Finding Smallmouth in Summer (Proven Tactics) | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com,
and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker’sFishing Tips, sitting here in Hank’s boat,
sitting here hanging out, answering your questions. Hank, this week’s question, it comes from
Port Sanders in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Portia Sanders, sorry about that, Portia Sanders
in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “What’s the best strategy for finding groups
of pelagic smallmouth in mid-to-late summer?”Hank: Pelagic?Help me out here. Glenn: That’s like roaming schools of bass. Hank: Oh, you’re way above my. . . pelagic schools
of bass. I tell you, those wolf pack schools of smallmouth
and largemouth can be caught. Topwater bait’s probably the most effective
method for catching when they’re roaming,and it is a method that it seems like every
year plays a huge factor in the Forrest WoodCup. The Forrest Wood Cup, FLW Tournaments, are
held usually late summer: late July, mid August,somewhere in that range, even late August. And those wolf packs are a big factor every
year on who wins the Forrest Wood Cup, whetherit’s largemouth or smallmouth. So when you see those big schools of bass
that are roaming around just at random, notholding on that structure, back off, come
back to the area, give ’em a little bit ofroom. Usually you’ll spook them when you first pull
up on ’em unless you’re very fortunate tosee them at long distance, but there’s no
better way, in my opinion, catching thosefish than a topwater. Glenn: Great answer, and I hope that helps. But for more tips and tricks, head on over
to hankparker. com and check out all the tipsand tricks and articles you can handle, and
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