CREEK Fishing for Smallmouth Bass + TIPS & TECHNIQUES

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It doesn’t get much better than CREEK fishing for Smallmouth Bass! I love throwing on the waders, exploring creeks and catching Smallmouth Bass! Went to a local creek with a new fishing reel and was able to catch some nice little Smallmouth Bass. These fish put up a great fight regardless of their size. Pound for pound one of the strongest fish you will ever catch. I also give you guys some tips and techniques to catch Smallmouth Bass. Creek fishing can be very rewarding. A lot of creeks do not get much pressure and they can hold a lot of nice fish. Go explore and do some creek fishing!

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8in SWIMBAIT gets DESTROYED by ENORMOUS Bass (Bed Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we use huge swimbaits to catch enormous bed fishing bass! Bass fishing swimbaits can be tricky but this huge swimbait was no match for this giant bass! Bed fishing and swimbait fishing at the same time is deadly for those big bass! My swimbait of choice today is a 8in megabass magdraft. Let me know if you guys like these swimbait fishing videos / bass fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on bed bass fishing and big swimbait fishing videos! Now lets go catch some giant bass on huge swimbaits!

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Tips For Fishing Rivers & Streams

When it’s hot and sticky, there’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of old tennis shoes and heading down to the river. Plus, it sure is a blast to catch feisty bass! Matt from Karl’s Bait & Tackle shares some tips that will help you have a ton of fun the next time you decide to get your feet wet and chase bass and other gamefish.

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25+ pound Smallmouth Bass Limit on Blade Baits [6lb KICKER]

Freezing temps, snow, wind, ice and treacherous roads = smallmouth bass stacked like cordwood. Do you know how to catch them with blade baits? If not, here’s what you need to know! Subscribe and hit the “thumps up” button for a HUGE bag of smallmouth bass!

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—New and/or Recommended Reels—
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—Braided Main Line—
Seaguard Smackdown:

—Recommended Fluorocarbon Leader—
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What should you do when the fishing is tough and you are not getting bit. One thing that I like to always try is to back off the bank and fish the first drop or ledge. Doing this can sometimes be the “ticket”. In this video I go over how I approach fishing a little deeper than the norm and what tips and techniques I use to catch bass.

Tips shown – How to bass fishing with pressured waters

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Fishing The Fall Transition For Bass | Top Baits To Fish NOW

Creeks in reservoirs provide a year-round home for some fish, but these tributaries mainly serve as highways for both baitfish and bass during two specific seasons: The spring, and the fall transition. During fall baitfish on the main lake move into the cooling waters of the creeks where bass follow to engage in a feeding spree that can last for a couple of months. Constantly changing weather conditions and the lake turnover contribute to sporadic fishing in the fall transition, but you can score consistently during this time by locating creek bass.  Here are a few fishing tips for locating and catching transition bass migrating along creek channels in the fall.

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In Search of a Smallmouth Bass from a Kayak- Dale Hollow Day1

I love to catch smallmouth bass but I don’t get a chance to target them very much. I took a kayak trip to Dale Hollow Lake, home of the world record smallmouth bass, to clear my head after loosing Ryan. Record setting rains just before I got there made finding them a challenge but I found them and had a great day.

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Cold Water Bass Fishing with Tubes

Hey guys, our goal for this video is to show you that smallmouth and largemouth will eat the same exact lures you’re already confident in. Slow down and try both of these retrieve methods: dragging and cracking tubes. Hit the thumbs up if it will help you with cold water bassin this year!

Your local Strike Kind dealers have coffee tubes in stock! Or the links below go straight to Tackle Warehouse if you rely on those brown packages in the mail!

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Buzzbait Tips for Big River Smallmouth Bass

The bass world has seen a pile of propped hard baits hit the market but the safety pin style buzzbait often outperforms; it combines the draw of a noisy blade coupled with a skirted jig profile that slips through cover much cleaner than trebled topwater varieties.

Although a mainstay for largemouth, they’re often overlooked for smallmouth bass. Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson shares what attributes he looks for when selecting a buzzbait and how he fishes them. He stresses the importance of immediately engaging the blade upon bait entry into the water and shares a quick tip on how to accomplish this.




Car Audio Bass & Cold Weather – Worst 4 Subs Best 4 Amps – SNOW & Loud SPL Subwoofer Stereo Systems

A lot of people asked, so I made a quick video about playing our stereo systems in the winter time.

