2016 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley – Day 2

– This week
on the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, we’ll
return to Kentucky Lakefor day number two of
the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkley. A one of a kind format,
and one of the favoritetournament stops of the season, where big fish are
rewarded with big prizes. – Hold it
up there, big and high. – 6. 57, way to
go, new leader in the session. – Welcome
back to Paris Landing, in Paris, Tennessee,
where last week, we launched the sixth
annual Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkley. We’ve got 436
anglers representing 78 collegiate campuses from
all across the country. They’ve made the trek
to Henry County in northwest Tennessee. – We’re in Paris,
Tennessee, and we’re hostingCabela’s Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkley here on beautiful
Kentucky Lake out of Paris Landing State Park. We feel like it’s one of
the top bass fisheries in the country, and I think
they’re gonna have a great weekend fishing, and
hopefully they’ll pull in somegood weights, and bring
home some good prizes. – We got
unique format,they weight in every two hours. It’s all about the prizes,
so there I know a number of thousands of dollars
worth of Cabela’s gift cards,there’s a number of
other sponsors involved. – This year,
there’s more than $30,000in gear and tackle up for grabs,and plenty of chances to win it. After three sessions,
Bethel University’s Kristopher Queen has the
lead after weighing in a fish for just over seven
and a half pounds. – Seven five two!New leader of the whole
entire tournament! 7. 52. You are leading this whole
entire event right now. – It’s a little nerve wracking. – In addition
to all the great prizes, there are also valuable
points available in the racefor Cabela’s School of the Year. – Each tournament
kind of has a different atmosphere
or feel about ’em, and this one is
just, it’s completely different than all of them. You got a lot more
excitement, and especially with big bass tournament. I don’t know what it is,
but everybody gets more excited about a big
bass tournament. Cause you know, you don’t
have to go out and catch those five fish, you
just gotta catch one. – Coming
into this event, Georgia College had
the points lead, but teams like Mississippi
State made the trip to Paris, gunning for
that number one position. – We have every intention
to get up there and get that top spot. We’ve been talking
about in meetings,fishing every tournament
that we could,and even going to other
regionals and regions to fish those just for points. Even if it’s not this
year, which we have full hopes that it
can be this year, putting ourselves in
a place that we can know what we have to do to
get it in the coming year. – Here
we are back, at the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash presented by Berkley, the final fourth session. – Moving right
into the final session on day one, Mississippi
State’s Jeff Roman Clayton stepped up to the scales,
and locked up fifth place with his best fish of the day. – This was a good one, folks. Six 01, Six 01 on Kentucky Lake. – Tennessee
Tech’s Bentley Manning already has one
catch on the day, and this fish,
will be number two. – We’re
trying to get a three, or a four. We have got a real
one here, folks. 6. 43, new leader
for this session! – Murray State’s
Ryan Lancaster scored big when he set the hook on this
Kentucky Lake large mouth. – You ought to
be here early in the morning, cause we’re gonna let you
take off really quick. Hey, 6. 71, way to go! Pull that fish out! That’s what we’ve
been waiting on. We are gonna get this
last session up there where it needs to be. There you go, look at Kevin. A 6. 71, way to go! – For his efforts,Ryan takes home a brand
new Garmin EchoMap, worth nearly $1,200, and
a $200 Cabela’s gift card. Nice job! – Ryan Lancaster,
Murray State University, with a 6. 71, Garmin
EchoMap 93SV,$200 Cabela’s gift card. – Stay with us. There’s a lot more
tournament coverage aheadfrom Kentucky Lake, and
the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash,
presented by Berkley. – The Cabela’s
Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in
part by, Cabela’s. It’s in your nature. By Tow Boat U. S. , take
us with you on the water, and by Ranger Boats. Still building
legends, one at a time. Welcome back to Kentucky
Lake, and day two of the 2016 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash, presented by Berkley. We’ll begin day
