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– On this
week’s Bob Redfern’s OutdoorMagazine Bob heads to
Bienville Plantation inWhite Springs, Florida
for some early winter bassfishing. Plus on this week’s
Sportsman’s Table we featurea pork wellington
recipe using SouthCarolina-certified pork. All this and a
whole lot more,and it all begins right now! – Oh, he dropped it. Come on, fish!Oh, there he is,
okay, hang on. Okay, alright. Yeah, there we go!I put the havoc
on him, Mike. Well folks, welcome
to our show this week. We are in north Florida
back down at BienvillePlantation. We’re fishin’ one of the
27 lakes on this property. I’ve never been
on this one, okay,and so my guide and the
go-to guy showin’ us how todo it today is Mike Sloan. He’s one of the professional
guides down here that you’llrun into. Mike, you think I
put the havoc on him,brother?- You got him – Yeehaw!Oh my gosh, look
at that, well okay. That’s a healthy
fish right there. Let me put my
worm up there, okay,and I’ll tell y’all
what I’m fishin’. ‘Kay, we’re fishin’ half
ounce weights on this Texasrig and this Havoc worm,
it’s a biggin and that’llbring him in just like that. Now Mike, you know, let
me let this thing go here. Let’s talk just a
couple of seconds here,and I know you’re interested
in getting guides,okay, I mean
gettin’ fish, but listen,when you come to Bienville,
what can folks expect whenthey come down here?I mean, this is
a great fishery. – It is a good fishery,
we’ve caught a lot of fish,and the biggest fish I’ve
had a client catch out herewas 12. 5 pounds, and
it was on Thomas Lake. But you can catch
brim, speckled perch,bass, catfish, we have an
assortment of fish that theycan catch. We offer, really most of it
is all artificial fishin’. We don’t do any shiner
fishing or anything rightnow. – Yet!- We did it one time,
but we don’t right now. – Well, I’m hopin’. Folks, I’m
talkin’ to Tia Rodie,the manager down here, we’re
gonna try to see if we can’tdo a show down here
doin’ some shiners. But that’s another
subject for another day. With that,
brother, I tell ya what. Now out here and fishin’,
this is a relatively newlake out here, it’s what,
four or five years old?- This like’s about four,
four and a half years oldand has really no grasp,
but it has more humps,more points, more structure
as far as trees and stuff inthe water, and that’s
basically what we’re fishin’today. – Well, I’m gonna
date this, okay,’cause I don’t
normally do that. But it is 70 degrees,
will be 80 degrees today. It is mid-January,
okay, so listen,you don’t have to go to
South Florida to catchtrophy bass. You can come right
here, White Springs,Bienville Plantation
Log on to bobredfern. com,go to Bob’s Top 16 and
you’re gonna find it righthere. You love to quail hunt,
you love to bass fish,okay?You’re gonna get guides
like this gettin’ you on thewater, and you’re gonna
have a great place to stay,five star, great facility. With that, I’m
gonna shut up. I gotta get this
Havoc back in the water,right?Alright, Mike, I got another
one planned with my Havocthere, the 10 inch. – A 10
inch Havoc, huh?- Yep, great
brown belly, mm-hmm. Oh, there he is,
alright, come on. You know, he’s
right over that,oh. Right over that
hump, aw man!He took me all the
way back to the boat. Alright folks, I’m gonna
tell you what I caught thelast fish on. 10 inch great
brown belly Havoc. It’s a Skeet Reese design,
and it’s by Berkeley,okay. Very, very simple Texas rig. The line that
I’m usin’ today,I’m usin’ a 12
pound Berkeley braid. I’ve got a
Venerate Abu Garcia,and then of course,
you know as always,Abu Garcia and
a bait caster,so. That’s the combinations
today that we’re fishin’with, and thus far I’m
havin’ a lot of fun,how ’bout you?- Havin’ a great time. – Yeah, man, woo hoo!- Catch a few more. – Yep. Come on, take it!It must be somethin’
about that long tail. – Yeah, they’re grabbin’
hold to the end of it. – Yeah, he’s kinda battlin’
a little bit so oughta haveto, I gotta be patient. Man, it’s hard to be patient
when you’re worm fishin’,you know that?Oh my gosh!- It’s easier when
you’re crank bait fishin’. – Crank baitin’,
that’s fishin’ for dummies. This actually takes a
little bit of skill. I don’t know, maybe
uh, I don’t know. Of course we got the sun
comin’ up a little bit,so that’s gonna
change the light. Now, have you noticed
any differences in lightpatterns as the day goes
on when you’re fishin’?- It’ll start movin’
a little bit more. – Will it, oh,
there he is again. Oof, come on. I wonder if that just
ain’t some smaller fish justmessin’ with me. You know, these bass
like to mess with me,okay. I’m not sure
