3B Outdoors TV – Norris Lake Topwater Bass Fishing

3BO S12 E06 Hi, I’m Freddie Neeley with 3B Outdoors andwe’re here spot hogging all these big bass on Norris Lake. Welcome to my house Freddie Neeley. The floaty bobbers and Barbie rods are coming out baby,at you. LAUGHING FOR REAL. THIS ONE RIGHT HERE
BY VISIT KINGSPORT TENNESSEE. ♪ ♪ ♪ Here we are fog filled Norris Lake,October 28th or 29th, 29th and man got John Carroll,Norris Lake baits, local pro, good friend, man we’vehung out together but everywhere except the lake. That’s it. We finally got this together to come down here and fishand I welcome the 3B team to my house here at Norris Lake. Man, he took us in last night, fixed us a bigold steak and we had baked potatoes and shrimpcocktail and blackberry cake and man, you can’t beatany service like that. Now, we’re going to go out here today and it’s fall. What’s going to be the bite? Mostly what we’re going to target is largemouthand small mouth and you know fish some top water, youknow any kind of brush and laydowns, watertemperature’s getting down you know in the upper 60sand Norris is going to turn on for the fall. So, that’s what we’re going to chase. We’re going to be doing a lot of running and gunning andsee if we can cast and blast. That’s what we’re going to do. There you go and as you know there’s noguarantees but man, we’re going to worry them andwe’re going to have a good time. I’m Nathan Light with John Carroll. We’re on Norris Lake. Hang on baby, here at 3B Outdoors coming at you live. You’re dressed up like the Michelin man. I’m telling you. Are you ready to get ’em? You used to sitting in those heated tree stands,like Freddie Neeley. I don’t even get in the woods much. A little foggy and a little cool. It’s that time. Yep. Great morning. It’s the time, the fishing time to have agood time. We’ll work up to this point on these open rocks and see ifwe can bust one of these small mouths real quick. We’re whoppin’ ploppin’ this morning. Feed them a custom painted mouth full. What happened Nathan? I told you I’ve got to get that first bite, soI can jerk it away from him and I did. A little spot. These fish here, they get to look at cover so,they hang out at the front door. There we go. That a boy, John. That’s what we’re looking for. Well we got a small mouth, that’s what we saidwe was looking for. You broke the ice baby. That a boy. It’s that custom painted mouth full right there. Yeah. He liked that old whopper, didn’t he? He liked the plopper. Yeah boy. Pretty nice, Norris Lake small mouth right there. That’s a good one, John. That’s a good one. That a boy. That’s a start, tater baby. Tater baby. I got the 3B tater. Yeah. Whoa what about that Neeley?I got the 3B tater. Nothing else, we got the tater. That a boy, we got the stink off of the boat. Well it’s been a beautiful place to grow up in. Did you grow up here? My whole life, yeah, I’ve been right here. in LaFollette. This lake’s been a part of my life you know. It’s just, it’s what you done. You know, you didn’t have anything else. There you go. Here we go. Hooked up. Thats where that fish should have been there on that brush. Right on the end of it. Big old spook. Got a mouth full. Oh man, oh man. I believe I’m good for a four pounder now. Got him. That a boy. Got a large mouth,where he was supposed to be. What did I just kind of say?You know, I mean, I don’t like to be a prognosticatoror anything like that but, what did old Nate just say?Go ahead. He said right there will be a fish, John boythrow over there, Coats you got this. Make sure you got it, Coats and you got it didn’t you. We got it. That’s pretty isn’t it? THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TOYOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES. He had it. Smallie. Brownie. That is a brownie spot mix. That’s a mean mouth right there. Is it really? How do you know? There’s a tooth patch and there’s the spot onthe side. Let ’em see that on the camera. Some might not have ever seen that. They got a mean mouth here. So, you can see spotted bass kind of lines, spottedbass thing, looks like a small mouth and then two,there’s the tooth patch. Hold it up. Here on the tongue. So, that’s what one looks like. When you see it doesn’t have the small mouth bars onthe side and you first look at and you think, well that’sa small mouth and then you kind of get to lookingand it’s a mean mouth with the tooth patch, right there. He’s a good one though. There we go. That’s what you come for, on the brush. You need me to get him Nate? Nah, I’ll get