Early Winter Bass Fishing Lures for Cold Water

I picked out some of my favorite early winter bass fishing lures for fishing as the water starts to get cold and fish turn to their prespawn and winter patterns. Choice baits this time of year are hardbaits such as jigs, crankbaits, Red Eye Shad style trap lures – however swimbaits still play a big roll I have some super unique micro swimbaits to share with you. A rigs or umbrella rigs are also a big deal on lakes like Chickamauga, Guntersville, and any lake that is shad focused. The new Gambler Goat Locked Up Swimbait Head is perfect for a rig and we review it. Just remember, the best part about this time of year is if you brave the winter weather and put your time in bass fishing these cold water conditions can produce some of the biggest fish of the year – there is a real opportunity for an angler to catch a PB or trophy bass.

Want to learn more about the winter fishing lures we talked about as well as fishing rods and more – here it all is at Tackle Warehouse:

Aruku Shad lipless crankbait

Strike King Red Eye Shad

Megabass Spark Shad Swimbait

Scottsboro Hand Poured Micro Swimbait

Keitech Swin Impact Fat Swimbait

GOAT Locked Up Swimbait Jig Head

Braided fishing line for spinning rods

War Eagle Jigging Spoon

Hopkins Jigging Spoon

Krocodile Spoon

Crazy Megabass underspin swim jig

Scrounger swimbait jig head from Scottsboro

Damiki Stinger

War Eagle Finesse Jig

Boss Ball Head Jigs for making your own custom finesse jigs

Kit for making your own jig skirts


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