3B Outdoors TV – Smallmouth Bass Fishing on South Holston Lake

3BO S12 E08 Well if a lot of you are like I am, there’scertain bites, there’s certain times of the year, wejust totally miss it. Well this time Kevin Powers and I, we timed it right. We’re on South Holston Lake right outside ofBristol Tennessee and man those fish are postspawn, they’re hungry and it’s easy. All you need is a little pack of Berkley Power Worms,four inches, throw them in there and hold on. They swim off with it. It’s awesome, it’s fun and man it’s really enjoyable. We’ve got big D Coats running the camera. It’s going to be a blast, sit back and enjoy this episodeof 3B Outdoors. I’m Nathan Light, thanks for tagging along. LAUGHING FOR REAL. THIS ONE RIGHT HERE
BY VISIT KINGSPORT TENNESSEE. ♪ ♪ ♪ Here we are on South Holston Lake, that little pointon the ramp. We’re back in that little holler back there. All right, here we go. First of May, second of May, I believe,fishing, the weather has finally warmed up enoughin East Tennessee. We’ve had three days of 70-degreetemperatures, supposed to be up near 80 today. The fish up here in South Holston have finallystarted moving up on the banks up here a little bit, a lotof buck bass, not a lot of great big ones but itshould be a lot of fun today. First stop of the day here now, what a fullmoon, fish are starting to spawn a little bit. Like Kevin said, a lot of buck bass. I’m thinking big ones, is what I’m thinking, you know whatI say?Do you want to fish this point Kevin, or do you want to goup past it? We can start at that point right there. All right. You throwing a plain worm? Yeah. There’s one. There’s one. He had that thing off with it. Oh!Look what you did. You caused me to lose that fish. Oh I got a knot. I had one of those the other day. Look here Dustin, he’s hooked up. Oh, it come off. I was watching my stupid knot and it come off. There he is, he’s got it. You got it? I got him that time. All right. Look at that. Oh my gosh, fish three. Fish three. Kevin zero. Let’s try it one more time. Gah! Here’s one. There’s one Dustin. There’s you one. I tried. Both got that knot. Come on, stay on. Hey, you hooked up. Hurt him, so we can get him in the boat. Is it a big one? He’s a just a good keeper is all he is. Big buck bass. I heard him splash. Oh, it’s the closest one we’ve had to the boat today. Oh, yeah baby. We are now officially rolling. We’re on the board. That a boy Kev. I guess he’s a keeper. He don’t much more if he is. Oh, you on a roll now. You’ve got it figured out now. Two for two. Two for two. Ah, he’s just a little one. It’s all right. It’s fun fishing today boys. Thank you mister fish. There he goes. There he is Dustin. That’s mine. That is my fish. This your fish? I located him. Yes you did. See if he’s got a hook in his mouth where I broke my linea while ago. Nathan just missed that fish and he was fixing his wormand I kind of snuck in there on him. Cheating. Cheating. A little male bass. That’s three. Oh my gah. There he is. He’s a big one too. Oh, look right here. Oh, it’s a better one too. Oh yeah, he struck. He’s actually hooked up. I don’t know if he’ll stay on or not but finally. It’s been a long day. It’s been one of those days forthe books of what not to do. That’s a better one. Yeah, that’s a little better one. That may be big fish of the day so far. That ain’t no doubt. That is probably the big fish of the dayright there, you’re right. Right top of the jaw. Finally man. Good little small mouth and that little worm justover there shaking it. He swam off. He been caught before? Nope. Oh, he’s fresh. THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TOYOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES. We fooled with this fish for how long? No, no, no, you fooled with this fish for how long? Well he wouldn’t take off with it. He’d eat it, peck around on it and knock around andfinally we stuck him. Finally. Easy boy. Easy. Locked up pretty, mean, red eyes, love it,love it, love it. That’s not what he said a while ago, was it Dustin? He’s got it. I don’t know but keep doing it, I like it. He’s paralyzed, look at that. He don’t want to. Oh. How can you not like this? I don’t know why? Get the pliers on that boy. He got it good. Look at that. That’s the way it goes. Oh easy. I touched him. Open your mouth, open your mouth. Oh, I’ve got him pinned. Tater on that one. You go. Now then, now we’re