3 Tips You NEED TO KNOW For Spring Pike Fishing | Team Galant (English Subtitles)

Hello fishermen!I’m totally excited for my first
spin fishing session this year!I’m currently located in Blekinge,
in the middle of February. . . with me I have Felix Petterson,
known from Pike Hero. Felix, how has the fishing been the past time?We’ll probably catch a good amount of fish however not the desired size! Hopefully a bigger fish though!It feels so great to be out on
open water after a long winter!If I despite their size, manage to catch above 10 fish, I’m more than happy!First off, before heading out you have to check your hooks. They have to be very sharp!During the earlier season, the water is quite cold. The pike don’t feed that much due to the spawning period. . . sometimes though they’re unable
to resist the urge of striking your jig!Most of the times they’ll bite quite carefully. Without sharp hooks you’ll easily miss them. Always check your hooks before heading out!We’ve arrived to the bay. I’ll make
my first cast on open water for 2019!Fishing at shallow waters are preferred here in Blekinge, therefor you need to tackle your baits. . . a special way. Felix – you’re a from this area, how did you rig your bait?Using a shallow-screw attached with lighter hooks, making the bait go just underneath the surface. . . using the color motoroil as well. We’ll together with Coffe Persson start selling these Shark Shads. An unique shark-imitating lure!The color motorpike tends to
work out great here in Blekinge!First cast on open waters for 2019!
Hopefully a great session!Just a few fish will make me more than happy!Cold temperature in the water, therefor
you’re required to fish quite slow. There! Felt like a bite from a perch!There! Holy!Felix has got the first fish for today!
– Several contacts on jigs, I then attached a jerkbait. . . which resulted in a fish immediately!Not your first pike for 2019?
– No, I’ve caught plenty!Quite fat? Considering pre-spawn fishing!
– Not that fat. Time to release it!Second advice! Always make sure you have
plenty of different baits in your baitbox. Sometimes the fishing can be really slow. Therefor having a tailbait which allows you. . . to fish very slow, can be great. The pike can sometimes be more active, making a shad bait perfect!This bait has a rather big paddle. Hooligan Roach as well, big paddle, creating a lot of turbulence. Having them in different sizes as well. Also, keep a jerkbait in your box. Some days, this is the only type of bait that will deliver fish!I’ll get a bite!Sun is out!There! No!Got it! No!We’ve been fishing for a while. Noticed the pike are quite shy today, don’t know why. . . something’s not alright! Plenty of contacts, but the pike is just nibbling on the bait! Not able to make a good hookset!As you can see, I started out using the Shark Shad. Considering their shyness, I’ll try Nettel-laken!Allow you to fish very slowly. I did however missed out on plenty of fish using it, due to it’s size. If they’re just nibbling, they’re hard to get hooked up!I therefor started using Flatnose Dragon. Same function as Nettel-laken, however a bit smaller. Have my faith in this bait!Fish!Small one. After plenty of contacts I finally managed to hook one. Not that big but at least it’s a fish!Feels good to catch something on open water! Let’s unhook it and proceed fishing. We’ve found them. We just
gotta make sure to fish quite slow!Bye bye!Nice!Small one! Seems to be plenty of them.
– Better than nothing! Nice strike as well!Fell for a Hooligan Roach downsizer!Keep hammering! Hopefully we’ll catch some bigger!
– Certainly believe so!Catching a fish feels great!There! Fish!The pikes are so slow today it’s insane! They are just nibbling on our baits. . . Felix lost a 5 kg pike before I managed to hook this one. Finally a decent fish compared to the other ones!My first “real” pike for 2019 on open waters, the previous one was way too small to even call a pike!Above a kilo, took on Flatnose Dragon. Retrieving your bait slowly using smaller baits is the key for today. There we go! Time to release her! Bye bye!Clear water is quite cool, however it’s not optimal for fishing due to the passivity from the pike. Nice to see followers and see their action. There! No! Felt better!Seems a bit better! Biggest fish for today!I’m feeling happy with this fish! Great coming out on open waters and still catching fish!We could end up catching a few more. Unhooked, time to release her!Bye bye!Final cast!We were just about to head home until Felix managed to catch a pike close to the boat. Lovely done Felix!
