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Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com
and I am here today with my buddy, JustinKerr, FLW Pro. Also WON Bass and B-A-S-S and all. . . he’s up
and down the West Coast. He’s a crazy phenom. You guys have got to – if you don’t know him
– look him up. But we’ve been fishing here at Lake Havasu
here in November and we’ve been slaying themon this new bait I haven’t seen before. Justin has been privy to be able to use these
when they first came out. So, Justin, tell me a little bit about these
baits here and how we are using them. What kind of rod and reel and the line that
we’ve been doing here. Justin: Yeah, this is an Evergreen International,
new Flat Force Crankbait. It is a flat-sided crankbait and it has a
computer chip bill which is very popular when,you know, when you’re using a flat-sided bait. And it is an extremely good bait. Like you said today, we’ve been catching them
and it wiggles a lot. When you wind it super fast, it’s one of those
baits that you can fish in different areas,different water columns, strike zones, different,
you know, like, for example, like, a couplemonths ago, they were schooling in 25 feet
of water and I’m out there throwing this thingin 25 feet of water. So, you know, I am running it between 10 and
14 pound line, fluorocarbon. So, obviously, it varies on the depth. Today, we’re using a 10 pound line. Glenn: Right. I noticed it was getting down a little bit
deeper than that. Justin: Yeah, it will hit about six to eight
foot on 10 pound line and I’m using a CombatStick 71M – it’s a medium rod. And it actually says Topwater Jerkbait on
the rod but we use it for cranking a lot fora shallow crankbait. I find it working really good for a crankbait
but it also does work for jerkbait and topwaterand then Daiwa’s seven to three reel. And it’s, I think, it’s important at fall
this time of year to keep your bait movingas fast as you can. So that’s just kind of how we fish it and
it’s been an unbelievable bait. And, just, you know, couple different colors
I’ve been using. I don’t know if the camera can see them but
this is a Ghost, Wakasagi Flash, Cold Shadin chartreuse blue, but today, obviously,
this color, I mean, it’s a staple everywhere. So it’s a fish-catching machine and we’ve
been catching them. Glenn: Yeah, fishing it really fast and giving
it some hard jerks. It’s not pausing it, it’s actually ripping
it really hard. And they clobber it when you give it that
quick change. That’s what triggers the bite. So sometimes, guys, it’s great. You can cast straight out and just reel it
back in. You’ll get bites that way. But if the fish aren’t biting, you can force
them or trick them into biting by giving iterratic action. In this case, we’re just giving it a good
hard yank every once in a while, randomly,and that’s usually when you get the bite. Justin: Yeah, we have some grass right now
so that’s the big key. And, like I said, we are using a little lighter
line for the grass situation. We are using that 10 pound test. A lot of places, we can get away with 20 pound
in the grass, but Lake Havasu is such a finessefishery that we’re using a little bit lighter
line – that 10 pound – and we’re still keepingit moving and ripping it out of that grass. And a lot of times, like you said, the fish
aren’t really feeding. They’re just sitting up in the grass and this
bait comes by them and it gets them. Glenn: And we’ve been hitting them. Of course, it’s the fall feeding frenzy. But I can see this working really well in
the spring and even in the summertime whenthey are in the grass. Justin: Yeah, there’s really no limit to the
bait, obviously. And any bait in any situation, you got to
keep an open mind to fishing. So there’s not really – I’d say for any type
of baiting situation where this is the onlybait to throw – but, you know, year-round,
I’ve seen this bait. I’ve been using it for about a little over
a year now. Glenn: You have?Okay. Justin: Yeah. And we, you know, used some prototypes and
stuff. So this bait, like I said, I mean, I’ve used
it. This summer was one of the best years I’ve
had with it so it’s just a versatile bait. Glenn: Now where can guys get this?Justin: Tackle Warehouse, I’d say, is the
number one. Anglers Marine, Tackle Warehouse usually carries
most of our stuff or pretty much everything. Glenn: All right. Check it out guys, you’re going to like it.

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