Bass Fluke Fishing Spring Time Fun

We are at the local pond today and We gonna
do a little bass fishing. Lets se how it goes. Got One Nice little bass right here. Killed
that fluke. Look at that. Nice Little Bass. Here we Go. Here he comes. There he is, I
saw that bass come up and eat it, it was amazing. Nice little bass again. That’s probably uh
Bass Probably a spawning bass. Alright letssee if I can get another one. One just popped
right there lets see if I can get him. Onejust missed it. Lets see if I can get him
again. The closer I can get it to that edgeline right there is good because the bass
will be probably be holding on the edge linewaiting for something to swim by and they
will come up and eat it. That’s where I caughtthem uh last two fish on the edge line so
Lets see if we can go get another one righthere. Alright guys um I switched up to a bigger
profile I can cast it farther and we willsee what happens sometimes the bass want a
bigger profile and sometime they want a smallerprofile so we will see what happens. They
can see this one better because Its betweenneon and white and the color of the pond is
clear right now some parts are uh are veryuh merky that’s why I got neon and white and
Just missed there it is. Got one. Awwww hespit it guys. Got em. That bass blew up on
it. That bass ate that fluke. Nice littlebass. Lets go get another one. Already got
one as soon as it hit the water guys. Nicelittle bass right here. Little bit better.
Nice little bass right there guys. Awww justmissed him guys. Man that bass killed it.
That bass blew up on that fluke. He missedit. Man he missed it. He hit it but he didn’t
take it. Sometime bass will do that, theywill swipe at you bait instead of just you
know killing it, but most of the time theydon’t swipe at it most of the time they hit
it and they just kill it. Alrights guys hereshow you work a fluke. First you let it sink
a little bit and you pop pop pop you justkeep popping wait a few seconds and pop it
again. Just keep doing that sometime a bigbass will come up and hit it. Or if you want
to uh make chase after it just keep poppingit and don’t stop. uh sometimes bass will
come up and hit it like that but I found mostof my luck is popping on the surface sometimes.
Like try to keep that fluke below the surfacethat’s all you got to do. When you get below
the surface is usually when you get you bite. Like you want the back of that fluke barely
on the surface. That how you work a flukeguys. Missed one guys. There we go he hit
it again. Awwww he got off. I’m gonna tryto get that fish again. He was on that edge
of that uh weedline. Good Ambush point. That’sclose enough to where he was. dang it. Missed
him again. I’m gonna get him this time. I’mgoing to let him eat it. There we go he got
it. Got him that time. Man this bass hit italot. Nice Little bass though. Maybe there’s
another bass um in that uh in there wherethat other one was. Yep he hit it. Got it
that time. Like I always said uh I got a videoof telling you how you should uh always cast
back to where you caught the last fish becauseif it is good enough for one fish to stay
there its good enough for two, and that aexample Nice little bass uh I am going to
cast back out there in the same spot. Justkeep casting back out there until you usually
don’t get bit no more and that means thatuh there no more bass out there so. Lets uh
cast back there lets see if there’s anotherone back there. There’s one guys. Doubled
up baby my dad got a good one. Alright here’smine Yeah you beat me. well good fish though.
Aww missed one guys. There we go I got him. That fish hit it twice. That’s good size for
this pond. Nice little fish right here. Thislittle fish uh he killed this fluke uh its
just awesome here the release. There he goes. There he is. Alright with that
one guys. We gonna end it end the day. Umwe caught alot of fish today um we caught
alot on a fluke and uh Texas rig shaky headblack worm. But that’s what im using today.
we caught alot of fish today these fish wasbiting because the wind was blowing and that
usually pushes up bait fish uh against wherethe winds blowing so that’s why I was casting
into the wind. And letting the wind take mybait where it needed to go and started working
it. When I did that I usually got bit as yousaw. well uh here one last look at this fish
and uh we will let him go. uh thanks for watchingguys please show me some support um please
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