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Big River Smallmouth Bass Fishing | Addicted Life Ep. #11

River smallmouth are a whole different animal. Smallmouth bass use the current breaks, wood, bridge pilings and more as attack points on baitfish or other food. Smallmouth bass are some of the most aggressive eating freshwater fish on the planet. Smallmouth Bass will hit your bait so hard sometimes it scares you! Super fun fish to catch, and in this episode of Addicted Lfe, were out doing some big river smallmouth fishing on the Willamette River. We have Mike Kaplan, Josh Handy, Charles Stahley, & More! Please subscribe, we have new episodes every Sunday!

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How to Catch Spawning Smallmouth Episode 4 Catch More Fish

In this episode I get you started on how we catch spawning smallmouth in East Tennessee. However this technique works all over the country, any where smallmouth bass live.

Lure: 4 inch straight tail finesse worm in green pumpkin
Rod: (1) Medium Powell Spinning (T-rig, Split shot)
(2) Medium Light Powell Spinning (drop shot)

Line: Braid main line with a 8 foot fluorocarbon leader


Top 5 Summer Smallmouth Bass Lures 🔨

Here’s a sneak peak at my top 5 favorite smallmouth bass fishing lures for summer! Plus a bonus bait at the end. 👍

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▹ The OLD One –
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▹ Good & Cheaper –
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▹ Black & Wiggly –
▹ West Coast Killer –
▹ So Dumb it Works –
▹ Smallie Slammer –
▹ Bottom Dweller –
▹ Underrated –

▹ Old Reliable –
▹ This One is Good Too –

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Wading and Crankbaiting for Smallmouth Bass – Boatless Angling at its Best!

Today we’re hip wading for smallmouth bass using crankbaits. An excellent way to catch smallmouth bass for the boatless angler when you want to get off the shoreline, and into the shore!

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Wading and Crankbaiting for Bass – Boatless Angling at its Best!


Monster Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass ft. Live Bait Vs. Artificials

Spencer Samplowski and Eric Haataja have a friendly fishing competiton. Spencer fishes with Live Bait, and Eric fishes with Artificials. Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass Fishing Videos. Fishing Mille Lacs Lake for Smallmouth Bass. Fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass fishing videos. Big Bass, Giant Bass, Monster Bass.




Topwater Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Fishing for smallmouth bass in Canada with my Dad on Rainy Lake was one of the best bass fishing trips I’ve ever been on. The bass were not huge, but the scenery was amazing! For a Texas boy, it sure was a lot of rocks and trees to take in. We had great topwater fishing conditions on our first day out. It was misting and overcast and the smallmouth were up shallow hanging around rocks and boulders on main lake pocket areas. There was also a May Fly hatch going on which made the topwater bite even better I think.

Lucky Craft Sammy
Jackall SK Pop
Some Kind of Fly
3/16 OZ jig and grub

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How Do You Get Good At Bass Fishing? | Bass Fishing

“How do you get good at bass fishing?” is a question many bass anglers ask. Top bass fishing pros reveal their secrets to success that launched them into their professional bass fishing career.

Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from! They’re loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more fish the next time you go fishing.

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New PB Smallmouth Bass!!! Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence River (ft. SmallmouthCrush)

A 7 hour drive from Maryland landed me on the shores of Lake Ontario for a couple days of fishing for smallmouth bass. I paired up with Travis Manson from SmallmouthCrush and ventured out on a windy day in hopes of finding the giant smallmouth that roam the waters of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The high winds made it tough to get around and hard to fish, but Travis put me on my personal best smallmouth on day one with one more day to go. The action from day 2 is coming soon!

Thanks for watching!!!

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SUPER Clear Water Fish Crunching Jerkbaits

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Changed up from harber largemouth to main lake smallmouth. Wasn’t as epic as the first day but still a good run. Thanks for watching aaaand hope you enjoyed. This little taste of smallmouth bass action has given me the itch to target them more, if you have any suggestion or ideas where I should target bronzebacks next hit me with a suggestion!
–Young Plugg

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How to catch freshwater Stripers! Live Bait TIPS, SECRETS, And BASICS. Striped Bass fishing

FOLLOW OLD SCHOOL FISHING TEAM ON FACEBOOK! Freshwater Striped Bass TRICKS and TIPS. How to net Shad. How to use NEW ELECTRONICS to catch more Stripers. Using GoFree (Simrad-Lowrance) to help net bait. Simrad NSS Evo2 and Structure Scan makes cast netting bait easier than ever! Please subscribe and follow us on Facebook- LIKE Old School Fishing Team.-Thank You!



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Accurate Valiant reels we use;