two coverage with East Carolina University’s
Mike Corbishley. Mike won the first session
on day one with this 6. 32 pound fish,
and he’s not gonna do anything
different on day two. – Game plan’s gonna be go
round that bank where I caught that big’n yesterday,
and it’s also that same bank caught big’n last
year and got 3rd place in this tournament. We’re going to go see if
we can put another giant in the boat, and if
it doesn’t pan out,we’re gonna run south, and I
think we’re gonna have a blast. Weedin’ through some
three pounders on a trap, and I think we’ll run
into some good ones that we can weigh here
in the later sessions. – As
competitors make their way out of Paris Landing,
you’ll notice something you don’t normally see
in bass tournaments. In this event, boats can
fish up to three anglers. – You kind of function
somewhat as a team. You can have two, possibly
three anglers in your boat, but each one can
only weigh one fish. There’s some comradery that
goes on, there is potential sharing of information, but
it’s also very competitive because, somebody at the end
of the day, in that boat, potentially, will have a big
fish that’ll at least weigh through the top ten
for the two day hour,or multi-hour at least. – With all
teams on the water, and day two
competition underway, we’ll catch up the the
over all big bass leader, Bethel University’s
Kristopher Queen. He’s back on an
old familiar spot, but conditions are
a bit different. – The only
thing that might effect the way that we
caught these fish is,the water came up about
a foot last night. There’s rain, I’d say
it rained probably four, five inches in it. It’s definitely come up a lot. Now, the water clarity
is pretty much the same. There’s not much difference
in the water clarity,but there’s definitely a change
in the water fluctuating. We might have to run
around, maybe hit some little pockets and stuff,
catch some fish movin’ up, gettin’ ready to spawn, but
we’re hopin’ that they’restill on this bank, this
deep bank leading back. – You got it? – Yep. It don’t feel big, feel it. Tryin’ to keep up with it. I didn’t know if he’s
givin’ it all he’s got or. . . Well, we got one bite so far. Not the right size, but we
know they’re still here. Just one of them bucks, just
with them females down there. – Moving on,
we’ll check back with these Carolina University’s
Mike Corbishley. – We’re startin’
out with a jerk bait,that’s how I caught
that big fish yesterday. It’s kind of been hard
to put it down, you know? We haven’t gotten
many bites on it, but the ones that have
eaten it are the right ones. That’s the whole goal of
this tournament anyway, it’s not so much
just to crush ’em. I mean, yeah, it’s
nice to crush ’em, you just need one
big bite a day. Generally, we’ve been
getting these bites on transitional banks. I say transition, I mean where
the canal swing comes in, and is transitioning from shallower to deeper water. Right on that drop is where
they’ve kind of been settin’ up. Right now we’re on one of
the shallower parts of it. Wouldn’t be surprised if we
get bit right about there. Right where that other boat
is, right there, actually. I think they’re a little too
close to the bank, honestly. You can ride the bank and
catch some fish shallow, but I don’t
think it’s the right ones. – Swingin’. – My bad. – How was I supposed to
know what species it waswhen I catch it? Didn’t hit it like a
bass, cause he’s not. Well, at least they
bite the rig, somethin’. – A little action. – I caught one for the camera. – Oh, he was gonna use
it, that was the biggestbass caught all day, white bass. – Keep up with
the Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series
on Instagram. You can also find
us on Facebook. Give us a like, and we’ll
keep you up to date on the latest on collegiate
bass fishing. We’ll be right back to Kentucky
Lake, with more from the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash, presented by Berkley. – The Cabela’s
Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in
part by Yamaha Marine,reliability starts here. Garmin, fight your fish,
not your fish finder,and by Henry County, Tennessee. Welcome back to Kentucky
Lake, and day two of the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash, presented by Berkley. For the 3rd year in a row, our host city for this
event is Paris, Tennessee. A quiet little enclave, 90
miles northwest of Nashville, and launching point
