Door County Smallmouth Bass Tips and Tricks

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great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪- Holy moly. – Hey this week on
Larry Smith Outdoors,we’re up in Sturgeon
Bay and we’re fishingsmall mouth, and it
looks like an absolutelyawesome day we’ve had a
consistent weather patterngoing on up here. And we should be in for
a pretty good day right?We’re fishing with
our good buddy,guide Lonnie,hey Lonnie tell me about
this Sturgeon Bay biteup here, I don’t get a
chance to fish small mouth,especially up here. Tell us what we’re in for today,were we in for a lot of fish,big fish, or both?- We’re gonna start
out today with,we’re gonna go
into a couple bays,looking for some bass. Small mouth. There’s a lot of
little ones goingwith some mediums and
a big one now and then. There were bigger fish
when the water was coldbut now a lot of these
males are coming into kinda get beds
ready for spawning. For these bass. Hoping to get big numbers today,and hopefully pick
off a couple big ones. We’re gonna start
in shallow and thenwork to a little
bit deeper water,looking for bigger fish, so. It should be a good. – That sounds awesome,hey we got a guest
here today too. Introduce us. – Yeah we got Brian
here from Clam,Brian Lindberg,he’s head of the
media department,he works on a lot
of the catalogsand media and
social media stuff,so we’re excited
to have him hereall the way from Minnesota. – Well that’s awesome hey Brian. Excellent and you know what,this is gonna be a
little bit awkwardbecause we got two
glint clam guysfishing against an
Otter guy today,you know what?I’m hoping that they
don’t constantly hogthe best spots. But hey, let’s see
what happens today,we got an absolutely
awesome day,we got good people, good
company in the boat,it should be a good one. – The
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submit that pictureto the badger sportsman. com. – Come on now. Right. You clam guys are
ganging up on meI don’t know about this. – Get you to cross over Larry. – Oh
that’s a nice fish. – Oh it’s a dandy. – It’s a nice fish. – It’s a dandy bass. Nice job Ryan. – I think that’s
the one that I think that’s,like mine. Nice job. – First Sturgeon
Bay small mouth. – Nice little,
that’s almost four pounds. – What oh come on. – That’s a good three. – What. Boy I’ll tell you something,these clam guys. – Three and a half. – Hey hey hey. Tubes end. – Got the old
callan’s tube on theretoday huh?- Callan’s, yep. Callan’s tube hair. – That’s
a nice little fish. – Little three pounder. Sturgeon Bay right here,Sturgeon Bay greenbacks. What do we call them brown bass?- Brown bass. – Hey there little feller. – You can call
them anything you want. It’s yours. – Yeah last week we
were up off of portwashington fishing cohoand we had a heck of
a day, we got 25 coho. Nothing real big you know,up to about eight pounds. – Yeah funny story I was 13
and my dad took me out toalgoma. On a coho trip and first
fish of the day was six am,and it ended up
being a 21 pounder. – A 21 pound coho?- 21 pound coho. The guide said it was two
pounds off the lake recordor whatever it was. Yeah it’s still up
on my wall today. 30 years later. – Wow you know that
is the cool partabout taxidermy work is thatit pretty much lasts a lifetimeif it was mounted
right, and then some. hey they left me one. Can’t believe it. Right I can’t believe
he actually left mea fish. That one on the bite. – Larry
you need a net?- No I’m good. I’m good. Gotta love this. This is about a 10 pounder. Just so everybody knows. gotta love it. It’s very interesting
when you come uphere to door county,this is definitely world classsmall mouth fishery,and I was watching Brianand Lonnie, and I’m
used to throwinga tube jig and kinda working it,working it, swimming
it, working it,and I’ve watched them
they’re just kindacasting it like they’re
casting a crank bait. Letting, throwing it let it sitfor about a split
second and then juststeady retrieve. And the second cast I did,that caught
nice little small mouth. There’s some rock over here now. He didn’t say
anything at all to us,you know, you gotta watch these,especially of all the
guides in the countrythat we fish with,the Sturgeon Bay guys,you gotta watch, keep
an eye on them right. They’re a little
sneaky once in a while. – some of the best. – it’s time for breakfast. – I was
hoping you were gonna saythat like a half hour ago. – I know I’m starving. – What
do you got there?- My mounds, a bakery in algoma. Northwater bakery deli. Why don’t you try one Larry. – Only one?- Yeah. – I don’t even know which,they all look so good. – Custard, fritters,there’s some mud pie,that’s got home made
