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Location…location…location! How many times have you heard that in real estate? It is said that 80% of the fish are caught in 20% of the water. Where to fish is as important as where to build a house. One common theme to the diet of largemouth bass is that they take advantage of edges to capture their prey.

There is also a rule that bass and all living predators use. The energy used to catch food cannot be greater than the energy the food caught provides. If the energy used to catch food is greater than that the food provides, the predator will eventually die. Edges come in many forms and nearly all will attract and hold bass at one time or another.

Weed edges: Many forms of aquatic vegetation offer prime bass habitat. Whether you are fishing the edges of lily pads, pondweed or milfoil, always look for the “spot on the spot”. The outer edges always seem to hold fish, but look for inside turns, breaks or weed points. Many times the inside weed edge is often overlooked and can be very productive especially in the morning and evening. The weed edges act as a place of ambush and a place of refuge for bass. Eat and watch out so you’re not eaten.

Current edges: Smallmouth bass will seek areas in rivers that serve as a ambush point but also a resting point to expend as little energy as possible. Large boulders and turns in the river are prime places to look for active smallmouth bass. Current can also be found in lakes. Many large lakes can have current on windy days in the neck areas in channels or in between islands. The current often times will push in baitfish for an easy meal. There are times that the bass can be stacked in these areas on windy days

Structural edges: Bass will often establish a” pecking order” on the prime structures. The prime structure edges include fallen trees and logs, docks, bridges, marinas etc.

Shade edges: Shade is one of the most overlooked edges of all. Docks, although a structure also provides a shady area away from the sun. Trees also provide a shade edge. Early morning and evening can provide some of the best bass fishing in the day. One reason is the shade edge that is created by low sun angles behind trees and the horizon. Just think how at night when you have the lights on in your house, it is harder to see out in the dark, but it is very easy to see from a dark outside to a lighted home. These edges give the bass a very distinct advantage over their prey.

If you can ever combine different types of edges into one area than you have your “A” spot for fishing. Seeking these edges will provide you with an advantage on finding greater success on your next bass fishing trip.

Source by Stephen Long

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