Bass Fishing Secrets – Catch That Bass

What are the bass fishing secrets? Oxygen availability, spawning place and food are the factors for making the bass thrive in water.

Being very strong fighters, bass are very difficult to catch and bash fishing has become one of the most popular recreation sports.

Bass fish are found in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, streams or in ponds. When hooked, largemouth bass resist fiercely. Largemouth bass are also very big in size. Small mouth bass known to fight on the surface and jump in order to throw the hook.

Bass-fishing method includes a standard bait, spinning or casting gear with live bait or artificial lures. Using fly-fishing to catch smallmouth has become very popular in the recent years.

According to a survey done among the profession bass fisherman, the top 3 lures for catching bass are plastic worm is the most popular followed by spinner bait and crank bait.

Bass fish secrets includes various different methods, which are explained below:

Locate an underwater spot or well-structured area most hospitable to bass.

Find out from lake managers or rangers about underwater trees or shelters of rock, which are man made.

Since bass are known to prefer minnows and they nest in sandy spots, try to locate large schools of baitfish in sheltered areas, which are close to shore, and in coves.

Schedule your time of fishing to coincide with the feeding time of basses – late evening or early morning.

When fishing for bass in mossy or weedy area use weedless hook setup while working down the weeds.


Top-water lure with sizeable movement are known to attract the bass particularly during heavy feeding time.

When bass are located note down the exact location immediately because bass are known to feed in the same area repeatedly.

To make bass tear up the bait, use baits which are soft, and have natural colouring such as zoom lizard. Position yourself below the canopy of tree and against the shorelines. Bass tend to think that the food is falling down from the trees and go for it.

Use Senko worms of 4 inches length and preferably matching the colour of the weeds and the water. Bass loves this bait. From the above Bass Fishing Secrets select one which you find appropriate to your fishing location.

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