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– Qualifying for
the Bassmaster Classichas been a dream of mine
since I started fishing. – The goal’s always the same. – The ultimate goalstill remains- To make the Bassmaster Classic. – Number one, Bassmaster Classic. Nice. It’s what dreams are made of. Bassmaster Classic ! Here we are, Bassmaster Classic 2020. We’ve already had our practice
days, all four of them:Friday through Sunday of last week. Wednesday was yesterday,
today is Thursday, media day,and we’re in Birmingham. Getting everything wrapped up herepretty- starting to get a
little bit surreal, like, okay. Everything’s starting to
slow down here for this,and I’m excited, really
excited to get things goingand see what’s going to happen tomorrow. You know, it’s changing conditions. We’ve had a lot of weather coming throughand everything that
we’ve done in practice,I mean, it’s March, the beginning of Marchon the Tennessee River, so
it’s not- nothing’s consistent. I totally plan on doing some thingsthat I did a little bit of on Wednesday,and the thing about this event isyou need five victories. Like, you don’t need 50. You just gotta catch five
of the right ones every day. So, that’s kind of been
the mindset all week,is, you don’t need a million bites,you need to get the right bites,and I think we’re gonna have our chances,gonna have our opportunities to do that. We’re on Guntersville, so. You’re never out of it here. It’s going to be interesting
to see what happens tomorrowand what we’ll do to
get us through to Sundayto try to make this dream come true,and being the first Classic,not really nervous, it’s justyou’re first or your last. That’s the bottom line. I don’t know who finished second last yearat last year’s classic. I don’t know who finished
second in the one before that. I do know who won. Ott DeFoe,before that it was Jordan Lee. You remember that. You’ll always go down and be in the 50thBassmaster Classic. It’s pretty special. Pretty special group of
guys fishing it this week,and love nothing more
than to come out on top. We gotta do what we gotta do. We’re gonna fish how we like
to fish and see what happens. We’ll see you guys day one. – . . . We’re not going to haveas much wind. The boats are going to be a lot closer. You’ll get a lot better view. We apologize, but we gotta
deal with the conditionsthe weather gives us. Three, two, one. We are now green. Bassmaster angler of the yearfrom Alabama, Scott Canterberry. The former motorcross the
racer now makes his livingbouncing around in a bass boat. Come again baby. Number one, Bassmaster Classic. We can do this. Four more. Thank you, Lord. – Way to be patient. – We can do this,come on, Hunter, you can do this. – There you go. – Yes, baby, one more. – Nice. Freaking giant, bro. Bro, oh my God. Oh my gosh. – Yeah, baby, yes sir. Haha, nice. – Bassmaster Classic. – Well done, man. That’s what you needed right there. – Thank you, Lord Thank you, Lord. Oh my gosh, that thing, foomp. – That was sweet. – Oh man, we
might’ve found something. – Dude, you come
in here and catch five then,tomorrow?- Oh yeah. – Game on. Game on. – So we just got done with day one. We are driving to the weigh-in. We’re not actually done yet,
we gotta weight our fish in. And it is an hour and a
half, hour 40 minute drivefrom Guntersville to Birmingham,to the arena that we’re weighing in at,and it was a grind. Dude, the wind was blowing like 20, 25all day, never stopped, out of the northand things got tough really quick. Nothing went like what I
thought it was going to. I had a certain spot, never had a bite,I went to my second
spot, never had a bite. I really kind of pulled
the plug and just was like,”Hunter, you gotta go,
you gotta go somewhere”and just catch some fish. “Don’t care, catch fish. “Do what you can do. “Dude, I hadn’t caught fish
flipping wood all week,but it was like a mindset thing thatI flailed around with the
chatter bait all morningnever had a bite, and here we are. I don’t know if I have
15 pounds, 18 pounds,because I looked at them, put them in,I had five bites all
day, and I caught them. We salvaged a day,and the good thing isnow I feel like I have the
rotation to go through,tune in on what I did today, even betteryou know, cause I didn’t get
my first bite until 11:00. We’ll flip that around tomorrow, and dude,we’re not out of this thing. I mean, I think, on bass track 23 pounds,so they’ll probably have 25
pounds, but it is not easy. And I don’t think it’s
going to get any easier,but I think I’m ready for
some 20, 23 pound bagsI think can come out of
the places that I fish. But, that’s all hindsight,
but we got two more daysto make it happen. So, I’m excited to hold some fish up,get these fish weighed,and get back after it tomorrow. ♪ Uh, yeah ♪♪ Yo, let’s do this ♪♪ Hey hey y’all ain’t heyday ♪♪ Blaze up the whole damn city ♪♪ Whoa whoa ♪♪ Whoa whoa whoa nah nah nah ♪ – The motorcross
racer that now makes his livingon the Bassmaster Relief Series. Say hello to Hunter Shryock. – I’m here to say victory!- Is the living proofthat you could make your dreams come trueif you’re willing to work tirelessly. And that’s exactly what he does. Five fish are dig number one,18 pounds, six ounces. ♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa nah nah nah ♪How good does that feel?- This is unbelievable. I gotta thank the good Lord abovebecause I’ve dreamed of being
