Finding BASS – Where to Fish from a Boat

Whether you’re fishing in a kayak, canoe, jon boat or bass boat, once you’re on the water, you want to know where to fish. So, you ask yourself, “Where do fish live?”. In this preview video for the full Bass University Basics program ( The Dean, Pete Gluszek will take you on a trip to help identify targets. Targets are the areas where you want to cast in search of bass. If you want to be successful at bass fishing, the first thing you have to do is identify the best areas to find fish. Fishing in high percentage areas vastly improves your chances of catching more bass. It’s no secret, bass like to sit in areas where the current breaks and the food gets swept to them. A little shade doesn’t hurt either. Check out this full video at to watch the full video and learn more bass fishing tips tactics and techniques.

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