Catching BIG Bass on Lake LBJ

– Welcome
into another episode of The Fisherman’s Handbook. Bass fishing is a metaphorical
puzzle that has to be solvedeach time you take to the water. Today, we join Jeff Reynolds
and host Wade Middleton on their quest to
piece things together on this cold winter afternoon. – You know bass fishing
is just an addiction for a lot of
people, me included, and I think a big part of it
is always about that puzzle because it’s always different. The water temperatures
might be 40, you know, sometimes when you’re
fishing might be 90 another time you’re fishing. You might have a wind out
of 14 different directions on the same body of water
that you visit all year long. The lake might be 20
feet high one trip, and it might be five
feet low the next,and that’s one of the
coolest things about it to me is every trip,
every hour of the dayis so different when it
comes to bass fishing. – We come to the lake, get
out here and get to fishing, and I really thought,
especially when we got to where we ended up
catching most of them. There was some
milfoil around there, and I really thought I
could catch more trap, and a trap should be the way
to catch the better fish. I could not get
a bite on a trap. I threw it, and I threw
it, and I threw it,and I could not get bit. – We gonna catch one here?- Well, I would’ve
thought we was going to. – I would’ve bet you a dollar. When old lakes get
down like this, you got a drop like this, you’d think there’d be
– Mm-hmm. a big one living right there,but he’s always smarter than us. – Oh yeah. – You know, when you
first look at water, a lot of times you’ll
make a decision as a bass fisherman or
angler for anything, this is the color
or this is the bait or this is what they
should be doing, and it gives you
a starting point, and you go out on the
water and it doesn’t work, and you’re like, “Oh I
thought I’d catch one here. ” I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve gone down a bank, and I try to catch one here, and this is what he should
eat and they don’t eat that. They don’t bite that. Was it the color? Was it the angle?Just the wrong time of the day? Were they not feeding? You know I don’t have
the answer to that because if I had
the answer to that I would never not catch a
fish when I had that feeling. But you keep moving, you keep
going to different locations, you keep fishing
what you believe in,and sooner or later,
if the fish are biting, you’re gonna dial it in and
start catching something. There’s one right there. Pretty good one. – That might be number one. I don’t know, he
doesn’t wanna come back. – You want me to
grab him for you?- Look at him, golly!- Man, he choked it too. He smoked it. Golly, he’s strong. Fish are just stronger this
time of the year, you know it?- Yes, they are. Water temperature in the 50s. Want me grab him for you? – I got him. You can grab him with all
them hooks in his mouth. I got him, Jeff. Come here, buddy. – I was kinda thinking maybe
if you took a little more time, I could catch a little one
and get him in before you did. – That’s awesome. We got him out here
good, look at that guy. That’s a pretty
fish, right there. Go ahead
and let him go. I don’t wanna hold
him out any longer. That’s number one, Jeff. What’d you say about not
having a dollar to lose? – Man!- Y’all both down there
eating that sandwich. See, I got picture
proof of you two down there eating sandwiches. And I just told you, I’d
caught them right here before. – Yeah, but you didn’t tell meuntil you got up
to make a catch. I feel like I got
wronged in that somehow. – You know, Jeff and I get to
hunt and fish a lot together,but a lot of times, we don’t
get to fish like that together. He may be running the camera
watching me fish, you know. You’re talking about a
guy that’s a multi-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier,
wins all over the place. He’s a stick, you
got to catch him. So when you get a
chance to beat upon your buddy and a
good fisherman as well, you kinda rub it into
him a little bit. It’s fun, and I gotta tell you, it’s been like 10
trips this year for methat I ain’t caught a
fish over three pounds,so, when I set the hook
on that first good one, and he was still
sitting down there eating and playing around, I was pretty giddy
right out of the bat. I knew right then
it might get uglybecause I knew he wasn’t
gonna grab a crankbait. – You can’t beat
the old fire tiger. – Nah, man, you think about it, there’s some colors
that have just stood the test of time
and still produce. There’s always lots of
different versions of it, but that’s one that produces. – Wade catches the first one. Then he gets a conference call. He’s piddling around on the
phone, he’s doing this and that, he’s catching ’em back here
while he’s sitting down talking on the phone,
and I’m grinding. I mean I’m like really thinking, now this ain’t fit
to start heading,and I’m fixed to start catching. He’s on the phone,
I’ma get ahead of him. No, it didn’t
matter what he did, he was fixed to get a bite. I’ma sit back here
and just thumb my little old school
crankbait color. – You want one of these?
Actually, it’s my turn to throw it. – He’s going another way. Golly. Are you gonna let him whip you? – He’s trying to whip me. Look how he deep he ate it too, the same way that
other one ate it. – That’s when you
know you’re throwinga bad color right there. – Golly. You gon get him big guy? – I was gonna let him go. That’s a good one right there, I’ll tell you that.