up here for a long long time. I’ve got all my family up there. And man, it’s- At 10:00 it wasn’t going so good,but we turned things around
and put some fish in the boat,and I have the best people behind me,Abu Garcia, Spider Wire,
Berkley, Lowrance, Gator Guards,I could go on and on. These guys helped me be up here. I wanna thank everybody for coming out,because if it wasn’t for you guys,we wouldn’t be up here, so thank you. Come back tomorrow and Sunday. It’s going to be a show. – It’s gonna be a big show,and I have a feeling you’re
going to be part of that. – Appreciate it. – Great job. – You know, today was
kind of one of those daysthat you start off, and your mind’s gone,and that first bite, you get that bite,it’s the Bassmaster Classic,and it was probably the
best bite that I’ve hadin a long time. It was one of them thump. I sat the hook, and it was a five pounder,so to do that in the
Bassmaster Classic, it was-And that got me going
for the day, you know,to do that, so it was
what dreams are made of. And that’s been a dream since
I started fishing the opens,so ever since then, I’ve
had a burning desireto try to make it here. This is the Superbowl of bass fishing,this is what we all want to get tojust so we have the opportunity
to hoist that trophy. Keep the money. Keep everything else. I just want the trophy. Being here last year, 2019,the summer Guntersville tournament,so I knew coming here for the ClassicI was going to stay true
to what I like to do,fish shallow,whatever that is,just being shallow is a lot
more comfortable for me,so I knew, if I zero, it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna do it the way that
I like to do it at least,and so far it’s working out. I feel like I salvaged a day
today to get where I’m atand learned a lot,so really looking forward to tomorrowand hopefully Sunday and
seeing where it takes us. That sun feels good, don’t it?Goodness. This is just a shallow flat
with some good milfoil on it. I just had two bites in it in practice. I had one hit it yesterday and not eat it. I think that’s just
because of that north wind,I don’t know. It just wasn’t getting the bait. Something to stop and check. You’ve just got to fish. You catch one here, you catch one there,you don’t really know
where the next bite’sreally gonna come from. But the biggest thing isknowing that later’s gonna be the deal. I mean, if I can catch
something this morning,that’s all bonus, butI feel like it’s gonna
come down to the wire againand foot it, you know,
you’ll have to make hayin the last couple of hours of the day. This typical early spring fishing. D, 15 inches. Bassmaster Classic, baby. It’s gonna happen, boys. Just gotta stay calm. It’s gonna happen. I feel it, it’s gonna go down. Felt it bite it the first time,it’s a little hesitant. I picked up. It sucked it in. Just need a couple big bites. It’s gonna happen. How about that, boys and girls?She bit again. They’re not big,but,he’s 15. Little chunks of gold. For now. How about that?Some spider wire just squealing. 10:00 a. m. this morning. We getting warmed up. And you see what happened there. That fish bit me,and I didn’t get her. And usually if you got
your other punch rod ready,get back in there and they’ll bite. Sometimes making five, 10
pitches in the same spotor same little areayou’ll get bit. Did it again. Catch up to her. Catch up to her. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Can all change in a heartbeat, man. This is what we all live for. This stuff. Can go down. – Knuckles bro. – Let’s get our heads right. We have the opportunity,that’s all we can ask for. Four bites to go. Thank you, Lord. You dirty. . . Okay, thank you. – Good job. – Thanks. – Number one in his very firstBassmaster Classic. Had 18 pounds six ounces yesterday. Was a little tougher today. Let’s get him inside that
top 25 fish on Sunday. I know he’d love to be part of that. Entering three fish here today. – Tougher day today, Hunter,but you’re in the Bassmaster Classic,and you know you’re on better,you get out there tomorrow,
anything could happen. And if you learn anything
from these tournaments,in Guntersville, it’s never over. – Yeah, I left it all
out all on the table,I mean, I did what I wanted to dowhen I left here last year and I wasand I did what I wanted to do butthank you guys for coming
out this is awesomethis has been a dream. This has been a dream for a while. For me and my family. Man, I got my family up there at the top. They’re screaming louder. Crazy people from Ohio,but it’s been a crazy ride. I gotta thank Pure Fishing, Abu Garcia,Berkeley, Spider Wire. I probably would not be
here today without them,they believed in me since 2014,and has allowed me to
do what I love to do,and all of you guys being hereallow us to come up on
stage and feel so specialBob’s Machine, Power
Pole, Mercury, Lowrance,I could go on and on. I’m at a loss for words, man. This is awesome. One more time, can we hear it Birmingham? – The best thing is, I’m gonna guaranteethis won’t be your last one of these. We look forward to seeing
you back here tomorrow. Another great ending. – All right. So we made it to day three. It was close, like,
really really really closeto not being able to fish today. We was sweating it out
the entire ride back. Yeah. The top 25 make it, we ended up in 24. A lot tougher day yesterday,but that’s usually what happens whenthe second day after
a front rolls through. The first day, bearable,the second day,it seems like it really
