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Smallmouth bass

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) is a species of freshwater fish in ability when hooked – old fishing journals referred to the

Summer Bass Fishing Offshore Tips and TechniquesSummer Bass Fishing Offshore Tips and Techniques
Hey guys! Check out my fiancé Stephanie and I catch some bass offshore. We were catching these fish off points with baitfish on them. My top baits are spoons…

5 Big Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners – SC Big Bass
5 Big Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners. The thrill of hunting down big bass is nearly as exciting as actually catching a large bucket mouth. Although a novice angler …

bass-fishing-tips-cTop Secret Pro-Bass Fishing Techniques Exposed
from DerekRussel, 7 months ago in Business
Largemouth Bass fishing is a thrill… The fish itself has personality… It’s aggressive, it’s Intense… It’s simply the most Wanted species of Freshwater Fish when it comes to Sport Fishing. Once you experience the adrenaline rush of Landing A Largemouth Bass, you’ll want MORE. It’s Simply An Established FACT.

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