Cold Water Ned Rig Fishing from Paddleboard | Bass Fishing | Charleston, SC

Ryan is a huge fan of the Ned Rig and recently I’ve seen him catch some crazy nice fish during the colder months on them. When I’m trying with my fly rod or some sort of slow moving bait on the spinning/baitcasting rod, Ryan has been Crushing them on the Ned Rig.

The Ned rig is essentially a weighted jig hook, usually a hook in a size or two below what you would normally throw, for the ultimate finesse bite. When other baits and other worm rigs do not produce the Ned Rig consistently produces fish.

While I did get snagged a bunch this particular 1.5 hr. fishing session, I still managed to hook 6 fish and land 5 while Ryan was throwing a Texas rigged worm the entire time and landed zero.


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