Finding Fish in Cold Water Lakes

Understanding how a fish reacts to its environment is the key to locating your target
species. Fish behave differently in a river environment than they do in a lake or large body of water. Although the same species exist in both their feeding habits, migration, and holding patterns can be completely different. With a clear understanding the flowing tributary waters we can then move into the main bodies of water. Specifically cold water lakes, cold water lakes do not necessarily mean a northerly body of water but more specifically a description of the lakes temperature patterns. Water temperatures structure and availability of food are all key factors that can help you locate fish in cold water lakes. Understanding where fish live in cold water lakes is the first step in being successful on this type of water body. Cold water lakes are much different to fish than warm water lakes. Yes they are colder but also cold water leaks tend to be deeper and the lack shallow water in the lush vegetation found in shallow were warm water lakes. So when fish in cold water lakes most to the fish will be caught on hard structure literally fishing rock you can see here this is Precambrian shield, and even though we’re casting for Smallmouth Bass there are no weeds. The bass are cruising rocky shorelines and structure points searching for food. In cold water lakes it’s normal to be fishing structure that’s in deeper water and this is where a depth sounder or a sonar is really important because the structure will be deeper than you can see with your eyes.

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