Cold Weather Smallmouth Bass Lures

When a cold front approaches, smallmouth bass normally become very active and thus easier to catch, but does this mean that the same theory holds true no matter what the air temperature is? In cold weather (when the mercury drops below the forty degree mark) the biggest factor to remember is to fish your lures a bit deeper than you normally would and to use lures that are a bit larger than you normally would. But what about the bass lures themselves, which ones are the most effective when fishing for smallmouth bass?

Below I will draw upon my twenty plus years of bass fishing experience to list a few lures that I have found to be effective anytime that I am chasing cold weather smallmouth. Are these the only lures that should be used? Of course not, but in my opinion they are all lures that should be a part of your bass fishing arsenal anytime that are temperatures are below the forty degree mark. In case you were wondering these lures are being listed in no particular order.

Twitch Baits – “Twitch Baits” (which are also known as deep diving jerk baits) are an excellent choice for suspended smallmouth bass when air and water temperatures are less than ideal. Some effective name brands would include Rapala’s X-Rap Deep and the Lucky Craft Pointer DD. Both of these lures cast extremely well and enable you to reach smallmouth bass that are holding in deeper water.

TailWagger – this spinner/crank bait hybrid fishing lure is great for targeting suspended smallmouth bass when the weather is cold. When it comes to cold weather smallmouth bass lures this one is tough to beat and can even be jigged vertically to catch smallmouth that are suspended over deep underwater cover.

Jig & Pork – a jig with a pork (or craw) trailer resembles a crawfish and as you probably know these little crustaceans are a smallmouth bass’s favorite meal. For this reason fishing a jig and pork in deep water for cold weather smallmouth bass is a great way to go. A slow presentation will produce more bites and in cold weather spraying your lure with a crawfish scent is never a bad idea either.

The bottom line is that during sold weather the aforementioned fishing lures should be a part of any serious smallmouth bass fisherman’s repertoire. If any of them aren’t, they should be added sooner rather than later.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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