Fall White Bass Fishing

Well it’s fall and there is a lot of fishing left until the snow falls. A friend and I decided to go to our local lake, Caesar Creek in Ohio, just to see what we could catch. We started the day of fishing a little before day light with a little breeze giving us just a little chop on the water.Now everyone has their preference on fishing gear; I like to have three rods, two spin cast and a bait caster for trolling. I like using braid fishing line at least 4 lb diameter and not more than six lb diameter. My spin cast reels are at least 7 bearing, I like the smooth action. The rods are 6 1/2 to 7 feet one peace rods medium heavy. We were fishing in my friend’s boat. He carries about 5 rods each being 7 feet medium action. He likes to use Yozuri Hybrid fishing line and uses braided line only when we are trolling.

The plan was to started the day with Kentucky rigs with two to three hooks and baited with minnows on one rod and used a silver 2 1/2 inch spoon jigging on the other. At first we started catching a little of every species like Perch, Bluegill, Saugeye, White Bass and even one 4 pound carp. Buy 9:00 a.m. we had caught 40 fish, then we started worm rig trolling hoping to catch more Saugeye. Trolling we continued to catch another 20 fish again several different species including White Bass, Perch and Bluegill.

After some observation we noticed White Bass rolling on the surface feeding on minnows we changed are technique and started casting with a 2″ silver spoon. Reeling in fast keeping the spoon on the surface we started catching White Bass after White Bass no large ones but a lot of fun. Buy the end of the day, a long day about 12 hours on the water, the total fish we caught was 167 fish our record on this lake. Another interest note is out of 167 fish caught we did not catch one Crappie and we always catch Crappie in this lake. Each fishing trip is always unique.

Source by Michael Kilby

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