Bass Fishing Shallow Lead-in Banks with Crankbaits

Lead-in banks are perfect places to find big bass
coming to and leaving shallow water. Lead-in banks are stretches of shoreline that connect
deep water areas with shallower habitat. Theyare prime around the spawn and the fall draw
down. Shallow running crankbaits support mypower fishing approach to finding and triggering
the most aggressive fish in an area. Theyalso fish cleanly around brush and lay downs.
Square and coffin billed lip designs deflectvery well off of wood and it’s often the contact
with the cover that triggers the bite. Lastly,cranks match the shad and bluegill forage
found on most waters. I start by making 45degree angle casts to probe different depths
and keep your lure in the strike zone. Whenyou approach key cover methodically break
it down with casts parallel to lay downs inand around pockets. I’ll literally pitch these
cranks around wood just like I would a jig. He ate that crankbait!

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