2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Presented by Cabela’s – Part 2

– Last week, 192
of the best collegiate anglers in the country launched onto Pickwick Lake in
Florence Alabama. With the fish stacked
up on the deep ledges,day one of the 2017 championship
turned into a slug fest. The defending champions
from Auburn University are once again in the
hunt, but it was the team of Neece and Hatfield
rising to the top. – All we need is
19. 61, how about 23. 92! – Going into
the second and final day,Tusculum College is in control. This is the 2017 Boat
US Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
presented by Cabela’s. Getting right into
tournament coverage, we’ll start things
off with Wyatt Young and Tucker Sargent fishing
for Tarleton State. – I kind of like that wind
at our back yesterday. – I know. – It made us cast a lot farther. Come on big girls, we fired up. – There’s a fish, fish. – The predominant
summertime pattern on Pickwick is ledge fishing. After the spawn, the
bass group up in schools along the edge of
the river channels. They’re easy to
find, but catching them consistently
is another story. – Yeah that’s a keeper. – Right on. Number one. – There’s a little creek
channel that runs through thisand there’s a little dip
and there’s a hard edge of yule grass right there
on the edge of the dip and there’s a lot of fish in
that channel and they move up. We just gotta catch
them at the right time, when they move up, they get
in that grass and they feed. – It was a mixture of some high
drill stuff down there too. – I think it’s milfoil, some
of it looks like high drill, some of it looks
like milfoil to me, but that’s what we’re fishingright there is that yule grass. – Based out
of Stephenville Texas, Tarleton State University has
two teams in the top five. This is Justin Seeton
and Dakota Ebare. They started the day in second after sacking up
23. 76 on day one. – You got one?- Yeah. – Good job man. – I had to chase that
sucker for a while. – Watch my rod. – I didn’t know
if he was swimming to me or what was
going on there. – Yeah I had a knot in my
line, I’ve gotta get it off. I aint got time to
pull it all out, we gotta get fish in the boat. Justin’s doing a good
job of that though, so. – That sucker’s got
a coal ring in him,somebody’s done culled him out. I don’t care, we’ll take
him, that’s a good fish. – Just like that, Seeton and Ebare
are on the board. Moving on, we’ll check in
with our day one leaders. This is Corey Neece
and Nick Hatfield. Fishing deep, Corey
and Nick are relying on their electronics
to locate the school and put them into
position for a cast. – Yesterday morning,
we pulled in here and first cast in there
had caught a five pounder and a three pounder in the
same cast, same crank bait. We set here after that,
probably caught 10 or 15 fish, filled out our limit,
so it’d be niceto do that again today. – They’re
still laying here too. – Yeah they’re
stacked on here. – There’s three
big’uns sitting right here. Numero uno. Three pounder. They gonna have to
get bigger than that. – Giant worm, can’t
tell you the name of it, they don’t
make them anymore. Kinda get scared to throw it. Believe it or not, it
catches a lot of 10 pounders. Freaking giants. – Sloan
Pennington and Hunter McCarty are fishing for
the hometown team of the University
of North Alabama. Mixing it up, Hunter
is dragging a worm while Sloan is
fishing a swim bait. – Good one. – Came off in the
net, look at that. Best net man in the
south, that’s my job. It’s a start. Look at this, yesterday,
it’s a coal man. – All right get
it back in there, we’re firing up, I
just got another bite. – We’re off
to a fast start on day two of the 2017 Boat
US Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
presented by Cabela’s. Coming up, we’ll check in
with the rest of the top fiveas tournament coverage continues from Pickwick Lake
in Florence, Alabama. For information, schedules
and registration,check out
collegiatebasschampionship. com. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in part by
Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Powered by Ram trucks,
guts, glory, Ramand by Ranger boats, still
building legends one at a time. Welcome back to Pickwick
Lake on the Tennessee River. We’ll get right back into
championship coverage with our day one leaders,
Corey Neece and Nick Hatfield fishing for Greenville
Tennessee’s Tusculum College. – That’s a three
and a half pounder. – Heck yeah. – Helps the cause, we’re already sitting better than
we were yesterday. There we go. – That’s more like it. – They’re starting
to show up better. When we pulled in here, there
was probably only like five or six fish on the
graph but now you go across them and there’s 20. – We got three little
ones in there now, now we got two decent
ones, we catch three fivesto go with it, we’ll have
close to what we had yesterday. – With the
limit in the live well, Nick and Corey are
getting it done. This is Dakota Ebare