– I’ll get the pliers for you. – That’s a good fish. There we go right there, that is the color
combination so far, buddy. You want to kiss him, touch him?
– I just wanted to see what he feels like. – Alright, we’ll let him go. I need to talk turd more often. – Coming up, Wade
has started to piece togetheran early pattern
working a very specific crankbait along the rocks. Learn more about the
Spro little John,and find out how long it’ll
take Jeff to finally tie one on next on the
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reliability starts here. So far in today’s episode, action has gotten
off to a great start. Working the crankbait
along the face of the dam, host Wade Middleton is
putting on a clinic for his good buddy, Jeff Reynolds. – It’s too
good sitting back here, – The only thing I
need you to move for, is to get me one
of them crankbaits. – There’s about four or
five of them in there. I mean it’s just
a color, that you, I mean it’s a color we
colored on it when we were 10 and you first started casting. I love this type, and actually
when the water’s about 50 to 58 degrees,
it’s little John, you’ll see me throw this
color, or not this color, but this style of
bait many, many times. I mean the water is low
here, they’ve pulled it down,so it’s got of a kind
of different look to it. My mind said that’s the color. Old school looking fire tire,
and obviously these fish like it because the last
two I’ve landed looked like they couldn’t get it any
further down in their mouth. You know the Spro
little John crankbait that we were throwing while
we’re fishing out here, it’s kind of a
flat-sided crankbait. It’s got a tighter wobble
or wiggle, you know, when it’s out there
hunting these fish for you than a lot of the bigger
water wobbling crankbaits. I think that’s really
important when you’ve gotwater temperature that’s colder. I think that tighter wiggle
really allows these fish to hone in on whatever it is, that action this
type of the year. It gets down to six to,
you know, nine feet deep,based on your line
size that you’re using. Very durable bait, very
true right-out-of-the-box, you don’t have to
tune it much at all. Hooks your stinky shark
right out of the box as well, and it’s just the bait that
over the last, I don’t know, almost decade, I have
built so much confidence in when it comes to
crankbait fishing,when the fish are at that depth and the water temperature is
in that 50 to 60 degree range. This might be a big
one, a really big one. – Pretty good. Got it.
– Choked it again. Choked it again. – Oh, every bite. Hey there. – Damn in there! – Look how healthy he is. – Good golly. If I catch another
one I bet you change. – Naturally I’m thinking, “I
need to tie on the crankbait. ” I mean, there’s no doubt, I
need to tie the crankbait on. Sometimes, I get
a little stubborn. That is stupid, don’t
do that when you fish. Especially when your
buddy is catching themright there beside you,
doing the same stuff, just a different bait tied on. – I got a good one. I got a good one. Golly!I can’t even do
anything with this one. Holy cow. Dear God. Another good one,
come here buddy. Dang. They’re all just tanks!- I mean they’re all good ones, All tanks!
– They’re all four pounders. I mean, just tanks. Least all I can do
is hold on to him. I mean, he hit that thing
like a freight train. I mean that little John is
one of my favorite crankbaits,for that water
temperature in the 50s. – Yeah. – Could you give me
a little something? I mean enough’s enough. – He hates the crankbait tease. It’s not his favorite
thing to do, ever. Anytime. I mean, I don’t know he might
catch five crankbait fish, and I’m not talking
about squarebills, but you know deeper diving
crankbait fish, you know. And, but then once I set
the hook on another one, you had to see what happened. – After the break, Jeff finally gives in and
ties on a Spro crankbait and it doesn’t take long
for that first fish to bite. Stay tuned for more great
fish catching action here on the
Fisherman’s Handbook. The Fisherman’s Handbook is
brought to you in part by, Ranger Boats, still building
legends one at a time. Engel, the original
high performance cooler. Sunline America, the strength
to guarantee your confidence. And by Bradley Smoker,
food smoking made easy. – Finally, after I’m down
about five to nothing, I was like, “Alright, Wade.
Where’s the little Johns at?” Well, this ain’t his first
rodeo on a little John, ’cause I look in his box, and he’s got like
50 of them in there. – Oh see, you think
he don’t catch many? He’s got a pile of
them right there. He knew if we would
come out here, that they were gonna
be biting that. – I was pretty proud of Jeff. I know, not only did he
have to swallow his pride a little bit, not only did
he get thrashed a little bit, and I know my time’s coming. I’ma get thrashed
in the near future. But he got down, and he tied
on the old Spro Little John. He even talked to
little John a lot. He kept telling, “One more. Come on little
John, get to work!” – Got it?- I think it’s,- Fish? I think that’s fish.
– That’s a fish. You have throw! Lemme get my bait out of the
water, he’s heading my way. He was running to
me the whole time. He’s not now. – Good one?He’s not bad, he’s not. He’s not locking with
G bin kits in it. – You’re on a board. – Just got one on a crankbait! Like the second time
I did it, one cracks. It’s like a two
pounder and I thought, “He’s catching five pounders,now I’m catching two pounders. ” But that’s fine, I get a bite. Well, we finally rock on
and I started getting a feel for what he was doing. I mean, he picked it
up right off the bat, and I finally got that feel, and I finally started
catching some. – That’s a good one. Yeah. – Four pounder?Yeah, that’s a good one.
