CHICKAMAUGA LAKE: Cold, Flooded, Muddy Water Bass

February can be a tricky month to predict what bass will do in any reservoir on the Tennessee River system. Changing weather and water conditions have a tremendous impact on fish behavior and success or failure depend on how well we as anglers adapt to these changing conditions as well. The conditions that we were faced with in the video today were honestly some of the toughest conditions I have ever been faced with as a fisherman. East Tennessee has been hit with tremendous, almost ridiculous amounts of rainfall for weeks now and the effects of this have left most if not all of our lakes and rivers in the region flooded, muddy, full of debris, and ripping with current. The bass that I found were pushed shallow and holding very tight to cover in particular laydowns in the back of creeks and pockets off of the main channel.

6’10 Medium Duckett Triad

Diawa Tatula XS 8.1:1 Gear Ratio

15lb Sunline Assasin FC Flourocarbon

Zoom Z Craw in Black and Blue Texas Rigged
3/8 ounce Tungsten Weight
3/8 ounce Black and Blue Flipping Jig



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