him. There we go. I got your boat. There we go. Good fish. Nice one. On that wood. On that wood, he’s been knocking around allday at them little fish and just got to stay with whatyou know. I think my ribeye paid off, didn’t it? That ribeye paid off right there, man. That’s a good fish right there. What a bite. That whopper plopper got it done. Big John putting it right on baby. Nice. Norris Lake bass, that clear water, man you talking abouta beautiful fish. Thank you ‘ole girl. Aww, yeah, man. Yeah baby. Sometimes the Fraybill plug knocker works good out ofthe boat. I’m not going to tell you who done it, but somebody madea bad cast over here. Oh, my goodness. Did you see what happened? You broke it. My whopper plopper broke in half. Let’s run down the lake and see if we canfind something that’s just a little bit more wind-blownand kind of breaks this surface up a little bitand see if we can get bit. He’s tore all to pieces. There you go. Good job Nate. Let’s see if we can double here, real quick. Got him. Small mouth? Yeah, I believe so. Holy cow! Look there. Big Yeah look at him. He’s still in there with him. I’m going to play with him. Look at him. He tried to eat it away from him. We were trying to double up. We was trying to double up but he’s big forhis size and he hit my whopper plopper, well I take that back. He hit Coats whopper plopper. I got mine caught up on a cable back there and theback come apart. Lookie here, you got him? Yeah. That a boy. I’m going over here, well let’s take him,we’ll make sure we hold on, so we got a double here. That a boy John, man. Lookie here. Oh yeah told you we’d double up. That’s what we’ve been looking for themgood green ones right there. Told you we’d double up. That ain’t no smallie. That’s a largie. Lookie here. Can’t beat it boys, Norris Lake at its finest. I’m going to chunk mine right there. Custom painted mouth full right there. That’s what you like isn’t it?You go ahead and talk a little bit about that bait, whileI go ahead and catch another. You can fish if you want to but, This is a whopper plopper style blank KO thatwe paint. What’s a KO, some people may not know what aKO is. It’s kind of like what they call a knock off. Okay, you had some variance in it than the whopperplopper, but we paint it with this brush nickel andwe’ve highlighted that all year long, how importantthis brush nickel and the brush copper and bronzeand gold colors are and how they reflect light onthe water and this is a real good transparent bait andas big as it is, when you put transparency in the middle,it makes the bait kind of shorten up and getcompact, not so much as size but it compacts it up. That brush nickel is by far the most realisticflesh looking paint that we paint with so. That’s what’s working. I’m Nathan Light, and I approve that message. Yeah. THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TOYOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES. That a boy John. That boy. I got to get caught up here. That a boy. He’s somebody’s momma or somebody’s momma is proudof him. We call that a mollie, not a smallie, it notbig enough to be a small mouth. Holy cow. Did you see that deer? I tell you these guys at 3B they’re a bunchof pranksters. I’m telling you. I know why my pal Freddie is so tore up. Freddie, I won’t do anything else to you ever again. And see the sad part about it is, I like seeing deer. I like that bite right there where you can’t see itand it’s got that little glare, that baitjust disappears. There he is. There we go, giant. Good job Nathan. We called the shot, there didn’t we?Another giant large mouth. He got a mouth full too. Look here. Lookie here. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Now then, what are we talking about here?Whopper plopper boys. That’s a good one right there, ain’t it? That is a dandy fish, Mr. Light. How about a tater? I get another tater, to 3B boys. Yes. All right. See you at that. It don’t get no better than that boys. I mean we knock around and you think one littleitty-bitty fish and some of those small ones and allthose medium sized ones. A big one like that goes down, look at the head on that fish. Man, oh man. Let’s go Mr. large mouth. Good night, whopper plopper. ‘ That is a bald eagle. Yep. You know you done right when you see one of those. Called the shot again Nathan. Brown fish, he’s done been air born. I haven’t seen him yet. I don’t know how good he is. He’s mean. Oh yeah. That one may go 18. He thinks he’s 24. That could be an 18. Uh-oh, he’s down to one hook. I’m going