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– Alright team, charge!♪ Take me out on the water- We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods♪ Where the breathing is
easy, the living is good♪ Out in the great outdoors- Welcome to Larry
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great day to be alive. Holy moly. You ready to go Luc?We gotta get some birds. – Yeah. – Okay, let’s
jump in this Odes. Wayne’s awaiting.
– ‘Kay Dougy, can
you show me how to drive?- Don’t kill me. – I will. – You trust her
driving this thing Isaac?- No. – I don’t either. – How do–
– This is low. – Okay. – That’s high.
– ‘Kay. – Neutral.
– Yeah. – And reverse. And then when you’re done
driving, throw it in park. – And then
turn the key off?- Yep.
– Simple. Okay. Got ’em. Are you scared right now?- Right, I am. Off we go. Eyes on the road young lady. – You should be scared. – Uh. – Hello. – Hi Wayne, we’re here
to do some hunting today. – Ah, great. Well, we’ll go out and do
some hunting in a little bit. But I’d like to take and
also let everybody knowthat I like to do things
for Wings Over Wisconsin. That’s a great organization
and we sponsor those peopleand they’re doing a great
job here in Wisconsinwith birds and habitat. So we’ll get ready
and we’ll head downand go do some bird hunting. – Let’s go!- Maggie here. – Okay. – Lucy when we’re out
there hunting today. You know we have
no ground swatting. Birds gotta be up in the air. We’re gonna be
running Maggie todayand she’s a really nice pointer
and she’d point to birds. Once in a while we
get some wild flushes. But I’ll walk up,
flush the birds for yaand she’ll retrieve ’em for us. So we always gotta
remember safety first. So you know wait until I
go up to flush the birds upand before you click
off your safety, okay?- Okay. – So okay, well
let’s get started. – Did I hit him?- That’s a miss. – I got him. – Great. Heel. Heel. Good girl. – Lucy, get in there. – Hold your pretty bird there. Maggie heel. – Good job Lucy. – Thank you. – Good job Maggie. – Atta girl Maggie. Hunt ’em up. – Thank you Wayne
for the great shoot. If people wanna
get ahold of you,how can they contact you?- Well they can, I have my
number, it’s 920-572-0189or they can e-mail me at
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RustlingMeadows Facebookwhere people contact
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Wings Over Wisconsin has beena leader in the preservation
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in Wisconsin for Wisconsin. For information about
how you can jointhis great organization or
how to start a new chapter,please visit
WingsOverWisconsin. org. – So Lonnie, what do
we got going here?We’re at Howie’s Bait and
Tackle up here in Sturgeon Bay. And obviously we’re in
here getting some bait. What are we getting
for bait today?- Today we’re gonna
get some suckers. I like smaller, two and a halfto three and a half
inch walleye suckers. We do, when the water
gets down below 50I like the bigger suckers,their appetite’s a
little more increased. But yeah, we’re up at
Howie’s here in Sturgeon Bay. I get all my bait here,
great little tackle shopin Sturgeon Bay. So we’re gonna grab
some Walleye suckers,head up to Washington
Island todayand hope for a trophy
smallmouth bass. – I’ve lived in this
state all my lifeand I’ve never been
to Washington Island,so I’m very excited about
somewhere new, you know?Heard a lotta good
things, lotta big fish. So yeah, Washington
Island sounds likea good game plan today. Morning boys.
– Morning. Hey.
– Ready tocatch some fish?
– How are ya?Absolutely. – Alright, well follow us,follow the white
truck with the boat. – Morning guys. – We made it
to Washington Island. Hey Dan. – What?
