Bass Fishing in Sardegna

Hi guys, we just arrived in Sardinia on Lake Coghinas for a bass fishing trip. It’s the end of October but until yesterday the temperatures were very high, seemed to be in the summer. Unfortunately due to a strong cold wind, temperatures are much lower now, but we try to catch the same and hopefully good!Nooooo what a respect!!! Now we will fish on a structure on the bottom, as you can see by the echo, and
throwing a marker buoy we always know its location!Me too, it’s a double!Because of climate change on the previous day, the conditions during fishing have
been ups and downs, especially the activity of the fish was on and off! We skipped from power fishing to a slower fishing with 1/2 oz Jig and compact trailer. In this way we were able to stimulate the activity of the fish and the catches are not miss it! Unfortunately, the size was not the top but we are not complaining anyway it was an excellent session!We arrived on Liscia which is a wonderful place! Unfortunately the weather is getting colder, despite wearing the jacket we’re freezing. There’s a cold wind but the desire to fish is immense and already from the shore you can see fantastic spots. Now we will try and we we. . . . . . Given the fact that will fish within the structures with texas rig and jig, we decided to use a 20lb fluorocarbon because we think it is the best choice for this kind of fishing. I cast an 1/2oz jig with a craw trailer within the tree and just touched the bottom the fish has bite immediately. While I’m fishing a 1/2 oz jig on the bottom within the trees, Rugge fishing a swimbait on top. Yeah. . . . . . fuck yeah with the chatter!!Atomic Bomb by reaction!!!Nice fish caught within the tree on a Jig, he did an amazing bite!To fish on the Liscia Lake you must request permission to ENAS which is the entity
that handles most of Sardinia’s Watershed. 1/2oz Jig, Baobab,20lb line,Nice fish!!Here guys, now she returns home!A nice fish caught within the tree!Given the high number of structures that characterizes this lake, we have chosen
to fish primarily with Texas Rig and Jig,also quite heavy because of the wind that often blows hard. We also fished with the swimbait,but unfortunately the size of fish that hit the swimbait was not considerable. Anyway we had fun and we are happy !!!Bohhaaa. . . . . . Thanks!Hi guys, we just arrived in Sardinia on Lake Coghinas for a bass fishing
trip. . . . . . . . . Look. . . . oh no. . . . Sorry but. . . namely. . . . it’s a fucking bitch!!! Ehi little fat boy, can you not move?Nooooo!But how nice! Now get the fuck out!!!How nice here cool !Oh I
hang. . . . . . A Bullet!!!Dead or Alive guys the top!!What the fuck is named this. . . . . Decker?!??Not always big baits catch big fish!It’s small but it’s nice! It’s small but it’s characteristic! Characteristic! It’s
characteristic! Characteristic! characteristic! Hey Rugge go back, you take away the light to him. . . . here, you’re taking
away the light from me!!Tonyyyyy I put my hands on you!!! Nice. . . . . Shit . . . Shit Did you see it? No I see. . . . . . .

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