Chasing COLD MUDDY WATER BASS on Cherokee Lake

Winter is all about taking advantage of opportunities when they come your way during a time of year when fishing can often be less than lights out, in this scenario east Tennessee has experienced above average rainfall for this time of year as well as warmer than average temperatures. An Influx of warmer rain water has muddied up the waters of cherokee lake and pushed a large portion of the bass shallow making them easy targets for small body mid depth crankbaits. Winter fishing is tough but be prepared to take advantage of situations like the one in this video, cold muddy water can make for very difficult fishing conditions but in the right situation you can use it to your advantage to put big bags of winter bass in your boat.

Duckett Ghost 7’6 MH Cranking Rod

Abu Garcia Revo SX 6.6:1

Sunline Assasin 10lb Flourocarbon

Bandit 300 Crankbait
Strike King 3XD Crankbait



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