why, but they do. Oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, come on,take it, take it!- You’ve got it. – Aw, take it. There he is, okay, okay. – Alright. – Woo hoo!- He played around
with it long enough thattime. – Yeah, he did!Yeah man, he’s
lovin’ that curly tail. Yessiree. I got the Havoc magic. Woo. Those are nice, chunky bass. – Yeah, they’re
good little ol’ fish. They’re strong in this lake. – Yes sir, they are. You know, and that’s the
great thing about Bienvilledown here, with over 27
lakes available to catchfish. I mean, look, I can’t, why
would you want to go anyplace else, to be
honest with you. Now I can see, and folks,
Mike actually lives inJacksonville,
Florida, about an hour,a little over an hour away,
but that doesn’t keep himfrom comin’ over here to
guide for you folks two,to three, to
four times a week. And hey, he gets more
folks seven days a week,he’ll even bring his motor
home over here and he’ll behere 24/7, 365, woo hoo!- Stay tuned,
after commercial break wehave more bass fishing
from Bienville Plantation. Plus we’ll introduce you to
Bob’s Top 16 Destinations ofthe Week. Lake Guntersville, the mecca
of bass fishing in Alabama. Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
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Browning, the best there is. By South Carolina Embroidery
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Woods Quail Club,offering southern-style
hunting and an array ofexciting and challenging
clay target shooting sports. – Alright, another Havoc. Ah, yeah, oh yeah!- That’s a good fish. – That’s a nice fish, yeah. It’s okay. Man, oh man, mm mm mm. You know, and the good
thing about this Havoc,I know I keep raggin’ on it,
but that’s the same worm andI caught four fish in row!And I ain’t
changed him out yet. Hoo hoo, mm. Now that’s a
little bit bigger. – Yeah, that’s a
good fish right there. – Gosh, they’re
nice and healthy,mm mm mm. Now you can tell
it’s wintertime,though, ’cause they’re a
little bit lighter in color,but that’s okay, you
know, that is okay. – They get a little bit
lighter in color when thewater’s got a little
bit of tint to it. Get out in the clear water
and they turn just black asthey can be. – Well, remember
that, and begone,brother. Yeah, yeah, aw
now he’s a runner. Let me get out of the way. He is a runner!I think that’s a
little bit bigger fish. – Nope, it’s
about the same size fish,he just thinks he’s mean. – Get him over here,
I’ll get him out for ya. I got my union
card, brother,huh. – He just
thinks he’s mean. – Ah, there you go. – Yeah, that’s not
a bad little fishy. – Well folks, we’re
hump fishin’ out here,actually. And for all you
all that bass fish,and you know, what Mike has
located out here for us isbasically a gravel point. This is a relatively
one of the newer lakes,about four or five years
old here at Bienville,and it has not had the
opportunity to pick uphydrilla and a lot
of the lily pads yet. And that’s the great thing
when you come down here. Of the 27 lakes that are
available for you to fish,there’s just every single
type of basically watertypes that you
can fish down here. And again, crank
baits, spinner baits,and of course as we’re doin’
this morning on plastics. This is just one of those
places that you can kinda doit all, okay?And with that, the only
thing you need is a goodguide, and they got
lots of ’em down here. So just again, log
on to bobredfern. com,go to my Top 16, and
you need to connect. If you love fishin’, fine,
if you love to hunt quailwhen it’s in season, man,
Bienville’s your place. Or you just want to bring
the family down and spend aweekend. It’s one of those
places you can do that. Alright, Mike, come
on, get out there. Get another one, brother. – You can fish from a
foot deep to 35 feet deep. Just depends on what time of
the year and what you wantto throw. – Chevrolet
presents Bob’s Top 16Outdoor
Destination of the Week. A look at the best
and hunting and fishingdestinations in
the United States. Each week, Chevrolet will
feature a new hunting orfishing destination in
conjunction with BobRedfern’s Outdoor
Magazine and Bob’s Top 16. If ever there were a classic
bass town Guntersville isit. It sets on a peninsula
in northern Alabama. Surrounded by its
namesake, 69,000 acre LakeGuntersville. A regular stop for
many professional basstournaments, with 950
miles of shoreline,Lake Guntersville is to
bass fishing what AugustaNational is to golf. Steeped in old
south tradition,picturesque and
uniquely challenging,yet rewarding. It can get hot
in the summer,but the climate is pretty
mild and falls are colorful. Guntersville was ranked
among the 100 best places tolive in America by
relocateamerica. com in 2002. Thanks to its
excellent schools,artsy culture, and relative
proximity to major cities,like Nashville 150
