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1 day ago Go from catching average-sized smallmouth bass to trophies with these five great
tips for catching big smallmouth bass.

Guadalupe bass

The Guadalupe bass (Micropterus treculii) is a rare species of fish endemic to the distinguish from the smallmouth bass or spotted bass,

Catching Small Mouth Bass on a small jig and bobberCatching Small Mouth Bass on a small jig and bobber – – Lake: Diamond Valley Lake (Hemet California) Filmed By: Techniques Used: Fishing the P…

ODFW Smallmouth Bass
Like largemouths, smallmouth bass are less active and much harder to catch when the water temperature is below 50°F. As with largemouth, the male aggressively guards the nest and fry, making them easier to catch at this time.

striped-bass-and-other-morone-culture-volume-30-developments-in-aquaculture-and-fisheries-scienceStriped bass and other morone culture, volume 30 (developments in aquaculture and fisheries science)
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