Best Premium Spinnerbaits Reviewed; By Fishermen for Fishermen

Best Premium Spinnerbait Review!

By Fishermen for Fishermen

premium spinnerbaits
best premium spinnerbaits reviewed

Hello fellow Bassers!

This Review Covers the ‘Toadz’ Brand of Premium Spinnerbaits.

These baits are designed and tested by the folks at ‘ Bass Fishing Outlet ‘ and can be purchased direct at their websites  and


We caught the heck out of smallmouth bass at an ‘undisclosed’ location on the Willamette River in southern Oregon!

The colors and weights that caught the most fish were as follows….

  1. 1/2 oz. Brown & White skirted Premium Toadz Spinnerbait with 2 Gold Willow leaf Blades(All had dual Gold Willow Leaf Blades)! (5 Keepers) ; 4.5lb,  3.5lb, (2) 2+ lbs and a 1.5 lb. Averaged almost 3 lbs. 11-12 other smallmouth were caught also for a total of 17-18 fish in the 4 hours fished.
  2. 1/2 oz. Black & White With Half white side deep chartruese tipped  (1 Keeper and 10 -11 non-keepers) and was fished for only about 2 hours. This color caught the most fish but most were 9 to 11 inches.
  3. 1/2 oz. Orange/Yellow/Green & White twin gold willowleaf blades. Caught a Dozen smallmouth and a walleye 10″ minnow in a little over 2 hours. Only 1 or 2 was over 12″ keeper limit but caught a large number of fish per hour.
  4. Green n White 3/4 caught a few fish but wasn’t fished but for less than an hour. Same with Orange and White, Blue & White and Yellow and White.

All in All we Slayed them with ‘Toadz Premium Spinnerbaits’ and were very impressed with the durability, fishability and results from these premium spinnerbaits from Bass Fishing Outlet dot Com.

Compared to KVD’s spinner baits at $7.50 to $8.50 retail, these are a bargain at $20 for a 5 pack and they ran straighter, deeper and caught fish at at least twice the rate as we’ve ever caught on the Van Damm brand.

Watch the video and get yours before the grand opening supplys are all sold out!

Thanks for watching!

Randy with ‘How to Catch Smallmouth Bass‘ and ‘ How to Catch More Bass ‘!


Published on Jul 15, 2015

One of the questions we get asked is “What is the best bait for bass?” Or, “What is the best spinner bait for catching bass” . So we set out on a mission to find the best spinnerbaits for bass fishing on the market.

We Field Tested 8 different Spinner Bait brands and narrowed it down to one. Strictly off what spinner bait caught the most bass. Bass Fishing Nation Toadz Spinnerbaits. We couldn’t wait to try them out. So we hit the water. We were impressed. They fished well. The colors were vibrant. The hooks are sharp and we offer them to you for under $5.00 a piece. Did we mention they landed two Giant Smallmouth Bass in 10 minutes?

So what is our answer to the question on Best Bait for Bass? In high wind conditions. The spinner bait is the best bait for bass. If your looking for a good lure to catch bass.

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