Sept 2017 – 7 lb Smallmouth Bass ~ Catch & Weigh

Headed north on the interstate at zero dark thirty this morning.  Got on the water at daylight and made it up to my ‘spot’ just before sunrise.   It was a calm & unseasonably warm morning with air temps in the high 50’s and water temps in the low 60’s.   Started out working a flat that has an inlet dumping out onto it.   The water was back to its usual clarity (super clear) and the bass were already chasing bait when I arrived.  With plenty of neck turning swirls all over the place, expectations were high . . . . . . . .
 My first two presentations were both topwater (a walking bait & a twin fluke rig).    I had the twin GoPro’s mounted and at the ready, hoping to capture some early morning topwater action.  I was only casting into 4 or 5 feet, so it’s not like they weren’t seeing it.    Well, these baits drew zero interest.  I was unhappy as I full expected one or both baits to get hammered.  Didn’t happen.
 After about 20 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to force feed the bass, a little breeze came up along with some cloud cover.  By the looks of the sky the clouds weren’t going to last too long.  So I aborted the topwater and headed up wind of what I though was the prime area.   Busted out a spinnerbait & went to work.   I got a strike right away but I blew the hookset and was left with a torn trailer.  Replaced and went back to launching that bait for all I was worth.    After about 10 minutes, I had a nice rhythm going; bomb a cast, burning back – bomb a cast, burning it back – you get the idea .  . . . ..
 Then, made a cast turned the Calcutta 200D handle about 5 turns and the bait just stopped.   I put the boots to her and there was that familiar feeling – the one where I kind of know it a big fish but so often in these waters, the ‘big fish’ have big teeth.  So I say out loud “hope it’s a bass” – but not actually believing that the chances are very good that it is.  It’s pulling pretty good but it doesn’t jump – not helping my cause.  Pulls some drag – then I get a glimpse – Holy Smokes, it looks like a bass – Holy Smokes – It Is A Bass and it’s BIG !     Turned on the Gopro’s in time to catch the end of the battle & the net job which went pretty easily thankfully. 
 Once I lifted her up out of the drink and laid the net bag on the deck – I was Blown Away – This bass was Crazy FAT !    Put her right in the live well, took a minute to compose myself (insert go completely nuts off camera) and then weighed her – came up 7.29 lbs – twice.  Totally Insane.  Oh and blind in one eye.
I didn’t measure her length or get a girth (I wished I had) before I released her.   But she was stressing in the live well and I definitely wanted this one to swim away.  SO as quickly as she came – she was free . . .I may never catch a heavier smallie – but I’m good with that.

Show & Tell video of this bass here


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