Fishing For Bass In Cold River Waters

In the winter when most lakes are frozen over, there still are places to fish for bass… they are called rivers. If the river you fish is stained or has dingy water, I have a bait for you. The flat tail grub!

The times I like to use these is when he water is 40 degrees or less. Then I tie on a 3″ grub with a round 1/4 ounce head and a 3/0 hook. I also use 6 pound test, which lets you feel more bites and also is better in windy conditions.

Make sure you rig the grub so the flat tail is horizonal. Fish the lure so it bumps into any kind of object and let it sit. I mean let it sit. The colder the water, the longer you let it sit. Then if you don’t get a hit, just raise your tip and let it fall again and sit some more.

When you get a hit, it usually isn’t like a tap-tap, it feels like you hooked a leaf and dragging it through the water. Feels kind of mushy. When you feel the “mush” or softness, set the hook but not like on a regular lure, set it more lightly and take up the slack in the line with the reel.

When you get tired of sitting at home and want to do some bass fishing in the winter, go to the nearest river and try this technique.

Source by Charles White

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