talking. That’s one that gets twice, thump, thump. That’s a female there, look at her belly. Baby what a piglet right there. We’ve been looking for her all day long. What a fish, look at that. Here’s a big one. That’s a good one. Gosh is that line back around here? I don’t know. He’s either fouled up or got the line hooked around him. You got his mouth? I got his mouth. He’s cool. He just had it wrapped around him a little bit. He’s cool. He’s cool. Big ones are starting to bite. Nathan told me get the net. There you go. Another pretty one. Fat one right there man. Did the hook just fall out? No, I pulled it. Oh did it, okay. Nice one right here boys. Right there. Nice one. I broke him that time. Golly Ned! I can’t believe that. Gosh. That ain’t going nowhere. He ain’t going to bite again. There he is. Did you get him? Yeah, he’s a good one too. I thought he was a good one. Oh he’s a good one. No, I think, well he’s, oh I got him fowl hookedup underneath his belly. I hope he’s got my hook in his mouth. Look at him. Let’s get him in here. See if he’s got my hook in his mouth. I thought we had a monster. Nope, that’s a different one. Nope, it wasn’t him I don’t believe. I don’t know he’s got a hook in his mouth. What you got Nathan? I got another decent one, another decent one. Boy, they’re mean. He just snuck up behind it and grabbed it. He’s a good one, a good-looking fish. No, it’s a good one, if I can get a hold of him. That’s a good one. That a boy. Is it a good one?They’re all good, aren’t they? Mean boys, look at him. Watch him jump. He’s good today. That’s fun isn’t it? Oh yes. oh yes, let’s see what we got here. He’s down there deep. A pretty little fish. Get him to hook a sinker hook on. When you see those little bitty red flowers on thebanks it’s when the small mouth come to the banksand they start hitting this little worm. Apparently, it’s true. Oh yeah baby. He’s way out there. Oh gah! Uh-oh. Oh yeah baby, yeah baby. We can’t net them. That’s a big one. That’s the one we’ve been looking for Kev. Oh no! No, no, no! No! You stunned? Pretty good one. Oh its a big one. It’s a good one. Let me help you on this one. Oh, its a stud. Don’t let yours get off like I did mine. I don’t know if we got it or not. I’ll pull him up here and you grab him, all right. Open your mouth. Oh, I got him pinned. Ah, he got off. THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TOYOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES. Ah, he got off. Look at him, look at him. Yes sir. Look at that son. Man, oh man. That would make an undertaker smile wouldn’t it? We love it man. We love it. Look how pretty them things are marked up. There you go baby. This is what makes you want to come back, little greenworm, light line, tuggers man. I’m talking about tuggers. Another big one? I don’t know. Oh it’s a good one. Oh, it’s a good one. He ain’t nothing like yours but he’s a good one. Oh it’s a good one. You need help or are you going to get him? Nah, oh lord, he’s an acrobatic. He’s putting on a show ain’t he?Ah, that’s a fat belly. It’s a fat one but. Thank you, buddy. That a boy Kev, nice one. These plain ‘ole stow aways. This is for hooks and sinkers, specifically designed for that. It’s got four latches on it, keeps them good heavysinkers and jig heads and stuff in there, keepsthem organized well. Good deal right there. Did you get him? You are the man. Oh yeah. That’s a nice one. That’s a good one. Thank you buddy. He’s right where you called him. Yeah. You said you was going to go over and catch one. Oh, thank you mister fish. Oh yeah. It’s a pretty one. They’re all pretty ones. A lot of bucks, I think females aregetting ready to come up there. That’s pretty. You’re the man. Here. What have we caught today? 