kicks you in the head,but I don’t know. We get to go out and go fishing againon Lake Guntersvilleand get us an opportunity
to go catch us a big bag. Anytime you get to go fish the third dayof the Bassmaster Classic, it’s-This is what we worked on all last year,many, many years of trying
to get to this point,so we’re going to go
out and enjoy it today. The only way we can go is up. One spot back or a lot of spots up,so we’re gonna go switch
it up this morning,try to do some things
and try to get a bitebefore 10:30, 11:00 o’clock. And just see what happens and enjoy it. So, it’s a dream come true,and just ready to get back out there,see what happens, and
go back to Birminghamand walk across that stage one more time,last time this year, 2020,and get back to working on
getting back there for 2021. Oh my God. Did you see that one?- How’d you not get it?- I open the mouth, huh?- That was
supposed to be my entertainmentfor the morning. – Dude. – I had it!- You had it?- I don’t get it. – That was a cucho. Oh gosh. Ha, ha!Yes!Caught you. What’s up, guys?- Of the
Bassmaster Elite series. – He was the
bubble boy going in today. That bubble may just pop here. At your very first Bassmaster Classic,but dude, I tell you, you have
enjoyed every single minutehere, I’ve watched you. All week it you’re competing,but you’ve had a smiling career hereand that’s truly what makes
this bass pro special. – Absolutely, and this is
the Bassmaster Classic. Everybody says, you gotta go for it. You swing from the fences. So I was so excited last night. I made the cut for the top 25,we’re gonna swing from the fences,tie my berkeley maxine creature hog on,I’m gonna go flipping, because,what does Hunter do,he goes flipping. I was so excited this morning, andI get out of bed,I put my long johns on,
cause I’m from Ohio,cold, we’re used to it,put my long johns on, and I proceededto put my rain gear on. At about 8:30 I realizedI didn’t have pants on. I had left. I’m fishing the tournament. It’s 9:00 a. m. in the
morning, and I have to call,make a phone call to put pants on. Can you bring pants in the truck,because I don’t have pants
to wear to the weigh-inon the third day of
the Bassmaster Classic. But,it’s been fun this week. I was swinging from the fences,and then all of a sudden, I said,”Hunter, it’s okay. “You can just lay down the bunt,”cause it’s 12:00, and
you don’t have a fish yet. “So just lay down the bunt. “Caught all my fish this weekon the berkeley maxine creature hawg,but it does great work on
these pressured fisheries,but I gotta thank Berkeley,
Abu Garcia, Power Pole,Rand Night, Mercury, Phoenix,
up and down this lakefrom one dam to the other. It’s all been covered, sothank you guys for coming out. Enjoy the show. – I’m glad you got some drawers. Appreciate it. started very
similar to your day. – So that’s a wrap. The 50th Bassmaster Classic is over. So, all the time, preparations,spent preparing for this event,and we only caught one fish yesterday. But, that’s what I was gonna do. I was gonna do that regardless. That’s what got us to the
final day to begin with,was fishing shallow, fishing
the stuff that I wanted to do,it just didn’t pan out. The cold nights, really put a dampeneron what I was trying to do. All in all, it is what it is. I had a great event. It was more than what I thought
it was actually gonna be. You kinda envision how it’s gonna go down,but there’s so much extra
stuff that happened. It took a lot for
basically the whole team. I say “team” because it’s
more than just me that’s-I may be the only one fishing out there,but my wife, she’s holding
the camera right now,I had friends and family,
my brother, let us stayat his house. We’re actually in his garage right now,the day after the event,so I got to stay at a
house, you know, a nice bed,have my boat in the garage,I could do all my tackle right hereon Guntersville, the lake itself. So that helped, not having
to drive back and forthfrom the hotel. We are exhausted, and
I mean, like, worn outafter this week, and it
wasn’t so much practiceor anything like that,it was, once media day came,which was the day before the event,every single day, I think we gotanywhere from four to five hours of sleep,which, most humans can run on that,but when you start going
two, three, four dayson four to five hours of sleep,that’s when it really
starts to take a toll. No joke, I did forget to put pants on. I had pants on, but I didn’t have, like,weigh-in pants on. So, that actually did happen,and I’m gonna blame that to sleep. But, no, we had an awesome time. It was a dream come true. That’s what we had fought
for all the last seasonto get to this point,and now it’s time to get back on the roadfor the Bassmaster Elite seriesto make it back to the big show againthe Bassmaster Classic. We got Chickamagua coming up,which was a rescheduled event. Lake Eufaula, and Sam T. Cooper. So, super excited about it. Just a super blessed week. Excited to make the top 25,get out of here with a good check,and a great experience to build uponfor next year, hopefully. So that’s the goal, get back
to the Bassmaster Classicand win some events. Appreciate you guys watching. Stay tuned. If you’re not subscribed,
please subscribe below,because we’re gonna be coming
out with all more videosjust like this one the
rest of this season. This is season four of the 24/7 seriesbecause this is it. We do it 24/7. So, thank you guys, I appreciate it. Stay tuned.

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