EXCLUSIVE Gerald Swindle Summer Bass Fishing Secrets

Gerald Swindle returns with Bass University TV to show you how to fish his favorite summer ledge fishing lures. Crankbaits are one of the best summer bass fishing lures, if the fish aren’t heavily pressured and the conditions are right. Gman is on the Tennessee River (which includes Lake Guntersville), and he’s located fish using his Humminbird electronics on main lake structure. Gerald recommends always fishing with the current, because most shad will swim with the current. Swindle also likes to try throwing a crankbait, unless the eel grass is too thick.

In this full 1 hour video, available at you’ll learn:
* How to key in on the right bait to catch bass deep in the summer season
* Positioning your boat and using your electronics to fish with the current
* Gman shares fishing secrets & demonstrates how to fish crankbaits, dropshot rigs, Tokyo rigs, jigs and spoons for summer bass
* Adjusting to conditions

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