miles to the north,Atlanta 160 miles east,
and Birmingham 70 southwest. For more information
about Lake Guntersville,log on to www. alapark. com. For more destinations, be
sure to visit bobredfern. comand click on Bob’s Top 16. And to get to your
next destination,go online at chevy. com. Stay tuned, next we head
to the Sportsman’s Table toshow you how you can make a
pork wellington that willimpress your
family and friends. The Sportsman’s Table is
brought to you by the SouthCarolina
Department of Agriculture. Whether you live in South
Carolina or out of state,be sure to by South
Carolina-grown meats,vegetables, and fruits. Make sure your food is
South Carolina certified,it’s a matter of taste. – Folks, my guest this
week is culinary student DanPortrello here. He’s a senior at
Horry-Georgetown TechnicalCollege in Myrtle Beach. And I’ll tell ya what, you
got a great recipe for us. I can’t wait to get
started with this one,Dan. – Alright, so today we’re
gonna be makin’ a wild boarwellington. So we’re gonna start off
with a sheet of puff pastryhere. It’s been
defrosted and laid out. This right here is about a
six inch chunk of wild boartenderloin that I seared
off with a little salt andpepper, cut it to size. So we’re gonna take a little
bit of this egg wash here. – And folks, if you
want a copy of Dan’s recipeyou can log on to
bobredfern. com and his wildboar recipe will
be right there. Listen, you know, and this
is getting to be a mainstay,a lot of folks are
usin’ their wild boar meat. – It’s very versatile, and
if you get it in the righttime of year, I
prefer the flavor to pork. – Awesome, okay. Okay, Dan, we’re gettin’
ready to roll it here. What are you gonna
add to this next?- Alright, so the next thing
that goes on is a little bitof sauteed spinach. This and a little
olive oil and garlic,gonna wring it through a
towel to get the liquid out. If it’s too wet the
puff pastry won’t rise. So we just put a little
bit of that on there. Just enough to
cover that up,and then after that we put
a little roast red pepper,lay that over the top. – Again, certified
SC grown right there,awesome. – Alright,
so the next step,simply tuck this in, and you
want to roll this as tightas you possibly can. And when it
starts to overlap,you’re gonna want to take a
little bit more of your eggwash, hit that
there, roll that up,and you’ll want to
crimp those edges. So I take my knife, with the
back end of my knife crimpit down, and cut
the excess off. – Just kinda
finishes it off. – Yep, and it seals all that
in so the liquid won’t flyout in the oven. Put a little
crosshatch on the top. Now, you’re gonna want
put this in the oven at 350until the internal
temperature of the pork’s ataround 145. The temp will right it to
150 from there and it’ll becompletely safe to eat. – Well great, I can’t wait
’til this thing gets done,awesome. – Alright, Bob, I just
took this out of the oven. I’m gonna garnish it with a
little roasted orange peppersauce. Little bit of drizzle. – And again folks, if you
want a copy of the recipejust log on to
bobredfern. com,and Dan’s recipe
will be right there,that’s awesome. Man, that really adds
a lot of color to it,okay. And the flavor, you know, I
tell ya I can tell that thisis awesome, mm. Oh, that sauce
is awesome, yeah,there you go. And remember,
nothin’s fresher,nothin’s finer until it’s
certified South Carolina. Log on to their website at
certifiedscgrown. com and seefor yourself. – To find out
more information on foodthat’s fresher and
tastier, go online atcertifiedscgrown. com. Buy certified South
Carolina-grown products,it’s a matter of taste. Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
Magazine brought to youtoday by the South Carolina
Department of NaturalResources, life’s
just better outdoors. By Shakespeare’s
Ugly Stik GX2 rod,Ugly Stik,
America’s strongest,most sensitive rod. By Ranger Boats, still
building legends one at atime. By Browning
Ammunition, Browning,the best there is. And by Southern
Woods Plantation,a place where the grandeur
of times passed can still beexperienced today. – Ah, there we go, okay. You know now, Mike, it was
a little different on thatone. He was actually
up on the bank. Mm-hmm, up there
in that gravel,yeah. Mm-hmm, alright, here we go. Come on up here, oh yeah,
he got a little size to him. Listen, I take
these all day long,okay?Oh my goodness, mm mm mm. You know, I’m not so used to
havin’ somebody kneel downto get my fish,
oh my gosh, yeah. – Pretty little fish. – Now, he’s a little cool. What’s the
water temperature,I didn’t even check. What is it, in the 60s?- 60, about 63 degrees. – Yeah, well it’s just over
the threshold for plasticbaits. Well, I’ll tell you what,
I wrecked havoc on him,too. – Yeah you did, there