for some of the best fishing in the country. – We get a lot of feedback
in the community aboutwhen this event comes
in, cause we see so manyboats, and so many young
kids coming the stores and stuff. They’re really excited when
this time of year comes around, cause it kinda kicks off
our fishing season for us. – It has tremendous
impact on our community, and gets us exposure
nationally, and especially events like these,
with youth and collegiate aged young men and women. It’s exciting because
we’re able to exposethem to something more,
and we’re just fortunate to have this in our community. – A big
thanks to all thefolks from Henry County. If you’re planning a
trip to Kentucky Lake,check out their website for
everything you’ll need to know. And now, we’ll head back
to Paris Landing for the first weigh in
session on day two. – This
first session,sponsored by Abu Garcia. First place winner will win
Abu Garcia premier spinnin’reel, a $200 Cabela’s gift card. Alright, we’re ready. – Heading to the
scales, the University of Kentucky’s Sean Stephenson,
locked up third place in session one, with the first
six pounder of the day. – First fish
of the day, we’re gonna take a picture of us, 6. 07. Alright, get that fish out,
take a picture of it, Sean. That is a beauty. Troy University, Harris
Marshall, ready to weigh in. What do you guess
it’s gonna weigh? – Five 1/2 pounds. – Five 1/2 he says,
I think it’s gonnabe a lot more than that. A 6. 57, way to go, new
leader in the session! G’job. What’d ya’ll catch that
one on this morning? – That came off a
bladed swim jig. – Blade swim jig, first time
I’ve heard it this weekend. Good job, go get you some
more, them big ones are bitin’. From University of Tennessee,
Chattanooga, Dillon, okay. What do you think
it’s gonna weigh? – Seven even. – He thinks seven even, that’s
probably a really good guess. He’s a little low. Seven one three, new big fish!- We have no practice on the
lake, and we were just went outjunk fishin’, and this
mornin’ my cousin Corey, up in heaven, gave
us a good sign. I followed it, and we went
straight across the creek, and I told my partner,
Corey just gave me a signto go right here, and
on my second cast I got over a seven pounder. – Yes, sir. Very, very nice fish. You have just one the
first session of the day,sponsored by Abu Garcia. – That is
the second largest fishof the tournament, and the
first seven pounder of the day. For his efforts, Dillon picked
up a great prize package from Abu Garcia and Cabela’s. Moving right into session
two, we’ll pick up the action with Dillon and his partner
from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,
Robbie Moore. – Get it? – Yeah, come
on, eight pounder!I told my mom when I
was in the freshman year of high school, that
I was leavin’ her. I was going down south and
doing the college fishin’. Then senior year came
around and I said,no, I’m serious. – Fishing
shallow on rocky shore lines, Dillon’s had the most success
throwing lipless crankbaits. – Oh my god! Oh my god!C’mere, c’mere, c’mere. Go on. Oh my god! Good boy. Alright, I need a
rattletrap, boys. – One hook. – Oh, she
was barely hooked. – Barely hooked. – Atta boy. – After winning
the first session of day two, Dillon Falardeau has put
the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
back on the board. Stay with us, there’s
more tournament coverage ahead from Kentucky
Lake, and the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash, presented by Berkley. To learn more about
the Cabela’s CollegiateBass Fishing Series, visit
collegiatebasschampionship. com. – The Cabela’s
Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in part by
Gemini Jerseys, the leader in custom fishing apparel. By Gill Marine,
respect the elements, Ram trucks, and by
Mustang Survival. Saving lives since 1967. Welcome back to tournament
coverage from the sixth annual Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass
Bash, presented by Berkley. This is the first event
of the season in the Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series, and it’s attracted more than
400 of the best collegiateanglers from across the country. Let’s pick up coverage
with McKendree University’sBrock Meigs and Austin Chapman. They’re fishing a familiar
springtime pattern, and it’s paying off. – That’s what’s up. There’s a grass bed out here. We’re sittin’ in a
deep spot right here, and boat’s sittin’ at
about anywhere from 16 foot of water up
to ten foot of water. It gets shallow,