– Looks like your lenshas got a lotta
water spots on it. – Uh yeah, a
little bit there. – Hey, good morning and welcome
to Larry Smith Outdoors. Guess what?Today we’re fishing up
on Washington Islandand I’ve lived in
Wisconsin all my lifeand believe it or not, I’ve
never even been up here. This is one of the prettiest
parts of the state. I’m very excited to be here. We’re with our good
friend Lonnie Goldman. And I’ll tell ya
Lonnie, you know what,I always call ya Lonnie Goodmanbecause every time
we’re with you,when we’re fishing with
ya, we catch a lot of fish. So what are we
doing up here today?- We’re gonna be
drifting with live bait,casting some plastics,
casting some crankbaits,you know just trying for these
large smallmouth up here. Right now the
water’s cooling downand we haven’t been
catching big numbersbut we’re going
after the big fish. I’m looking for
four or five, sixand hopefully pound smallies,
and hopefully bigger you know. There’s been talk of
some seven and eightscaught up here over
the years, but— Them are big fish. – But you know obviously
today we’re talkingthree to four, five pounders. – Okay and we’re gonna be doinga couple different
techniques here. But we’re starting
off this morningbasically live
bait fishing, huh?- Yeah, we’re gonna be
drifting with live bait. You need wind, certain
wind for shoreline breaks. We’re drifting the
shoreline breaks. We’re fishing with live
suckers on live bait rigs. I learned from my buddy
Steve here a few years agowho’s taught me a lot up here,but we were up here the
month of October guidingand we did really well. – I saw the pictures. – It was a big hit. We filled up, so we
filled that month upand we’re gonna be up
here again next year. So we’re excited. – Hey guess what?We’re fishing with our good
friends from Lynch of Mukwonago. Got Mark Greene and
Patrick Lynch right here. So let’s see how good
them guys do today. They are excited too
about coming up here. The came up last night and
they actually stayed inSturgeon Bay and they drove
up the rest of the waythis morning. So what a great area. Hey, let’s get the lines downand let’s catch some fish, huh?- Let’s do it Larry. – I’m Mark Greene. – I’m Patrick Lynch. Welcome to our all new
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put the world on ice. – The new Beaver
Dam Titanium Tip Stickis the first ice rod with
a built in, extendabletitanium spring bobber. Making it the most
versatile ice rod ever. Extend the bobber for
ultra-lite pan fish jigging. Or retract it for game fishor when it’s time for traveling. It even has a built in rattling
handle to attract fish. It took a while to
come up with an ice rodworthy of the Beaver Dam name. When we did, boy we nailed it. – That’s a big fish. Here we go you guys. This feels like a nice fish. – Yeah, looks
like a nice fish. – Oh this thing, I thought I wasactually snagged for a minute. I did, that’s how
much weight it was. Holy cow.
– Take your time Larry,take your time brother. – Yeah, oh that one’s
definitely a nice fish. I can feel it, it feels
like a smallmouth,just the way it’s thumping. But I’ll tell ya
something, he really,when he grabbed it it was solid. The bites I had before, you
know they weren’t grabbing it,it wasn’t as much weight. Oh yeah, there it is. – Larry, that
is a hog smallie. – Oh that’s a big fish. Where do you wanna take
him Lon, right there?- Yeah, or wherever. – Okay, here’s
coming up right here. Oh that’s a big fish. Look at the size of that. RS him. Look at that nice fish. – Nice job Larry. – Thanks buddy. Man oh man that is a tank. Look at the–
– Why don’t yougrab your fish?- Wow, look at the size
of that smallmouth. That is absolutely a tank. I can’t believe the
builds on these fish. – Larry, that’s all
of four, four and a quarter. – Wow, I can’t wait
to catch one bigger. But I’m happy with this one. – Way to
start the day out. – Yes it is, I’ll tell ya. Fishing up here in
Washington Island,and again there’s a lotta
different techniques Lonnie,you use, but you wanted to
start us off on live bait here. – Yeah, I wanted to try
live bait, do some drifts. Swimbaits, tubes, casting,
crankbaits, they all work. – Right. You know the big thing for
today is we got some huge windcoming this afternoon. So it’s gonna be an
interesting ride back. But you actually like
the wind up here. – I do, again clear water,it gets that water chopped
up, it gets those fish going,camouflages you up a little bit. So you’re definitely to an
advantage by fishing the wind. – Here we go, got another one. Here we go you guys. This one doesn’t
feel quite as big,but it’s still a nice fish. You know what I did that time?He dropped it like five times. Lonnie said “Hey,
open your bail up. “Just let him, he’ll
come back after it. “Open your bail up. “And I opened the bail
up like Lonnie said,and just let the
fish come back to itand he come right back,
he was right there. You know some people
might give us a hard timefor using live bait
for smallmouth,but what’s the difference,’cause we’re not
hurting the fish. The fish are hooked
in the top lip. And we’re letting ’em all go. – And they’re
all circle hooksso we’re getting ’em in the top. – They’re all circle, yep. RS that thing. Whoo hoo hoo. Not quite as big as the
last one, but still a very,very nice fish.
