CGR Undertow – RAPALA PRO BASS FISHING review for Nintendo Wii U

I’m gonna go ahead and tell you this is
the best damn fishing game I’ve played sinceOdell Lake. And that wasn’t even a fishing
game, so that doesn’t even make sense. I just really like Odell Lake. The MECC was
legit. I should probably also tell you that, when
it comes to games like this, everything’srelative. Which is to say. . . yes, Rapala Pro
Bass Fishing is actually a decent fishinggame. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good
game. Just released to the Wii U, Rapala Pro Bass
Fishing is the latest entry in the Rapalaseries of fishing games. . . that sell most of
their copies at Walmart. You set sail as somehotshot young angler who’s out to make a
name for himself. Or herself, to be. . . fairand equal. Although to be honest, girls probably
have better things to do. So there’s tournament play, which puts you
in competitive professional tournaments, whichare evidently a thing. And there’s also
free play, which is where the true essenceof fishing comes out. You just pick a lake,
jump on the boat and. . . sail around. So muchfreedom in this game, it’s inspiring. No matter how you choose to play, though,
the fishing is pretty much the same. And tothe game’s credit, it really uses the GamePad.
Like, almost too much. Steering is done withtilt. Casting is done by flicking the GamePad.
Reeling in a fish is a minigame with tiltand flicking. And the GamePad screen acts
as your tackle box and fish radar. And some of that stuff actually works. Specifically, anytime the game uses the GamePad
as a second screen, it’s usually a goodthing. Having the fish radar thing on the
GamePad as you’re sailing is awesome, andbefore you cast, you can use the touch screen
as your tackle box to change your rod andlure. That stuff is awesome. . . what’s less
awesome is tilting to steer, which is pointless,and all the motion involved in casting and
reeling. In fact, I think that’s probably the game’s
biggest problem. It feels so gimmicky withthose forced motion controls. . . like an early
Wii game that didn’t know any better. It’snice to see developers of a niche game like
this actually try some things with the GamePad,but next time. . . a button press will work just
fine, thanks. Um. . . there are also some presentational issues. The game looks. . . meh.
But, uh, it’s something about the narrator. Can’t really put my finger on it. Oh, that’s right! He keeps. . . using a weird
dialect. It’s Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, asurprisingly okay fishing game for the Wii

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