Bass Fishing Lure – How to Choose the Right Type of Bait

So you want to catch the big fish. The key to your success lies in locating the fish then attracting them to your rod. This is where the fishing lure plays the all important role.

The better the lure the more fish you will catch, the more fish you catch the greater your opportunity to win the competition. When it comes to lures there are various types. There are lures for big fish, small fish, fast fish etc.

The objective of the lure is to get the fishes attention. Once the fish becomes aware of the lure the game is on. The lure makes certain movements such as shaking and rotating, this action gets the fish in the feeding mood.

Lures also have various designs to attract the fish, there are for example multi colored lures which enables the fish to see it clearly. The lure can imitate that of a fish, hence attracting your catch. There are also lures which have a thinker center piece with a curve on either end, this creates an angle when in the water.

Along with designs lures have various colors and come in different sizes and weights. Some are smaller and thinner than others. Other lures imitate the shape of a fish. The lure can reflect a three dimensional image making it enticing to the fish. All of these factors are dependent upon what type of fish you are attempting to catch.

Some fishermen also add blood to the crank of the bait, in this case the hungry fish will catch the scent and go for the hook.

All in all its not about fooling the fish it’s about attracting the fish and outsmarting it.

Source by Robert Nelsons

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