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What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing Battle. Here we go!The rules for this battle are simple. Catch a fish, add up the points. The two guys with the most points move on to the big fish finale. What up gang, Cody here. I feel like I’ve got a bit of an unfair advantage. I’m the only on in the group that owns a boat. Hey, you gotta believe, guys. Last time you saw us fishing, Ty and I were going absolutely shark for shark. I feel pretty good, you know. Coming off a big land. Let’s get it done, baby. Whabam!I think Cory is gonna do it this time. Even though he doesn’t fish much, the fish just like him. Cody is now in the game, got a fish on. I’m focused right now. We got a wahoo on, boys. Nice! There you go! Yeah!Barracuda, baby!Yeah! Fish on! Broke the ice, fish on the board. Here we go. 20 points for Cody Jones!There’s the wahoo. That’s a big point fish right there. Catch an release, and, for the folks at home, I am a fish kisser. Kind of a thing. Never seen a reel run this fast. I’m throwing a harness on. This thing’s really pulling!Think this is why they say don’t skip leg day. Hoping for something good after all this wait. New prediction: 300-pound blue fin. Shark. Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh. Guys, that thing is huge!Let’s go! Let’s go!Oh my gosh. That was amazing. What an adrenaline rush. I am a shark feeder, apparently. You guys may notice Garrett’s missing today. Garrett’s at home because he’s having a new baby. Not him personally, his wife. We are going for yellow-tail snapper right now. Not a ton of points, but let’s see what we can do. The cameraman has a fishing pole!Yeah! There we go. I’ll hold you rod. He just looks like he’s got a hand behind himShark right below. Hurry! Wow. Isn’t this the luckiest fish in the world? I mean it just dodged that shark. Couldn’t have been less than six inches. Taking a quick fishing break, swimming with sharks. We’re swimming with sharks?Well, I’m not. Cory’s not. Our professional underwater cameraman is swimming with sharks. I already told him there’s some huge sharks in the water. It’s probably a terrible idea. Are you nervous? No, I’ve done this before. Well, good luck!Take a look at this! There’s like 50 sharks in the water!We’ve been told it’s a shark. Fish on! It’s no shark. But it’s pretty cool. It’s gonna be a skipjack king, baby. Hey, guys, what do you know. It’s not a skipjack. I got me a Coby fish, a skippy!Who knew in fishing a palace is as good a a treasure chest? Haha! Let’s go!Look at those teeth!Fly of the day!Got a Yellowfin, buddy! Add Mackerel to the list. 15 points. Nice fishy! What is that, Codes? That’s a horse eye! Fish kisser!Fun part about this, I have no idea what you’re seeing. Hope there’s not a shark nearby!Good news and bad news. Good news: the tiny fish love me. The bad news? The tiny fish love me. They’re all worth 15 points. He ain’t gonna do it. I’m out. Well played, Cor!All right. And we are nearing the end of day 2. Last chance of Coby to make a move on the leaderboard. He’s gotta have the top 3 fish in order to pass Codes and have a chance in the finale. Gotta have someting bigfrom the Cobester. All right, what have we got, Codes? I got a good feeling about this! Unless it’s a baby marlin!Oh and that will do it! That a baby marlin! A blue runner. New species bonus, but folks, that will do itfor the end of day 2. The finale is sealed. Ty vs. Cody. Congratulations, boys. Headed to Florida. Good luck to you, my man!Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the championship round. Codes, congratulations. Thank you. Biggest fish wins. That’s all that matters, those are the only rules. Good luck to you, Codes. Good luck to you, Ty. Bang! Let’s do it!Birds feed little fish, little fish feed big fish, baby!Yes! Sailfish on, baby. Cody, sailfish on! First fish of the day, folks. First fish of the finale, for that matter. First sailfish, baby!Good finale start, folks. Ty, you’re up, buddy! Nice start. Let’s get it back in the water. First fish in the boat. Codes, 78 incher. Not bad! Looking for number 2. Think I could pull out a victory, maybewith a little bit bigger one, we’ll see. All right, we’re on. We’re on in the finale, baby!We’re hoping, guys. Coming down to the wire! Folks, you can not make this stuff up. Full-body workout today. Ty. That’s a giant, bro. An 80 pounder. Full body length is 88. It’s a giant, people. Hard to complain. Tyler brought home a beautiful fish to take home the golden hook. Let’s head to a trophycelebration. It pains me to do this, but if you had this, you might have caught a bigger fish. Ty, you deserve the golden lure. What a treat! Might use that in the next deep sea fishing battle. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Next video: Overtime 3. It’s a good one. Hey, purple hoser fans, Gar’s back! Ho! What a treat!Anyways, special thanks to our friends at Old Bahama Bay for making this video possible. Click here to check out their resort and yacht harbor. Special thanks you our buddy, Josh, for helping us out. If you want to see more fishing videos from him, click down here. If you want to see the last video, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

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