Fishing A Jig For Cold Water Bass

Fishing a jig for cold water bass! Bass fishing early or late in the year, even when the water temperature is below 45 degrees, is still a great time to fish a jig! Bass fishing immediately after or before ice out here in New Hampshire is definitely challenging, but one of my most reliable and productive baits over the years is a jig, that I fish and setup in a variety of ways. It’s hard to beat a good skirted football jig with a small plastic craw type trailer, but some days, a more subtle approach with a spider jig will work wonders.

Today, we briefly discuss exactly what it is I like to do when fishing a bass jig in cold water, and what I find to be most effective. I also discuss some of the more productive areas of fishing a jig in cold water early and late in the year. After that, it’s just about having fun and showing the many catches I had on this day, all on the wonderful and versatile jig!

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