custard in there. – Oh man I’m gonna
have that next. I’m gonna have this one,cause this one’s facing me. – Hey Brian you
want a donut for breakfast?- I
would love a donut. I think I need one. – You oughta give
me this donut firstbecause these two
clam guys have beenhogging the fresh water
all the time right?So I think he was feeling
a little bad for me. – Oh that is good. It’s kinda like
carbonated lemonade. – Thank
goodness Brian,I have the deepest
respect for youbecause you know what you
didn’t say the dirty wordI can’t stand when
people say that. Oh it kinda tastes
like Mountain Dew,I’m like are you kidding me?It’s a good fish?- They’re all good. – Yeah you’re right. – They’re all good. – Yeah you’re
right they are all good. – Like Larry said. – Kinda like donuts. – People put
too much emphasis on ohthis and that. – That’s their
donut right there. – Right there. –
There you go Larry. Better. – Yeah. See I had to go to a
secret weapon since theseguys are up on the
front right there. They offered me the front
just so everybody knowsbut I know there
was a trick to it. Getting in between
two clam guys. All the sudden yeah I’m
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line of kalin jig heads. Oh and our original
kalin’s grubsstill does a pretty
good job too. – Look at the kalin’s in
her mouth right there. – patrick what are
you doing out here?- Mark I’m going
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mukwonago dealershipstoday. ♪ Nobody sells for
less than lynch ♪ – hey what I’m going
now is I’m going,I’m switching I had this
16 ounce jig on here,and darter jig. What I’m doing is I’m
gonna go to a quarter,cause what’s happening
I’m trying to keep my baitwithin about two to three
inches of the bottomand now the wind’s
blowing on my line,and it’s lifting my line
which is obviously liftingthe bait up so I’m just
gonna drop to a little bitheavier jig, and that’s
what you have to dowhen the wind conditions change,you have to change your bait,especially when you’re rolling. It’s a different story
if you’re castingout there and you’re able,you want the bait to stall,sit still for a split secondand then lift,but it’s always any
time you’re doingany type of jig fishing,it’s all about
controlling the bait,and for me with the type
of fishing we’re doinghere, casting across
these rock humps,I need that bait to
be able to slide downthe edges of the rocks,but I also want it
to stay within abouttwo to three inches of bottom,and I’m not hung
up all the time,so but again it’s
a control issue. So what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna goto our quarter,and try that. Should be heavy enough. See how good that was?52 years old I got the
hole the first time. what are you laughing at?Here we go. That’s not too bad a fish. You guys both had
bites right thereand I just, I was looking. I just worked the other side. no. It’s a good fish. Boy you gotta love
them small mouth. It’s amazing how
they thump that. And I just put
that cracked pepperback on there. That kalin’s grub. And got a dark jig on there. Just working it a
little bit slower. And boop, you just
whack that thing. Awesomehey hey hey. Hey Lonnie. I kinda looking
around at this boat. And if I didn’t fish with you,a number of times and
catch a lot of fish,I would kind of think
that you’re a fishermanthat doesn’t catch a
lot of fish becauseI’ve never seen a boat
so clean in my life. Unless it just came
off the showroom floor. What’s the deal with this?I don’t even see
a scale anywhere. If you were anybody else,I would be scared. – Well I like to
keep my boat clean. – Apparently. – We scrubbed her for
three hours last nightgetting ready for
the Larry Smith show. – I’m afraid
to even eat a sandwich inthis boat. – I don’t like crumbs. – I know when
I was eating my donutI was eating it over
the side of the boat. – I don’t like messy clients. we vacuum it out every
night and scrub her down. – You got way, he’s got way
too much time on his hands. He needs to come
out to the farm,I’ll put him to work. Look at these shoes right here. See that?My wife just bought
me these shoes. You know what this is?On them shoes?It’s called dirt. Right. And some plant and soybeans. – That’s
a little better fish. Gotta like that. – It
ate that thing too. – Oh he did. See that’s the key,so snag up. – Snag up. – Right?Sit there and pop it and pop it. And then when it
comes off the rock,it’s like a cray fishhiding in the rocks huh?- That’s what it was yeah. Yeah and you know,that’s one thing this