– – I mean, just
exactly what you said. When you said pause, when I
pulled the thing and passed it, I mean he just slacked in. – That’s
such a cool bite. See man, I don’t get hooked
trying to grab yours. They sprawl yours. That fish has got in this guy. – Ain’t that a fun fight though? – Almost like a jig. Yes, I mean they’re knocking
the fight out of it. – I think, when you’re fishing
grass, any kind of grass,whether it be hydro or milfoil, there is a certain cadence,
especially when the fishing’s a little bit tougher,
colder water, that you have to be doing. You gotta have the
right size line on, the right crankbait, you want
to be running the right dip, you want to be
hitting the grass, but you don’t wanna be
burying up in it too far. You don’t wanna throw a
crankbait that runs 10 foot deepwhen it’s, you know,
grass is five foot deep. It’s gonna get down there
and bury up too much. But you want it
hitting the grass. Wade had the right size
line, the right bait on, he had it dialed in. The biggest key today
was probably the polls. You got it going
on the line, buddy. – Golly. Man, trying to cuttle yours. – That’s a little more
like my size right there. You just get the right cadence
and the right rhythm going, everything goes your way. You know when you look at
dissecting a body of water and catching fish
and running around and using your lightronics
to try to locate the grass,try to locate the bay,
try to locate the fish, try to locate the fish on
the stretcher, the drop offs,whatever it might be
as part of that puzzle, you’ll gain confidence
as you start to get bites and start to look for more
of that in other locations. And really today, we had wind
blowing in on the grass bed and on some rocks, and the
fish were chomping there for about two and a
half, three hours, and when I say chomping,
they were taking that bait all the way down, basically
as deep as they can get it. God, it feels like five
feet of slacking that line. – I catch two pounders and
you catch five pounders. It’s so fun. – Look at, the bait’s gone! I mean another one,
the bait’s gone! – Look at that, holy cow. – Don’t go away,cause the fish haven’t
stopped biting just yet. When we return, the action
continues as Wade and Jeff haul more fish into the boat
on the Spro little John. The Fisherman’s Handbook is
brought to you in part by, Sawyer Products, we
keep you outdoors. Secret Lures, the secret is out. And by Hobie Fishing,
mirage drive pedal systems. – You know, when you look at
water color, water clarity, I mean there’s just certain
colors that pop to your mind as you fish more that
are gonna performin that type of a color. And when I look at the water
there, it was kind of a, I don’t know, it was murky. So, and this lake’s low. It had a huge flood not long
ago, there was kind of aalmost silthy look to the water,
and I don’t know if that’s the best way to explain it, that’s kind of what
it felt like to me. And in that situation, I
really like a chartreuse, a fish tiger, and it’s
an old school color, I don’t know, been around
longer than I have. And it still produces
these to this day. Almost like it’s
spinning dirt big fight. – Get it?I don’t know, it’s coming at me. I’ma find out. He’s coming up at me,
yeah, he’ll be pretty good. That is a tank. – Golly, it’s a good one, Wade. He can’t even get his
head out of the water. – That’s a grande there. Look at how fat that bass is. – That is good. Wow. Wow. Man they’re just all
chunky, fat, healthy. – Big ol’ fish. I mean I paused it, and
he just hammered it. What a bite. Golly. What I’m talking about. Oh man, that fish is heavy. I mean it’s just a
nice little pause,hit some grass and bang. Go back in this, girl. You make lots of
big babies in here. Wow, that’s just fun. I mean, low 50s, 52
degree water temperature, lake’s about five feet low,and little bit scattered grass,
and the bite is phenomenal. – You know it’s always fun
getting a fishing buddy. Me and Wade, we go way back. We’ve known each
other for a long time, and we don’t get
to do this as much,I mean, you know as far
as fishing together. And any time you get a chance
to go fishing with your buddy, take advantage of it. Hat’s off to him, he beat me. The next time he’s not going to, cause I’ma fray his
line or something where he can’t cast or,
I’ma do something to him. I mean I gotta have
the upper hand. – Sometimes you get it
right, sometimes you don’t. But when you dial in a bait
and you dial in a technique and you’re catching
when your buddy’s not. I want my buddy to catch this, but I’ll tell you right now
it’s such a cool feeling when you’re whacking
’em and he’s not. He’s coming on in. The smallest guy of the day. That’s real cool. Has his mouth open. When they have their mouth open
when you’re pulling ’em in. That bite is so fun. – Thanks for
watching this episode of the Fisherman’s Handbook. This has been a
Careco TV production. – Yeah I catch two pounders
and you catch five pounders. – This is so fun.

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