– Solid three pounder. – Very nice fish. – See it just grabs
it and goes boop. You know you’re not
hurting that fish. People like Larry
was saying earlier,talking about the live bait,
you know we don’t kill fish. I mean if they do
swallow it deepand if we get one out of every
100 fish we catch, that’s it. And we just cut the
line and let ’em go. So yeah, but things are just
starting to heat up here. We just got in the water,
so we’re pumped up here. – I’m loving it. – Hat’s off to
Mark’s wife Michelle. – You ain’t
kidding about that. – Larry,
we’re hooked up buddy. – I see that, nice job. – Just took a
little lunch break. We missed a couple here. – Nice job. I’ll tell ya something,
you just had that rodsitting over to the side
of the boat for a second. – Yeah, started
ticking a little bit. Larry you know we ain’t getting
the number of fish today. This is definitely— Oh that’s a nice fish. – Big smallie buddy. – That’s a nice fish. – Thank you Larry. – Nice job Lonnie. Hold that one up. –
Look at that sucker. – That is a tank. – Oh my God. – That’s what we’re
talking about. You know it’s well worth
coming all the way upto Washington Island
when you can catch fishof that magnitude. – Perfect, right in the
corner of the mouth, Larry. – Yep, that is absolutely
a beautiful fish. Patrick Lynch from
Lynch of Mukwonago,I’ll tell ya, you guys are
looking for a great vehicle,that’s the place to go. Nice deal. Nice deal. – Patrick,
that’s another nice fish. – Double, here’s another one!I got another one, double. Don’t mean to steal the thunder. – Larry, this
is an absolute— Wow, this
is a big fish guys. I’ll tell ya, look
at that smallmouth. – Larry, Larry, Larry!
– Whoa!Look at the size of it.
– Larry!- That is a tank. Look at the size
of that smallie. Get him in the RS. That filled that
RS net right up. – Larry, this
is an absolute log. – Wow that is a tank. That is absolutely
awesome right there. That’s what fishing’s
all about right there. Having fun, catching big fish. – It’s all of five and a half. – Yep, wow, nice!- Hey, Shotgun Schafer
with the freak of nature.
Quiet. Thanksgiving morning. Leftovers today. We’re having omelets. Abby and I always
love to make omeletswith the leftover stuff. The rest of the
family’s still sleepingand you can see
we are in our Pjs,we’re trying to be quiet. – Shh, Dad you’re too loud. – I know. Throw your potatoes
on your side. I boil these yellow
potatoes first of all. Gotta put a little
onion in there. – Gotta be prepared. – Secret to the onions,
don’t cut your fingers off. Got it?I cheated folks. I already made the egg
in a small frying pan. – Gotta make
it look beautiful. – So it looks
beautiful, it’s round. This is the little secret
to making potatoes,a little Lawry’s on ’em. – He’s so particular. – Yep.
– He acts like a chef. – You’re
in my kitchen girl. My leftover turkey. Just put it on
inside the omelet. Use the white meat. – Some cheese down. – Cheese down?- Yeah, over there. – Salsa, what
else we putting in?- The potatoes. – Potatoes inside of it?- Yeah.
– Not a chance in heck. – Why not?- That goes on the side. Alright, those potatoes
are just about done. Once again girl, if
this is your segment,you’re supposed to
have stuff ready. Looks like Dad’s saving
your hind end again. – You don’t have to. I mean you can just leave
and like go back to bed. – I left already. You saw what happened. – And if the house is still
here when you wake up,well you know it was
a successful segment. – Oh yeah, really successful. Put a little cheese in there. – Cheese on top. – How’s that
look folks, pretty good?- You know they
can’t answer you, right?- Shake the camera, yes
or no if it looks good. – Far behind TV, right?- Yep, see,
camera said it’s good. You think you’re
getting some of this?Oh gimme a fork, I’ll
show ya how to do this. – No, no. – Come here, I’ll
show ya how to do this. – No, no. Come here. – Oh my type. – Oh my God it’s so good. – No, I burned myself again. – Yeah, well then
go get some ice. – Do me a favor and
take a little bit. There’s two of us. – Umm. – From the kitchen of
Shotgun Steve Schafer. – Adios!- Happy Thanksgiving. And when you cut the camera,
she’s gonna get a whoopin’. – Badger
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Sportsman Magazine today. – Whoo, Mark!Alright!That’s a nice fish. Just take, slow him down,
let him fight it out. Keep the rod bent over though. – Nice and easy. – Yep, slow him down,
it’s only six pound test. That’s a big fish too. Yep, fight that fish whoo-hoo!That is a nice fish. – Good job there buddy. – Alright Marky!Mark Greene from
Lynch of Mukwonago. I tell ya what, our guests
today out here on the boatand I’ll tell ya if anybody’s
looking for a vehicle,this is definitely
the place to go. Whoa look at him, look
at the size of that fish. Look at that!- Holy smokes. That is a big bowwed. – Dude, bring him into
the RS and we’ll get him. – Oh my God,
dude that’s a monster. – Look at that!Holy catch Mark. Alright!
