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If you look on the internet for bass fishing tips you’ll find that there’s a lot of BS out there. There are many people out there just trying to make money by selling you some manifestation of “bass fishing secret” that’s going to help you catch more bass. I’ve even seen one of these “secrets” claiming to somehow call fish to you like a duck hunter calls a mallard from the sky. I sincerely hope that anglers don’t fall for this kind of tom foolery.

In this easy to read article, I’m going to reveal some simple and effective bass fishing tips that most any angler can add to their repertoire to catch more bass. These tips have been proven through more than 50 years of combined ‘real world’ bass fishing experience. None of these bass fishing tips provide a “magic formula” to success, however when implemented they will make you a much more effective and successful bass angler.

The first bass fishing tip that will help you catch more bass is to make sure that your hands are free of unnatural odors. Studies have been done that have determined that bass have a very sensitive sense of smell and can easily detect unnatural odors. This means that you should use things like odor neutralizing soap to wash your hands and refrain from filling up your vehicle with gas right before hitting the water. Any unnatural odors that are on your hands, will transfer to your bait or lure and cost you bites if the bass smell it.

The next bass fishing tip is to employ bass fishing lures that are as realistic as possible. You want any fishing lure that you use to look as much like the natural bait the bass normally eats as possible. There are many quality manufacturers out there that make bass fishing lures, so make sure that you choose bass fishing lures that are as realistic as possible.

If you want to catch more bass consistently another effective bass fishing tip is to use the weather and moon to your advantage. The weather and moon have an amazing impact on the feeding behavior of bass and the more you understand this phenomenon the better. It’s not necessary to become a scholar on the subject either. As a matter of fact the necessary information can be learned in about a half an hour of study. When it comes to bass fishing tips this one might be the most important. By using the weather and moon to your advantage, you can be on the water bass fishing when the bass are the most active. This makes a huge difference in your bass fishing success.

I have been using these simple, yet effective bass fishing tips to catch more bass for a long time. I know they will be equally as effective for you. Steven Wright once said, “There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.” I agree and these bass fishing tips will help you avoid the latter section of that quote.

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