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hey folks glenn may here with
bassresource. com and i’m here with mybuddy justin kerr frw pro he’s been a
pro since 2002 and also a guide for manymany years you’ve fished all over the
country and a lot of differentconditions with a lot of different
people who better to talk to you aboutfishing for bass right let’s talk about
fall fishing a bit here JustinI want to talk about kind of the
progression as the water starts to coolthe seasons start to change more fronts
are coming through the fish they’ve beenstable all summer long officials been
really good now things start to shiftwhat do you do let’s start at the
beginning of the fall of this waterstarts to cool what do you start to look
for and any said to find those fishyeah baitfish is the number one deal
with fall always follow the Shatt aroundthat that seems to be my favorite thing
to do is fish for top water fish andschool and fish and they move a lot
during the fall so you’re gonna have inone pocket one day and another pocket
another day and and just cover a lot ofwater that’s that’s usually my main main
thing in the fall is covering a lot ofwater and inefficient top waters and
reaction baitsyou know jerk baits and top water and
some of us some spinner baits we’regreat just focus on the shad and and
fall them around as a general rule sayI’m pretty new at fishing and I’m not
sure about what that means okayhow would I follow that may fish around
what would i look for you know uh youknow in the fall as the weather water
gets cooler they’ll the shadow love togo to the backs of pockets backs of
rivers you know so I usually start thereI’ll go to the back of a Cove back of
the river and look for shad and go outfrom there so as a you know as that gets
cooler and cooler and cooler the fishlove to get ready for winter so they’re
gonna eat as much as they can and youknow I’ll go in the back of a Cove and
those fish will be in foot-and-a-halfwater chasing bait and no one around you
know so huh which is a really cool thingto have and and that it seemed to be
real productive for me that just keepmoving around so you find that baitfish
and locate that baitfish but as it getscooler it’s very important to go the
backs of everything that that’s how whatI’ve seen super sheets yeah super
shallow yes and and what are you justfishing jigs or you know square bill
crank bait spinner baits top waters andyou know I just
I just plug on those pretty much andfish around till I can narrow down what
they’re biting the best so it’s justlike fishing in the springtime almost
almost reverse now almost the sameexcept for we don’t have as much shad
showing up in the early spring as you doin the fall fall it’s it’s a major
player you know coming in the springthey’re really thinking about spawning
they’re they’re thinking about eatingthey’re really thinking about eating for
the winter so what about lakes thatdon’t have shot yeah i bluegill you know
most lakes have bluegill crayfish someplaces have you know go bees and stuff
like that so he’s still concentrate onthe bait fish keep your eyes on the
graph cook you know idle in the creeksbacks a base see if you see anything on
your on your fish finders and and justkeep keep a big eye out for you know
anything you can for forage for bassit’s a big crank make time that’s what
I’m hearing yeah yeah what is what’syour favorite crank bait to throw during
that time of year uh you know just itdepends but mostly I like silent baits
and evergreen makes a nice 400 combatseries 400 that’s I love and it I
actually hollow it out make it make itquiet so as I really like having quiet
baitsthere’s especially fishing tournaments
it seems like you know having thatsilent bait there’s just so many fish
are so used to so much sound of baitsand I think having Asylum baits a big
deal nice tip nice tip yeah keep thesein mind folks when you’re fishing during
the fall follow that bait fish andyou’re gonna be really successful then
scroll the tips cutter I really doappreciate that for more tips and tricks
visit bassresource. comyou

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