– Thanks!This is the final fish for today – darkness is starting to set in! How many did we manage to catch today?The 15th! Nice activity, but we’ve lost plenty of better fish. The ones we caught were quite small. Finally a decent fish, feels good!We’ll be fishing here tomorrow. We’ve gained plenty of knowledge, found out what bait works best. . . Flatnose Dragon. Fish quite slow and nearby the shore in shallow waters. Let’s release the pike!Bye bye! Let’s head home Felix and
regain our strength for tomorrow!Good morning everyone! I’m not an early-bird! Hate waking up early. In order to save plenty of time. . . I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast. Some prepared gulasch-soup that I’ll keep in my thermos. I always take a shot of ginger! Protects your immune system! Not making me sick!I’ve arrived to Felix in Karlskrona. Today we have different weather conditions. . . plenty of sun today, which could have an impact on the slow fishing, warming the water. . . which could increase the activity of the pike. Will hopefully turn out great. We’ll see! Let’s head out! Everything is unknown!What’s your take on the conditions Felix?
– Feels good. Some wind, a bit warmer as well. I’m starting out using a shallow-rigged Hooligan Roach.
Quite shallow, making shallow-rigged baits a must. Have had great fishing using this bait previously. Believe in this bait!Let’s do it – get a big one!I’m starting out using this Flatnose Dragon. Worked out great yesterday – why change a winning concept?Caught another one. Sadly we haven’t found the big ones yet, hopefully we will. Seems to be active. On the Hooligan Roach once again!
– Felix has managed to catch 3 pikes. . . I’ve only had followers. He has been using a shad bait, meanwhile my Flatnose Dragon has a tail. Some days using baits with paddle is great. I therefor changed bait to the Shark Shad. Fished with it yesterday with no success. Hopefully shad-baits are the success for today though. I’d love catching a fish on this new bait – exciting!Let’s go for it!There! No! What a strike on the Shark Shad! Just besides the boat!There! Shark Shad! My goal was to catch a fish using that bait! Exciting to try out new baits. . . not the biggest fish but some activity at least. Paddle-baits work out the best today as we expected. . . tailbaits worked out yesterday, shads today!There! Decent! Check it out – devoured the bait, probably the best strike this year! Haven’t received that many yet though!Love these strikes! Make a cast and feel a massive bite!The pattern is obvious – paddle-baits are the key. When they bite your baits that hard – they’re usually more active today than yesterday. Time to release it and keep fishing!Grow bigger!If your shop would like to purchase this Shark Shad or other baits, like Hooligan roach. . . contact info@kanalgratis. se. You’re making it possible for us to create videos!Final advice – fish in the right spots! We’re fishing in the archipelago – during spring season quite shallow. We’re fishing at bigger bays doing long drifts. You should avoid spots like those we’re at – no wind, crystal clear water. During these conditions, the pike tend to be more shy. You can see them, but they won’t bite. They can spot the boat from a long distance, making them scared. Some dirt clouds tend to appear. Find murky waters and fish in the wind!I’ll be using a new rod this year from Saxa. This rod I’m using is called Shade Generation 2 – 40 to 120 grams. I tried it out yesterday. Considering the low amount of fish I couldn’t make a proper review about it. . . however today I’ve caught some fish, been able to use it for a while. I can make a proper review now!One of the loveliest rods I’ve used! I enjoy
it’s light weight, I really mean it!It’s low weight allow you to fish for plenty of hours without getting tired. As many casts as possible!What’s happening?
– Hooked a decent fish – hard take. On the Hooligan Roach!
– Nice! Easily the biggest one this trip. Devoured my bait. Like 5 kg fish?
– Not really, like 4. 5 kg. A bit bigger than the previous fish.
– Seems so, longer as well. Time to release it! Or should we measure it?
– No. Like 85 cm.
– There we go, let’s get some more!We’ve changed spot and been fishing for a while. I then managed to catch this fish, hopefully there are some more!
Big fish?We’ve been moving around – finally
managed to catch a decent pike. You’ve found out the key to success!
– Correct!Good average size compared to the other spots. Not that good of a quantity though. Better takes here as well. Hooligan Roach motoroil! Same length as the previous fish – 85 cm. Time to release it. We’re done fishing for today.
What’s your take on the trip Felix?Been going well. Like 17 fish today – better size as well.
– In summary we’ve caught more than 30 fish in two days. I’m really happy considering it being the first session on open waters for me this year. . . love to feel some rod action! 30 fish in two days, some activity actually!
Correct! I’d just like to remind you guys about the sportfishing fair 29-31 of March!I’ll be there at least one day, and the entire crew of Team Galant will be there as well!
– Every day! With Edvin and Philip!Hope to see you there!
– Exactly! If your sitting on a broken bait. . . you no longer can use, bring it with you to the fair! We’ll buy them from you!That’s all from us! Take care! Tight lines!Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, links are in the description!Smash the thumbs up button and
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