Best Bait For Bass Fishing – 3 of the Best Baits For Bass Fishing in the Fall

In the fall of the year many different types of bait are effective for bass fishing, as a matter of fact at this time of year a wide variety of baits will catch bass. There is never a single “best bait for bass fishing” there are many baits that will be effective in different fishing situations. In this article I will outline 3 of the best baits for bass fishing in the fall so that you can have these baits available to you when the need arises.

No matter what bait or method you choose you need to learn to judge the water that you’re fishing. Different fishing situations call for different bass baits. Ask yourself what kind of situation you are in and choose your bass bait accordingly. Are you fishing sandy drop offs? Or shallow water adjacent to a creek bed? What about a rocky bottom near deep water structure? Learn to judge the water that you’re fishing.

Many times when bass fishing in the fall you will find bass schooled together, which makes fishing much more effective once bass are located. When water temperatures cool in the fall the water becomes more oxygenated, which makes bass much more active. The 3 baits below are 3 baits that have worked well for me in the fall, and I know they will do the same for you.

These baits are being listed in no particular order.

  1. Shad Imitations – Depending on the forage in the body of water that you’re fishing, shad imitations can be an excellent bass bait choice in the fall of the year. One of the keys when trying to determine the best baits for bass fishing is hoe natural that bait looks under the water. In other words, how much does your bait look like what the bass eat naturally? There are shad imitations out there that look just like a natural shad, which makes them that much more effective.
  2. Soft Plastics – Soft plastics such as worms, curly tails, and craws are very effective for bass in the fall of the year. One of the keys to soft plastics is to match your soft plastic with forage that already appears in the water that you’re fishing. Soft plastics that have been impregnated with fish attracting scents like Berkley Gulp products are also a great idea. These soft plastics are more effective than traditional soft plastics.
  3. Top Water Baits – Catching bass on top water baits is as much fun as can be had while fishing and using top water baits in the fall of the year is a great idea. Bass tend to stay in shallow water feeding areas a bit longer in the fall than during the hot summer months, so fishing with top water baits during the fall is a great idea. Baits like zara-spooks and chuggars are good top water bait choices during the fall.

Again, there is no “magic” bass bait that will be effective all of the time, but these 3 baits are very effective baits in certain fall bass fishing scenarios. They should all have a spot in your tackle box, especially during the fall of the year.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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