– Alright!- Nice deal. Whoo!Hey, you know what,
that is a nice fish. I’ll tell ya that. There we go, there’s a fish. Oh that one just grabbed
right onto that too. Holy man. – Larry, what do
you got there buddy?- I got a nice fish you guys. I tell you what. Oh this has really
got some weight to it. There it is. Look it, there it come. Holy cats, you thought
the last one was big. Look at the size of, this one’s
bigger than the other one. I’m serious, I’m serious. This one’s bigger
than the other one. Holy moly, this is
the biggest smallmouthI have ever seen. – That’s
a big fish Larry. Larry, holy smokes. That is a very big smallie. – Oh wow, that is a dandy. Look at the, look at the
size of that smallmouth. Look at the girth on that fish. That is absolutely a tank. Look at that fish. Doesn’t have quite the
length that my last one had,but look at the girth
on that fish alone. That is a monster. And I’ll tell ya Lonnie,
you are 100% right,’cause that circle hook
was right in the jawof that fish right there. Look at that fish. – Larry that
is just unbelievable. – Wow, I cannot get over
the size of these smallmouthup here in Washington Island. I’ll tell ya Lonnie,
again I can understandwhy you come up here and
fish this for a whole monthand why people wanna come
up here and experience this. Because I don’t know,
I mean Wisconsin’s gotsome great smallmouth
fishing and I’ll tell yathis is definitely
one of the best placesI’ve seen for fish
of this magnitude. I love that. – That’s a dandy. – Another nice fish. I love that RS. – Good job buddy. – Whoo, nice job Mark! Look at
the size of this one. Holy cats. Oh Patrick, wow!I’ll tell ya this, wow,
look at the size of that. You gotta hold that fish up. – It’s a fatty. – Oh grab
him just like this. Wow, get him outta the RS.
– That’s a monster. – I tell ya, one
thing nice about these netsthem hooks come out so easy. You gotta hold that
up, there you go. Wow. Got him?- He’s a beauty. – That is absolutely
an awesome smallmouth. Lonnie, I’ll tell ya
this is world classsmallmouth fishing right there. Whoo!- Cheers!- Yeah! Look at the size
of that smallmouth. Look at that one. Oh my gosh. Whoo!- Whoo!- Hey, I’ll tell ya something. This smallmouth fishing is
definitely world class up here. And I appreciate everything
everybody’s done for us today. And Mark, appreciate it. You know Patrick,
what an awesome day. Lonnie for sure. Man oh man, when you’re
talking about smallmouth,five, six pounds,
that’s incredible. That is incredible fishing.
– We had an incredibleday today, from four and a
half, five, five and a halfpound fish today. Just an incredible day fishing
up here on the island today. – Hey, now Lonnie, we
gotta make it acrossback to the mainland. And I know people can’t
really probably realize,but we’re protected right hereand that wind’s blowing
over 30 miles an hour. – Yeah, so we’re yeah.
– Let’s get this girl back. – We’re gonna be
challenged here, but we’ll see. – What an awesome day of fishingup here at Washington Island. I wanna thank our friends
over at Lynch of Mukwonago,Patrick and Mark. And I’ll tell ya our good
friend Lonnie Goldman,and I’ll tell ya what
an incredible day. Hey Lonnie, how can
people get ahold of yaif they wanna enjoy
some of this fishing?- Hey, check us out on the webat www. GreenBayTrophyFishing. comor get ahold of Lonnie
Goldman at 920-304-0282and we’ll take care of ya. Just remember
October will book up. So get ahold of us and we’ll
get ya in for next year. We will be up here the
whole month of October. – Hey, let’s let
these big girls goand I’ll tell ya
swim for another day. And like I always
say, just remember,what a great day to be alive. – My helmet won’t come off. – Hey cameraman. – But you got a lightning Lanceand this is legend Lance. – You got a lightning Lance?- We got a
lightning Lance, yeah. – I thought there
was only one Lance. – Fishing with our good
friend Lonnie Goodmanand I’ll tell ya what,
no you don’t like it?- No. – You say Goodman.
– Goldman. – Oh, no, no!- He’s a good
man, but that’s not his name. – You guys gotta
smorgasbord here. Gonna be an interesting
ride back to acrossto the mainland. I’m actually kinda
looking forward to it. I’m a kind of an
adventurous kinda guy. – What’s the difference
between being adventurous? – Let’s get the
flight recorder going.

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