Bass Fishing In The Wind

Fishing in the wind is really a pain sometimes, you get backlashes

and you throw your lure out and it lands about 10 feet in front

of you. Fishing in the wind is just horrible… or is it?

A friend and I went fishing in California one time after I told

him about a little lake I liked to fish. When we started out

to the lake it was a little chilly but by the time we got there

it was freezing. I don’t ever remember of it being so cold before

and the wind had to be blowing 30 miles an hour.

I wasn’t dressed real warm but my friend was wearing a coat. I

started to get out of the truck and that wind and cold hit me and

about froze me to death in a matter of a second. He said he was

going ahead and try fishing since he had a coat and we drove to

the lake. I sat in the truck thinking how he has to be freezing

and what a waste of time fishing would be especially in all this


Well, about 5 minutes later, here he comes hauling this bass in

that went over 5 pounds. You can understand my amazement in seeing

that bass he’s holding. He was a happy fisherman and I was warm

but no fish. So, let talk about what the wind really does besides

being a pain and giving you backlashes.

First, a wind will will shake larva from the weeds and grass. This

is the baitfish’s prime food. The bait fish will be eating and guess

what? So, will the bass.

Wind will make the waves hit the shore and cause muddy water. Bass

will use the muddy water as an ambush point. They usually stay at the

different color water edge where it turns from muddy to stained.

Wind can move warm water to a different location or if it’s a northern

wind can move the cold water to a warm water location. If the warm

water is moved then you’re in luck. Visa-versa isn’t the best for

catching bass.

Light will be lower in the water as wind reduces light penetration.

The same reason we fish in early morning or at dusk will be a benefit

to our fishing. One other thing the wind does is puts oxygen in the

water which in turn can cause the fish to start biting.

So, as you can see there are many advantages to fishing in the wind.

Here’s something I see all the time, even by some pro’s. They take

their boat and go as far as they can then drift back using the wind

to bring them back to a point where they started. This is a mistake,

you want to fish in the wind. The reason being is you want to fish

slower not letting the wind blow you past your lure before it even

lands in the water.

I like to fish spinnerbaits when the wind is blowing hard, for one

thing it is easier to detect a strike. I fish it more like a worm

though then the usual method of a spinnerbait. I let it drop and

use the tip of my rod to move it then let it fall again. I work it

just fast enough to keep it from dragging the bottom.

The next time you want to catch some bass and you think the wind is

blowing too hard, just think of some of the advantages it produces.

Source by Charles E. White

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