tube really emulates,is a crayfish. These small mouth really
feed on all year long. That’s their main diet huh?- Gobi’s here too? yeah just fat. Look at the fat healthy fish. – You can see what
these small mouthare relating to
in the bays here,there’s a lot of rock
and this is right herea good example, this
one really come up toabout six inches, good
one to take your lowerunit off. If you were cranking
through here,but I think these
small mouth obviouslyit’s what would you
say Lonnie this iswhere they like to spawn?But it’s also where the
bulk of their food’scoming out of too. Plus the rocks are warm. – Yeah these walleyes that
like that transitions,that rock,sand muck transition,
that’s kinda where they’respawning in the rock. Rock bars and piles of rockand that’s kind of
what we been doing,fishing all morning
is rock bars. – I’ll even
net that for you here. – Nice job,were you doing anything
different Brianon that?- Just dragging that
tube on them shallow. – Are you
kinda stalling at allor just a steady retrieve?- Not really, pretty
steady retrieve,I might stall it
just a split second. – Okay. But just pretty much a
steady retrieve on that huh?- Yep yep yep. –
That’s a nice fish,now that wind’s blowing. – Small mouth . – That winds
blowing right across there. – Yeah that one thing
we noticed is thatwind has kinda come
up on this reef. – And you
saw a couple other oneson there too huh?- Yeah there was one
or two more there. Swimming right along with it. It’s kinda cool
those small mouththey get a little competition,when they see bait going. A lotta times you’ll pull upthree for them at the same time. – Hey Lonnie we just
checked out the radar,see there’s a little
cell coming in,doesn’t look like it’s
gonna be any lightning oranything soI’m wondering if
that’ll trick getthese fish to bite. – Yeahthat can’t hurt we had a
good shot this morning,now it’s been a little stagnant,so the wind picked
up a little bit,a little bit of a
front’s coming in,so hoping it picks up. – now we got. – thanks Larry,today in the kitchen I am
Shotgun Steve Scheafer. For those of you who
were lucky last year,and got a bear,a friend of mine
dropped off some bearhe handed me some bear steaks. Shot in wisconsin. I have a seschuan rub
to go on this bear,and I am making aspargus
rolled up with prosciuttoand cheese in it. I have ginger,all spice berries. White peppercorn. And black peppercorn. I have it in the
grinder right now,it’s gonna get a
little loud in here. Gonna grind it all up andthen I’m gonna rub it
on my bear and throwit in the frying pan. For those who don’t
have it, I just usedmy wife’s coffee grinder. Ground up all the pepper. Now. . . That really smells. This is the recipe I used onmaster chef when I
was out in California. Take it lightly dust
it over the top. This goes a long
ways this seasoning. This rub. Folks if you could smell
all this pepper in here. Both sides, both sides folks. What I didlotta kids don’t like
to eat the asparagus,the green on the outside. So I learned a trick
a long time ago. Take your food grater,grate off some of the green,see how it turns white?And I’m gonna put
pepperjack cheese,and you can use whatever
cheese you want. Cream cheese, mozarella,but I kinda like the
little kick of pepperjack. Put your pepperjack in. Start your prosciutto
on an angle like this. Roll it up real nice. That’s it folks. It doesn’t take
much to cook this. Let’s go back to the stove. See what our finished
product looks like. I’m gonna show you
how to cook the bear,it’s only about two
minutes on each side. Once again, take and
clean all your meat up,get all the white meatstuff you can off there
cause you can’t digest that. Okay let’s go back to the
stove and cook this up. Okay folks,got the asparagus in. Hear that sizzle going?Doesn’t take long for this. Just start cooking
it and flip it overa couple sides. This pan’s hot, like I say,bear steaks, do
not overcook them. Only about a minute
and a half, two minuteseach side, hear that sizzle?That’s exactly what you want
when you’re cooking meat. I have it on medium high. On man that seschuan’s
unbelievable. Roll it over, see the
color on that prosciutto. That’s what you want. And once again,that asparagus is real tenderwhen you take that green layeroff of it. When the meat breaks
loose from the pan,that’s when you can
tell it’s getting done. If it’s sticky leave it in therefor a little bit. If the meats
sticking to your pan,cause then it’s
not getting done. Oh see that sear on that?That is beautiful. Some nice coloring on it. You can usually tell
too when you’re close,see the little blood
coming through therethe meat?That’s how you know
