Buzzbait Tricks for Bass

There he is! Buzzbait, I like it! He came
off!I like it when it happens like that, that
was a good bite. Let me show you what I’ve done here. This
is a regular buzzbait with a neat little twistto it. That’s a Strike King Tour Grade 3/8-ounce
buzzbait and I’ve taken a Z2 and put it behindit. It gives it a whole different look, it
gives it a look just like a minnow insteadof a bulky skirt hanging there, they can really hone in on it, and that one
just blasted it really well. Let’s see ifI can get back and get his brother. That’s
a 1-2 twist on it and I’ve got another secretI’ll show you in a second. That was a good
bite; he did not like that buzzbait over hishead. That’s a good one. Come here big boy. He does
not like that buzzbait. Get up in here. Buzzbait!A Tour Grade with a twist and boy did he get
it. Now that doesn’t look like your averagebuzz bait and that’s just a good nice 2 and a 1/2-pound
keeper and he smoked that. It’s bare boneswith that Z2 on the back of it. But it’s a
great way to catch them when they’re feedingon those little small minnows or you’re fishing
on a pressured lake. Good fish! Let me showyou my other little trick I’ve got here too.
Here’s another little Strike King Buzzbait. This is the Triple Wing Buzzbait and this
is one of my favorites. I’ve done this foryears with little buzzbaits by putting grubs
on them and you can see it makes the wholeprofile smaller. The thing I like about this
buzzbait with the triple wing is when I retrieveit extremely slow “plop plop plop plop” it’s
a real loud buzzbait to be this small. Butwhen I speed it up and get it moving it a
little faster it’s real quiet and has a purringsound to it. The little Triple Wing, let’s
see if we can go back behind the tour Gradeand get another bite.

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