Bottom Bouncers For Walleye Fishing

Bottom Bouncers for walleye fishing have been a staple on the Columbia River for as long as I can remember.  Made out of wire, these weights allow you to get your bait down where the walleye are hanging out.  If you are using live bait, worm harnesses, or even plastics you should seriously consider bottom bouncing.

Bottom Bouncers in the traditional sense come with a fixed arm that attaches to your main line.  Your weight will hang down with a wire running through the lead and it will allow you to connect a worm harness or any type of presentation you want to present.

Many fisherman have used three way swivels to get their bait in front of walleye and it works, however if you are fishing a river that is swift, full of rocks or snags, then a bottom bouncer is definitely worth a try.  That wire which hangs down allows your bait and weight to skip over the top of rocks and hopefully not wedging itself between rocks.

Bottom Bouncers come in many different shapes and sizes.  We prefer weights in the 2-4 ounce range in a torpedo shape because the Columbia River is a fast moving river and we need our presentation to skip along the bottom. We use these types of worm harnesses:

  • smiley blades
  • dakota  blades
  • colorado blades
  • walleye pops
  • spin n glows

Different colored weights have never been a primary concern for us because we don’t want our fish attracted to the weights, we want walleye going after the bait.

Source by Bob Alter

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