ain’t no doubt about that. The Havoc’s been workin’. – Get on back
in there, buddy,woo hoo!- You have
worked the Havoc over today. – All my friends at
Berkeley will be happy,brother. – And the funny
thing is that’s two baits,two worms, and six fish. – Yeah, exactly, you know?There’s something to be said
for longevity for plastic. I’m tellin’ ya,
you know but,ah, a 10 inch. You know, folks, just a
little bit about the baitselection here today. I just thought
that that long,curly tail
Havoc 10 inch worm,not much underbrush,
mainly gravel high points. I just thought maybe that
might be the ticket today,and you know, that’s one
of the keys to fishin’. Whether you’re fishin’ in
Florida or wherever you’refishin’, you just gotta
try some different things,you know?And I’m always, most of the
time you’ll see I’m on thedown end, the
guide’s always beatin’ me,but that’s okay,
it ain’t about me. I want our viewers to see
guys just like Mike Sloanand all the rest of
the guides down here atBienville. I want ’em to understand
that their whole focus is toput you on fish. Again, it’s a destination,
and we want them to get inthe boat and catch fish. And they’ll put you on the
right stuff to do it with. You just gotta be patient,
but if you wanna bring yourown stuff and you
know what the deal is,you could do that, too. But if you’re comin’ down
here just havin’ a familyfun time you don’t get out
on the water very often,these guys,
they’ll put you on fish. And especially if
you’ve got kids. They love kids in the
boat, as we all do. Again, the future of the
outdoors is with theseyoungsters. – Yeah,
it’s with the kids. – Yeah, get ’em
off the iPhones,get ’em off the iPads, get
’em out from behind thosegodawful video games, and
get ’em out breathin’ a rodand reel. – Out in the
wide, open spaces. – Alright, I’m gonna try
the middle of that cut rightthere, we’ll
see what happens. Now, I love the structure
on that bank there,the rock, goodness, mm. I’m tryin’ to be
extra careful. – You don’t want
to lose that Havoc,now. – No, man, this
might be the money fish!Might be the money fish. You know, the
bites kinda changed,though, just a little bit. The sun’s come up now, but
they’re still comin’ offthese little
humps and points. He may have
dropped it right there. Maybe. I’m kinda
stringin’ him along. Eh, I still feel a
little weight there,no he’s still there. Oh, come on, I hate gettin’
’em this close to the boat!You know what it is?Dang it, do you want to
play the gator chomp?- Go ahead, hit him. – Could I
just get you to,I mean, one
rendition of rocky top!Yeah, man!- Alright!- Yes sir!I’ll do that one for you. Yeah man, mm, mm, mm, okay. Well, he ain’t the biggest,
but I’ll tell you what. Took me a little
while to play ya there,little fish. Woo, well folks,
listen, I will tell ya,this is been an
awesome trip. I come down to
Bienville a lot. Quail hunt and really just
to come bass fishin’ andhang out with these guys
because I learn so much whenI’m here. And you know, Mike, you’re
one of those exceptionalguys. I tell ya, folks
tell us all the time,you know, Bob, what’s really
special to us when we seeyour show is these guys
that you go with and fish,that they just act like we
could spend all day with’em. And I said, well yeah,
that’s part of the deal. And you’re one of
those special guys. – Yeah, it’s like
everything else. You want to have
people have a good time,you want ’em to
enjoy themselves. You want ’em to catch fish,
you want to be able to teachthem something that’ll
help them catch fish. And that’s really
what I’m here for. – Well, and you know,
and that’s very special,because I mean it
takes a certain amount oftemperament to be able to
spend eight to 10 hours,especially when you’ve got
a family and that sort ofthing, and you guys do
it so well down here. And the other thing,
with Ranger boats,I know you’re still buildin’
legends one at a time. Yeah, there you go. Well folks, that’s
our show this week. It has been, well,
one for the books. I just really, again
from one bait right here,the Havoc, man,
this is the ticket. Log on to our website, go
to the Pure Fishing website,go to berkeley. com, and
Abu Garcia and all the greatfolks that sponsor our show. I know I’m not tryin’ to
make this an infomercial,but I tell you what, when
you want good gear to comedown to
Bienville to fish with,Abu Garcia,
Berkeley, Shakespeare,it’s the best on the market. And with that, as I always
like to say each and everweek, the
outdoors’ my passion,I want it to be yours, too. We’ll see you next time. Alright, man, we
have got to get,and I got one
more in me, Mike. One more, beau. – Let’s get one more. – Alright.

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