Best Smallmouth River in Ohio!

When I headed to this spot I had no idea that the fishing was going to be this good. Smallmouth bass were literally gorging themselves on shad. The fall feeding frenzy is the best. Topwater baits like the Yozuri Walkn’ dog are the best however, other baits like Heddon Zara Spooks, Whopper Plopers, bannana boats, skitter pops floating jerkbaits, Rapala minnows and even frogs like Spro and Snag Proof can be deadly. I pulled one of the shads out of the fishes mouth. Bingo. It was an exact match to the walking bait I was throwing. I specifically suggest monofiliment line for these applications. Mono floats instead of sinking like flourocarbon. I prefer to use Fishing Sir Mono Pro line in 10lb test however, Stren, Berkely and Gamma line are all good choices.


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