and Justin Seeton. They started the day less than two ounces behind the leaders. They’ve got four in the boat,
but the big fish are wary. – We got other stuff we can do. We ain’t gonna just sit here
and drive in the ground. But I feel like you could
get a big bite up here. That’s what we need, so all
we need is one big bite, get the day started like that. – There’s a big’un. – Oh my God I missed her, see. – There you go, that
easy, there’s number five. Good one. Talk about barely got her too,
that hook hole’s right there. – How’s it feelto have number five in the boat?- It takes off a
little pressure,but they’re still
entirely way too small. Number five is going
on number five. – Oh my God I smell burgers. – Burgers sound delicious. – Oh my goodness, a good
cheeseburger right now, a homemade one that’s got
the cheese melted on itand a toasted bun on the grill. – This
is Mitchell Jennings and Cole Burdeshaw fishing
for Auburn University. They’re the 2016
defending championsand they’re in position
to do it again. – We were sitting in fifth
place coming into todayand we got down to this
spot, I think we hit one more spot first,
didn’t catch a fish and we came down
here this morning. – First fish of
the day was a four. – First fish of the day
was a four and a half. Then it got really good
around probably 9:30, I think we probably
caught 50 fish off of it, but it’s been kind
of slow after that. About an hour ago, I
caught another four. – Ain’t much else we can do, we just need a
couple more big ones. There’s one. – Got one?- Yeah. I don’t see him anywhere. – Is he small still?- Yeah. Small jump. We’ve probably caught
30 this size today. It’s a pretty fish though,
I aint gonna need him. – As the day
heats up, so does the action. Back on the University
of North Alabama, Pennington and McCarty
started the day in third. They’ve already put
four into the live well and without a doubt,
this will be number five. The UNA has a lot on
the line this week. In addition to the championship, they’re also trying
to make up some ground in the points race for
the Cabela’s school of the year presented
by Abu Garcia. – That’s scary there. Pile it in, pile it in. – Pennington and
McCarty are making a run at it. We’d really like to thank
all of you for your part in making the Cabela’s
Collegiate Bass Fishing series the best collegiate
series in the country. And remember, if you get
a good shot on the water, post it up,
#wearecollegiatebass. We look forward to seeing
you on the tour next year. The season starts off on thelegendary Sam Rayburn Reservoir. For the complete schedule,visit
collegiatebasschampionship. com. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in
part by Yamaha Marine,reliability starts here. Garmin, fight your fish
not your fish finder. And by Denali rods, experience
the Denali advantage. Welcome back to the
final hours of the 2017Boat US Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
presented by Cabela’s. Let’s get back on the
water with the UNA’s Sloan Pennington
and Hunter McCarty. With the limit in the boat,
Pennington and McCartyare one of the few teams
fishing by themselves. One of the biggest
challenges anglers havefaced this week has been dealingwith the enormous amount
of fishing pressure. But Hunter and Sloan have had
this spot all to themselves and they’re making
the most of it. – Oh, hold on, keep that
one out of the boat. Don’t worry about my line. Right here, coming up,
yeah, that helps a lot. That’s huge. – Good job buddy. – Pennington
and McCarty are culling up and gaining ground
on the leaders. Back on Tusculum’s Corey
Neece and Nick Hatfield, they’ve got five, but
fishing out on open waterthey’re having to fight
the wind and the clock. – Come on. Did it come on?- Mine? – Yeah did it? – No. Yeah it did too I guess. – Did it come off? – I don’t know, can’t tell. – I never even got bit. – No it’s still on there. – What time do we have
to leave you think?15, 20 minutes? – What time is it?- 2:42. – We better give ourselves an
hour dude, I’m telling you. – Yeah I feel like that’s safe. Quick release,
let’s do it a couple more times and
just hope I guess. – That’s all we can do. – We’re having to actually
start the big motor and get on back on the backside of the
school of fish, upwind from itand just drift back across
them because the wind’s blowing too hard to even stay on
it with the trolling motor. And our trolling
motor’s getting weak where we’ve used it all day. – Got one? – Yeah, big’un, it’s a big’un
dude, least I hope he’s big. Should be big, he’s big,
he’s big, he’s giant. – Yes. – Right here, right here. Let’s get him,
let’s get him, yeah. – Yes, let’s go. Oh my gosh, yes. – That’s what we
needed right there. – Good one, that’s
what I need you for. – Look at that, golly. Look how messed up
this swim bait is. – Let’s go. – Oh my goodness,
that’s a good one. – With every catch, the defending champions are
climbing the leaderboard. Likewise, Pennington
and McCarty are doing their best to bring
the trophy home. Despite winning the school
of the year title twice, the UNA has yet to