20? Oh yeah. How many should we have caught today?30? More than 30? Probably. Oh yeah baby, that’s a big one. That’s a big one. Oh yeah. He’s a good one, not no great big one. He’s just giving up. Did you see that? He just quit didn’t it?He said that’s Kevin Powers, there’s no use fighting it. A pretty fish, look at that. Look how solid he is. That’s probably a female. A little belly and probably little much of, thankyou mister fish. I thought he was bigger than that when hefirst jumped. I did too. What you got? I got one baby. I didn’t get a good look at him, did you? That’s a good one. That’s one of them mean ones. Here we go. Camera man rocks baby. You got to say it. Camera man rocks!Just think, yesterday I was killing turkeys,today I’m catching smallmouth baby! Let me see your leader? I know. It’s supposed to be down pretty deep. I can see your leader now. Still feeling him at all? No. I’m trying. There he is. Go get him. Get him. Hung up. Gah! You ain’t got that knot tied yet? Got him. He’s a big one. Look at that. Oh my gosh. Ole buddy, I love you. You was hard to catch. Hooked up again here. Another fat one. Where’s the hook at? He about got it. That a boy. Another buck, gah, they’re pretty. Oh!Sorry mister fish, sorry, sorry, sorry. Thank you, buddy. Another good one. Ain’t no monster. He’s a dancer. Finally. I had a dry spell there. Dry spell. Look at that one. Boy they are mean. Yeah, give me the bad spot and you take thegood spot there. I see how you are. A little chunk, a little male. That little male got a hump back on him, look at him. It does, don’t he? He could play for Notre Dame. A little humpback. Finally, been a while. I had one take me around the tree a while ago,I don’t know. . . lost my momentum. THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TOYOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES, Well the batteries on the camera died, naturally. What do you do?You pull in here and bang a big one. So, we’re going to capture it the best way we can. If it turns out the iPhone, it’ll be good. If not, we’ve got a picture, you’ll at least get to seeit on 3B Outdoors baby. Ahhh, the little worm, what a day. Man. This is big mama, big mama. Big mama. This is yours Kevin. You hung her up earlier and she got off and thenyou hooked her again a second ago. Just pour salt in the wound, why don’t you. Look at that. Look at her jaw. You tore her all to pieces. Man oh man. She wasn’t going nowheres without my worm. Man, what a beast. Great day, great day. I’ll give you a tater anyways. That just topped it off right there. Topped it off. Gah, it’s been a great day here on South Holston. Probably caught 25, close to 30 fish, probably hadthat many more bites to tell you the truth. I had a tough time getting started. You got plenty early. I had seven or eight bites before I ever put one inthe boat, breaking them off, doing stupid stuff. You was just putting them on. That’s the nature of the game. I mean that’s going to happen until you get dialedin exactly how you got to jerk and everything up here. Every fish we’ve caught today has been on a little worm,a little Berkley Power Worm, Bear crawler, four-inch, Green Pumpkin. Green Pumpkin is the only color you need guys. 1/8-ounce sinker. 1/8-ounce sinker, we’re throwingsome eight-pound fluorocarbons, somebraided line, a little bit of everything, we evencaught some mono mono today, throw whatever you likeup here guys but come fishing at South Holston. When the water temperature gets up above 60, about 62to 65 degrees they’re going to head to the banks, andyou’ll catch them like we did today. Full moon, caught as many during the middle ofthe day as we did anytime. Shady banks, bright sunny banks as you can seein the background right here. It’s not that hard, if you can’t catch one up herethis time of year, sell everything you got, andtake up golf. Spinning rod, I was using Dixie CustomRods, seven-foot, medium action. I had 12-pound flora-I mean 12-pound braid withan eight-pound fluorocarbon leader. Kevin throwing a, St. Croix rod, eight-pound test, sowe’re good to go. Hope you had fun hanging out with us, manthis don’t happen very often but when it does, youbetter be here. I told you it was going to be one of thosegreat days that you just don’t want to miss. It was so good that big D and I actually stayed a fewhours after Kevin had to leave and caught a few more andif you noticed real close, I was having a terrible dayto start with, breaking line, couldn’t hook them up. Man, it was just awful. I was getting frustrated, but I stayed in there,stayed tough and even caught that big fish that Kevinhad hooked once, maybe twice. But man, it was awesome. Don’t miss next week when Freddie and those huntingguys are hanging out of a tree stand, looking out of ablind, or doing something, well trying toshoot something, you know how those boys are. I’m Nathan Light, thanks so much for watching 3B Outdoors. Camera man rocks! There ya go baby. He does have it too. Does he? Yeah he’s got it.

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