Bass Fishing Lake Winnipesaukee for Smallmouth & Catch Two Big Salmon/Giveawaway Winner Incuded

****I had originally thought we had caught brown trout. After looking into it we definitely caught landlocked salmon. Still a huge first for me!!!***

My new friend Sherm and I hit up the biggest Lake in NH. It was my second time there and we had a seriously rough day. After a long and cold run to the southern part of the lake to search for a largemouth or two, since we couldn’t find any bronze backs, we hooked up with two big landlocked salmon(we thought they were trout) on Bass Lures!!! Completely unexpected! My first salmon ever!!! After that we got back to the grind of a lake that was giving us absolutely nothing… Ten minutes before the sun came up I tied on a drop shot and slam! The only fish of the day! I included the giveaway winner from the last episode at the end. Enjoy!


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