you’re getting close. And do not keep flipping them,get another sear on this side. My prosciutto, get the cheesecoming out of it. That’s close too. You can tell see
the color is turningdarker green there?And it’s getting softer. That’s exactly what you want,see how the ends
are getting sauced?We’re close folkswithin a couple of
minutes and we are readyto serve this up and eat it. All right. I think our bear’s
done it’s been aboutfour minutes. Oh look at that nice
sear on that side. That’s exactly what
you want folks. Don’t forget now,I’m gonna plate this,but we do not put
a knife through itfor four to five minutes,cause once you
put a knife in it,it lets all the juices
out of the meat,and then all your
meat is wrecked. My asparagus, look at
that color on there. The cheese is
oozing out of there. This is aboutabout a 15 to $25
meal at a restaurantif I was serving Larry
I’d charge him 50. Just cause he owes me. All right folks here is
the finished product. The bear saschuan bear. This recipe is on Larry
Smith Outdoor’s website. The rub is the key. Oh look at the
color on that bear. Man if you guys
could smell this,this is really good. Seriously folks,excuse me but,if you can a buddy to
give you some bear,get and try this recipe,you can try it on venison too,this seschuanrub is really good. Look how nice and tender
this asparagus is. Just taking the
green off the outsidewith a peeler. Very good. Folks once again,Steve Schaefer the shotgun chef,it’s a great day to be alive. – The latest
issue of the badger sportsmanwill be in our reader’s
hands within the week. Not a subscriber?Now is the time,you won’t want to
miss this issue. It’s packed full of
everything you need to knowfor open water success,no matter what species
you’re targeting. For availability in your area,and subscription information,check out
badgersportsman. com today. – that is what it’s all about. – Oh a double. – hey guys this is a good one. – Is it?- Yeah. – The later
in the day it goes,the better the fishing gets. – Man it is,and you know this morning,caught a lot of fish but therewere a lot of small
fish and I’ll tell you- oh yeah look at this guy. – Oh
that’s a nice fish. This afternoon we’ve
had a lot of reallyrespectable fish. Nice there you go. – Yes. – Hey Lonnie why don’t
you tell us a little bitmore about your guiding businessas far as the areas
that you guide andI know you have a huge
ice guiding business tooand tell us about,I know you guide up here
to Sturgeon Bay but,you also guide on the
lower bay too right?- Yeah our primary,we guide year round now,Green Bay trophy fishing. Into summer and trophy ice fishin the winter. – Okay. – Nice four pounder. And we do a lot of guiding,we’re full time
walleye bass guides,spring summer fall. We’re starting to
go into that springtransition into summer,so we’ll be fishing
a lot of door countyfor big walleye and big basswhen they transition
into deeper water. – hey Lonnie a couple more castsand lets head her inwe had an absolutely great day,hey Brian thank youfor spending the day with usand fishing with us,that was awesome. And you definitely had
the hot stick todayfor sure, caught the
bulk of the big fish. – They had to
bring the guys from Minnesotadown to catch the big— yeah that’s right. – Right. And Lonnie you’re gonna
be guiding every dayright?So if people want
to get ahold of you. – Yeah if you want
to get ahold of us,check us out on the web at
www. greenbaytrophyfishing. comor give me a call 920-304-0282,just leave a voicemail
or an email and we’ll getyou out. Our contact information
is on our websiteso just give us a call,we’ll get back to you
at the end of the day. But yeah we’ll be
out all summer. – That’s awesome. Hey and everybody rememberevery week we’re doing at leastonce a week live half hour feedfrom wherever we’re fishing,usually right around 12:30,and we have a trivia
question every week,and you have an
opportunity to winsome great prizes. Just remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. – There’s a big fish finally. Not quite as big as,oh there he goes. did you get?Finally. So you think the prime
of the small mouth biteis probably out
another couple weekshuh Lonnie?- I would say
a couple weeks I think. Lucky the net floats. – Is that your good net?The one I like?Yeah it is. That was a big fish. –
Whatever you had bit. – Yes. – I seen
him just right out therehe didn’t go nowhere. – I didn’t want to
tell you what it was. – Do you
know what it was?- Yeah I saw it. – A sheepshead. it was a goat. I can’t believe he
hit that wacky worm.

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