and up on that lip there’s some grass. We’re just rippin’ that
rattletrap through the grass, and had a good morning so far. We’ve probably
caught 12, 15 fish out of this school, but still
tryin’ to find the big ones. We pull up to this spot
first thing this morning, and we both had our limits,
our three fish limits, in about 20 minutes, and
we’ve been culling since then. – Here, get ya a
little footage on that. They’ve been smokin’
that all week, been tearin’ it up. Brand new to start the week,
it’s got nothin’ left on it. – While many
anglers are finding success, burning crankbaits
over rocks and grass, the team from the
University of Missouriis taking a different approach. – It’s been a pretty
good day so far, as for the weather
holdin’ up for us, but they seem to be fightin’
on there pretty good. Right now we’re trying to
work a shaggy head, buzzbaits, some spinnerbaits,
some A-rigs, but just kinda castin’ around
rocks, and under docks, and stuff like that. – Despite the
tough conditions, this year’s Big Bass Bash will go down
as one of the favoritetournaments of the year. – Oh man, it’s
excitin’ cause you don’t ever know what you’re gonna get. So I mean, this tournament’s
some of the best prizes you can get this whole
series, you know?We love coming to this
tournament, just for that fact. You can win all kind
of stuff in this thing. Gift cards, life
jackets, we love it. – Okay, we’re ready
to get this second session started here today. This session will be
presented by Gill Rainwear. First place today
will be a Gill jacket, and $200 Cabela’s gift card,
all the way down through 10th place, we’re gonna give
away $25 Cabela’s gift card, a Berkley tackle
bag with bait, line. So, we’re gonna get goin’. – First up to
the scales in session two is the University of
Missouri’s Chandler Robertson. –
Tell us a little bit of what that weight
is right there. – Five two five. – Where is that gonna put you?Look up there on that big board. – Fourth. – It’s gonna put you
into fourth place. – Alright,
from Greenville College, comin’ up, Daniel Ellenburg. You will take the lead
in this second session. Great job, did you
catch that right off the bat this morning?- It was the third fish
I caught, but yeah. – Third fish of the mornin’?A 5. 98. Comin’ up next is University
of Tennessee at Knoxville,Mark Botsko, put it right there. That looks like a
new lead change. Remember, if it
goes six or better, you get your picture made. – 6. 24. – 6. 24! Let’s get that fish out
and get your picture made. – That fish
gets Mark a brand new Gil rainsuit jacket, and
a Mustang inflatable PFD. – Did you weigh is yesterday? – No, sir. – Alright, what’d
ya’ll change today?- Mostly just offshore fishing, throwing light
crankbaits, really. – Well, did you do that
yesterday, and it just didn’t work out, or what? – We didn’t really
do that yesterday,we were more deep fishin’ so. . . – What about the
rest of the day? – We really tried
to change, I mean, we threw everything
we had, just about, and so we really tried to find
a pattern but we couldn’t, and today, obviously
we got on them. – Locking up the
top spot in session two is Lee Blackmon, from the
University of North Carolina at Greensboro. – It looks like it’s
gonna be a good one,and it is, 6. 33!Hold it up there, big and high. We’re gonna get a
picture of that,put that back in there. We’re gonna get a little water
on that, do a little talkin’. Alright, 6. 33, that puts
you, look right up there on that board,
where’d it put ya? – It puts me in first
place, heck yeah! – Alright, first
place for the hour. Tell us a little bit about
your tournament so far,how it’s goin’. Did you weigh fish on day one? – No, man, yesterday
was so rough. We tried to throw everything
in the tackle box, and we couldn’t catch
nothin’ but either a hybrid, a carp, a everything that
we could, but not a bass. – Locking up
the top spot in session two, is Lee Blackmon, from
the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. That’ll do it for session
two, from the second day of competition at Kentucky Lake,at the Cabela’s
Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley. Join us on our next show,
when we wrap up tournament coverage from the Big
Bass Bash, and move right on into the second
event, in the 2016 Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Open, from Lake Dardanelle. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is a Careco TV production.

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