Finicky Fall Bass (Drop shot fishing)

Funny how things never completely work out as we imagine them. On this day, I was ready to lay the smackdown on some big fall bass with the jig. I knew where there was plenty of brush/wood with big bass roaming around and was certain the jig would be the ticket. I had my jig box freshly stocked, all trailers in order, and was ready to set that hook. Well, that didn’t happen. The fish wouldn’t bite the jig, texas rig, chatter bait, square bill, spinnerbait, topwater, etc. The only bait (with the exception of 1 pike) that got bit was the drop shot rig. Trust me, I wanted to catch fish with other techniques/baits but sometimes you’ve gotta give them what they want. On this day, it was a small finesse worm.

My Kayak –

Zoom Z Drop –

My Kayak Tacklebox –
Werner Kalliste Paddle –
Lifevest –
Fish Finder –

GoPro 4 Black (rear cam/chesty) –
GoPro 3+ Silver (front cam) –
iPhone 6+ (HD shots) –

GoPro Chest Mount –
GoPro Front Kayak Mount –
GoPro Rear Custom Mount –
iPhone Waterproof Case –
Tripod for GoPro/iPhone –

Rack and Bed cover –
Rod Pods –



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