to try and get him in without losing him. Whopper plopper in my face, beautiful fish. Top water, lean, small mouth. Beautiful lake, man, I’m just telling you, greatcompany, ‘ole John Carroll putting us on, man. He wasn’t going to fool with that long enough. He wasn’t hanging around. He was ready to roll, wasnt he?Oh, I forgot I don’t have to worry too much abouthitting stuff with this one. It ain’t mine. It’s a rental. It’s a rental. It’s kind of like renting bowling shoesor renting skates. What do you think about that John?You think Coats will let me borrow it anymore? Well he might, he’d probably bring it to theshop and let me paint it. Here’s a good fish too. That is nice. All in the same clip. All in the same clip. Three, here look behind him. Are they with him? They’re with him. Look here. Uh-oh, he’s just barely hooked too. I’m going to let this one play, get that one oncamera, so you can at least give me credit for him. Look at him. Bring him up here close to the top. Look at the big large mouth under him. I wish they would try to take that bait out ofhis mouth, is what I hoped for. Coats’ whopper plopper, getting it done boys. I’m tellin’ ya. I don’t know what it is. You ain’t going to repose it, now mid-stream, are you coats? A lot of fun, a lot of fun. What you got? We got another large mouth. Oh yeah. I’m going to the live well as hard as I can go. We’re not tournament fishing here but, nicelarge mouth, right there. Yeah, good one right there now. On the plop. That a boy John. Look here, brown fish. Smallies. We’ll take them. All day long. Top water is awesome. We picked up a little bit of wind and that’shelping too. Prettiest fish that swims is small mouth. No doubt. THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TOYOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES, Appreciate you hanging out with us and letting us stayat your lake house, feeding us a big ‘ole New York Strip. I’ve had a blast. We really wanted to get this trip in and tried for awhile and I just enjoy all 3B Outdoor guys. They’ve all got to be good friends. Even the hunting side? Even the hunting side, even my pal Freddie. Oh my goodness, oh lord, I hope he’snot listening cause his head will swell if he finds that out. Well that’s all right, he killed a good deerthis week, so, we’ll let that go. We’ll let him off. What you got John? I got a dandy. Lookie there. Lookie there, right there, that’s what we’re talking about. on the ‘ole spinner bud. You just picked up a spinner bait and lost it huh? Umm-hmm. Man on man. Is that my spinner bait or yours? No, that’s little John spinner bait. That’s a pretty fish right there man. Lookie there. I’m telling you we had a really good day onthese good chunky largemouth on this lake and I meanthat’s a, that is a good sign that these large mouthsare that quality and good and full. Beautiful, beautiful. Not a mark on him, pretty fish. That’s a beautiful Norris lake largemouth right there,real pretty fish, good and healthy. You want to turn him back, get him ready for another day. No, it’s on there. It wasn’t even funny. A big smallie, gosh that’s a bruiser. Oh yeah baby. Pretty fish. Norris lake small mouth, I’m going to getthis rascal back in there. John, it’s been an awesome day. Man, we’ve come down here on beautiful Norris lake,fall day, leaves just starting to change and they didpretty good. Yeah, we had an awesome day. That’s not often that you get to fish like this onNorris, but you fish hard and they’re here, we’ll catch them. Oh yeah. This ‘ole black loom, whopper plopper 1, 10 worked wellfor me, 8 on 65-pound braid and I’m throwing on a 7 foot7 Dixie custom rod and man it’s a killer deal. Caught a couple of nice fish on it. They seemed to like that pretty good. Yeah, I caught some fish on the whopperplopper also and on the spinner bait when weget around some cover and the wind would blow, and Iwas also using a custom made, it’s the little Johnblade stick combo from Dixie Custom rods to throw aspinner bait on it. It’s my personal spinner bait rod that D makes for me. Man, I really like it. Man, we hoped you enjoyed it. We caught a bunch of fish. I mean a bunch of fish, had a great time, had a fewgood fish, a lot of laughs, enjoyed the weather, manit’s awesome when you get together. Thanks again John Carroll, Norris Lakes Baits, checkhim out there boys. He can paint you some good lures. Long arm it. . . you long arm itthen you bring it, selfie and thenyou gotta get the reflection in the glasses.

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