win the championship. They’ve got a shot, but
time is running out. – Huge. Heck yeah, this is awesome. This is awesome. – Due to
television time constraints, there’s a lot of footage
that didn’t make the show. For additional coverage
from this event, be sure to keep an eye
on our Facebook page. Coming up, we’re headed to
weigh in where we’ll crown our champions and then
wrap up the Cabela’s schoolof the year presented by
Abu Garcia, stay close. The Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series is brought to you in
part by Russel Marine,innovative products for
the marine industry. Gill technical fishing gear. Arctic Ice, we put
the cool in coolers and by Gemini Jerseys,
the leader in custom
fishing apparel. – Okay, I’d like to welcome
you out to the 2017 Boat US Collegiate Bass
Fishing Championship
presented by Cabela’s. – It’s
been a great week here in Florence, Alabama and it’s
time to head to the scales. – University of North
Alabama, Nathan and Austin. Had a really good day
yesterday at 16. 55,they’ve got another five
fish limit looks like the same or a little
better, is it better? – A little better. – A lot better, 21. 73. Two day total of
38. 28, new leaders. Y’all put your hands
together, Mitchell and Cole. All right, wait just a
second, 19. 60 yesterday, you had to have just about
exactly the same todayto take over the lead right now. – Yeah, it’s kind of nerve
wracking, not gonna lie. – What kind of day has
it been the last hour, setting out there
waiting on this? – Man I am shaking
I’m so nervous. This would be awesome, so. – You’re fixing to
get your chance. You won it last year. – Yeah we got pretty
lucky last year, got pretty lucky this year,
we’re gonna make them earn it. – Are you ready? – I’m ready. – Y’all put your hands together. Pick it up and set it
in there, bag and all. Get right over there close, he said what do we
need, you need 18. 69. 24. 02. – With a
two day total of 43. 62, Jennings and Burdeshaw
take the lead. Auburn is gunning for
back to back titlesand there are only four
teams left to weigh. – Okay this is gonna
get interesting. From Tarleton State, we’ve
got Wyatt and Tucker. They had 20. 34 yesterday. Y’all need about the
same kind of day today to take those hot
seat away from them. You need 23. You’ve got 14. 58, two
day total of 34. 92,you’re in the top 10 right now. – We’re
down to three. Up next is Sloan Pennington
and Hunter McCarty. – Here they come, from UNA,
we’ve got Sloan and Hunter. They had 23. 31 yesterday. They don’t have to have
quite as good a day, they need 20. 32,
new leaders, 21. 02. – With
just two teams left,the UNA is in the lead. – Next up, Tarleton
State, Dakota and Justin. – Dakota
Ebare and Justin Seeton started the day in second
and they’re bringing another limit to the scales. – All they need today is 20. 58. They don’t have to have near as good a day as
they had yesterday. You have dodged a bullet, 15. 73. – There’s
just one team left and it’s your day one leaders
from Tusculum College. – I want everybody to see
this, y’all stand right here. Okay, we’re gonna get
them up on the screen. We’re gonna weigh these
fish in, one of these two teams will be
your 2017 champions. This is really gonna push that
team of the year deal around. – I hope it does. – All right at Tusculum
College, 23. 92 yesterday, you need 20. 42, they have
16. 16, here’s your winners. There’s your champions
right there folks. – We culled twice in
the last 20 minutes. We culled two four pounders
in the last 20 minutes, so it was just
amazing, it’s awesome. – And there you
have it, Sloan Pennington and Hunter McCarty,
the hometown team from the University of
North Alabama are your 2017 Boat US Collegiate Champions. The last order of
business this week is the Cabela’s school of the
year, presented by Abu Garcia. – Y’all put your hands
together for Bryan College. Y’all come on up here. – After
dominating the entire season, the team from Bryan
College locks up oneof the most prestigious
titles on the tour. Congratulations. – It’s absolutely
awesome, we didn’t have the best fishing
this tournament, but
we been consistent all year, I’m so
proud of these guys, I’m so proud of our
teammates, we just worked together this year,
just practice. We were able to break different
parts of the lake apart and really just put
everything together. I couldn’t be more proud
of this group of guys. These are my brothers,
I love them to death and we got it done,
that’s our main goal and it’s absolutely awesome. – With that,
we wrap up another season of the Cabela’s Collegiate
Bass Fishing Series. A big thanks to our friends
in Florence, Alabama. If you’re headed to
the shoals region, look them up at
visitflorenceal. com. The schedule for the
2018 season is out and you can find it online at
collegiatebasschampionship. comThe season kicks off in February
from Sam Rayburn Reservoir. This has been a
CarecoTV presentation. Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time.

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